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Graphic, Two Points, and a GM Technique

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Keep it in mind that you are doing two different things. The Setting is the Stage a game is played upon. The Setting is elements of the background, "props" (things you can use), and set pieces (locations and such to play around). The Setting gives you options and different things to do.

The Chronicle is people, their needs/ wants, and what they are doing. (And maybe some extra details to the setting to support the Chronicle's style.)

In short, The Chronicle is the actors playing out a story on The Stage (that is the setting).

Remember, the same setting with different protagonist characters will always be slightly different chronicles (even with the same basic core plot line). You change up the genre and characters (thus different needs/ wants) and plot it in the same basic setting - and have a very different game.
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It really is two parts that generates two very different experiences and products.

So why am I harping on this? You, as the GM, can build a big chunk of a setting at any time. Without Players. Without Bits. You build a setting, see if it is interesting, and see what plots might play out well (think through events and scenes... does your setting support it?).

I keep telling people to keep practicing making settings. Practice makes perfect. Make a couple settings and pick the best one. That way you will find which setting you really to play in and what core plot lines you want to play in those settings.

Once you have all that... add players and bits and make that chronicle.
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One last thing:

Technique: Walk Through
This is one GM Technique that helps you build a better setting. When you have a setting, mentally create some characters , taking notes as to what you might need ready when building characters (mechanics, skills, feat, perks, etc). Create a variety of characters and note it. Then walk through a couple of characters in the setting going through "an adventure". This will help you determine what props (items/ inventory) you will need to write up. It will help you determine what kind of animals and other things you will need. It will help you determine what setting elements you might want to create. It will give you a feel for what is needed. Add what is needed, then do it again. Each Walk Through will help you refine the setting.

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