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Setting: Shadowed Edge
More of an author's exploration of what they wrote, rather than the setting itself.

  • There is that part of society that is ahead of the curve for progressiveness. They can see which way the future is going. They are on The Edge.
  • There is a part of society, that is on the very edge of the technological and social curve. They are innovators and first adopters. They shape the future. They are on the Bleeding Edge
  • Unknown to most, there is a segment of society anchored in the ancient past. They are beings of powers and secrets. Some of them are not living in the past. They define the powers and path of the future. They are on The Shadowed Edge

I have been working on this setting for two months and a bit. I was inspired by the original idea and the fiction.
I thought about it some and had to go a different way...
Some thoughts on why I veered from the original fiction.
Compare, "You're dying. ...
"I am going to make you a werewolf to cure you.
I am going to give you an animal based treatment, that has a lot of advantages and relatively few side effects, to cure you.

Which one would you do without hesitation? It is all about how you present it... how you brand it.
The original idea of using just the Universal Monsters what caught me. It is an inspiration and a limitation. It made it a challenge. So I had a cyberpunk/transhuman setting with monsters. I dropped back into the pocket and found one of my core genres of play: Urban Fantasy. This world has supernatural kinds and some magic users.

Take a modern urban fantasy and add some time... what do you get? urban fantasy in the future. That could make it Fray. I started looking for something more than vampires and flying cars/ spinners. It had to be an urban fantasy in the shadows.

I needed to make it cyberpunk, towards transhumanism. It is a corporate society then. I needed to break the world some, to shake it free of governments. If I made it something that was supernatural and natural, the supernaturals could not prevent the breaking of the world. Thus the one two punch of the decade of weather and The Blight.

Getting to the Transhuman society... or just on the verge of it... and mixing things. The OP gave that to me. Supernatural elements as medicines. The Corporations and Science has obviously discovered The Shadow Society, yet keeping it on the down low.

That was my real launch point. The Corporations and Science has obviously discovered The Shadow Society, yet keeping it on the down low. How would they exploit it?

That last bit was my launch point. The direction that the setting would take was set in my mind. It was just the exploring of the animas (Wolf Man), sangreal (Dracula), frankentech (Frankenstein in two ways... because that helped more with the transhuman element), Blackgil (Creature from the Lagon), and Griffin Interface (Invisible Man defied science, but maybe people you can't see). I explored other elements in an urban fantasy world and how they would express. I also went to go look at other options, which were mostly restrained to Universal Pictures.

I needed bits more science fiction, so I had mutants. Everyone just sees mutants... they just don't know the sources. My Griffin Interfacers gave us computers and people. I added some good meme worthy sci-fi elements. Thus Mars.

I had corporations that were both good and bad. I had supernaturals that were both good and bad. I played The Great Game in this world (Angels, Demons, and related) and the danger it could present. People are now beginning to choose what they are and can tailor themselves.

The setting came across as one of change. Everything was just "on the verge". The world would muddle on like it always did. Just things would be a new way. New Science. New Magic. New Planets. It is all right there.

I built each area so that you can use it as you would. Many of these pieces are not going to be used in a chronicle OR they are background, never to impact the chronicle. If you are thinking about this setting, DO NOT THINK YOU HAVE TO USE EVERYTHING or if you do not everything is front and center. This is a defined and refined Tool Kit. It all goes together and could all be used, but does not have to. Pick the pieces that works for you.

Use the pieces and choose your emphasis. I could have a setting where it was all about the Sangreal. I could have Shadow Folk hiding from the corporations. I could have some of the odd things, like the Snake People, be the main story element. I could run a classic CP Corporate vs Corporate with elements of the street... with the supernatural medicine in the background. (Again, my checklist for a great setting is one that you can run multiple different settings.)

Wow. It was just about coloring in the big pages and drawing some other cool elements.

So I have like 60,000 personal words. This would be a first draft of elements I need to pull together. I need to give this another pass and change things so it is more coherient. This would all be in Chronicle Packet though distributed between player, gm, and character creation sections. The pieces as written would be useful to create a chronicle because players could see plotlines to go with each mode/ setting element.

I loved writing the setting. It had some unique rules. I liked fitting the pieces together.

I don't love this setting. (I might later, but right now it is wearing on me.) I am not sure I ever did love the setting. It was an interesting challange and it is a mash of two genres I play: Near Future (CP) and Urban Fantasy. I like these genres and I might even like the way they went together here. But it does not thrill and excite me. Check with me in a few weeks.

I might run a game in this or play in it... but it would need to be a cool use of the tool kit.

If you want to see what I am talking about, click here and choose the spots to read.
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