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OOC Moonlight Brigade


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This is the out of character thread for Moonlight Brigade, a game of Epyllion as Powered by the Apocalypse. I'm your Dragonmaster, Pandorym, and with me are four players:

Keal Keal
Bremen Bremen
Nobby Nobby
Choo Choo Choo Choo

As always, this thread is for all out of character banter, rules questions/discussions, absences, and so on. When you enter this thread for the first time, please repost your character sheet for reference.

Lastly, this game is all about friends and friendship. FRIENDS AND FRIENDSHIP. So be friends, okay? X-Card is always on table if needed.


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Name: Stevarath
Look: Many horns (growing in reverse, from smaller to larger as they progress forward toward his snout); scaled hide; long snout; a tail that ends in a stinger; adhesive toes (to best help turn the pages!); a thin body (brought about by cloistered academia and less exercise)
Color: Royal blue
House: Myndoth

- Charm: +0
- Courage: -1
- Cunning: +2

Virtue: Curiosity

Academic Moves: "Field of Expertise" and "An Ear for the Arcane"

** With "Field of Expertise," Stevarath always carries around his beloved copy of Amelia Drakovich's, Geographical Primer on Dragonia's Rivers, Mountains, and Major Islands. **

Neo guided our Clutch when we were lost in the capital. The twists and turns found well beneath the tallest perches of the largest dragons can be full of shadows. Mere book-learning could not solve this one, and when we were hopelessly lost... and I was about to give into my more base nature and inch that much closer to Shadow, Neo's calm reasoning and attention to detail (such as the fact that we passed the same boulder twice) helped us retrace our steps. Neo's curiosity mirrored mine own... but in reverse. I wish I could manage that! (Neo receives a Friendship gem.)

does not understand dragon history and the importance of the old ways; I will teach her all I can. It is not that Jivon is not intelligent - in fact, that is far from the truth; she is ridiculously keen and sharp-witted. The problem is... it is difficult to get her to sit still long enough and be willing to be more than simply curious - but to maintain discipline. She knows this, though, and it is great to see these moments when she really tries shining through. (Jivon takes a Friendship gem.)

showed me the threat the Darkness posed by getting my snout out of a book. I am ashamed to say that this has happened on more than one occasion. Simply understanding the written histories and recorded thoughts of our elders has not always helped me in comprehending just what we face. When a strange, crab-like creature crawled up out from a crevasse that had suddenly formed near where I had been investigating, hoping to better pen a map for our clutchmates, she jumped in and drove it off with sheer force... while I was still attempting to catalogue it or cross-reference its qualities in order to discover a weakness. She taught me that sometimes... sometimes you just have to simply attack first and ask questions later! (Vera is given a Friendship gem.)
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I was just looking over the sheets I printed for the game - the, "Creating Your Academic," stats sheet, Basic Moves, and Peripheral Moves.

The first glaring difference was that the "Creating Your Academic" and stats sheet had "Heart" as a statistic - a fourth stat - wherein the e-book that I have only shows (for the playbook) three stats. Also, the "Fellowship" section is worded a tad differently.

Is there anything else that anyone noticed? Am I looking at an original version of the sheet that was then pared down to something simpler?


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I can't say I noticed anything myself. Where did you get the sheet from?

Choo Choo

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Name: Vera
Look: A plume of brilliantly colored feathers on her crest; broad scales that absorb impacts well; a long, narrow snout all the better for sticking in everyone else's business; a whip tail for tripping and grasping; neatly sharpened claws; a long, elegant body designed for flying well one day.
Color: Dark purple, iridescent
House: Tessith

Charm +0
Courage +2
Cunning -1


A voice that penetrates the Darkness
: take +1 ongoing to act despite danger in the face of the Darkness.

Battle Plan:
When you face an enemy in combat, roll +Courage. On a hit, you
can ask the DM questions. Whenever you act on one of the DM’s answers, take +1.
On a 10+, ask 2. On a 7–9, ask 1:

• Which enemy is most vulnerable to me?
• What’s my enemy’s true position?
• Which enemy is the biggest threat?
• What’s my enemy’s mission or objective?

On a miss, they catch you off guard. Take a -1 ongoing until you can assert your
dominance or rally your allies.

Vera is, above all, fiercely protective of the ones that she cares about. Strong and brave, she's taken the role of defender for the other three, whether they like it or not. For all that she is bossy, stubborn, and occasionally overbearing, she is always happy to provide a listening ear and endless support; there is no more reliable dragon in all of Dragonia. In turn she's loath to ask for help or leaning on others, and she struggles with letting others fail and learn from their mistakes.

Jivon got herself in trouble by accidentally offending an elder with their lack of knowledge of social rules, and Vera has taken it upon herself to teach her. Jivon also confided in her of hearing a voice coming from the Darkness; worried, Vera told her stories of the Darkness and its horrors and told her not to listen to the voice. She has resolved to keep a close, protective eye on Jivon in the future.

Neo is an ingenious crafter and artist, and Vera has found that she often goes to them for out-of-the-box advice and a new point of view. In addition, the things they make are both beautiful and eminently useful!

Stevarath is a staunch ally against the Darkness; though Vera might be more of a fighter, her efforts would be wasted if she didn't have Stevarath backing her up with knowledge of various creature's weaknesses.


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Name: Neo
Playbook: Crafter
Look: Curling Horns, bumpy skin, short snout, no tail, webbed feet, twisty body
Color: Metallic Green
House: Rothscar

Charm -1
Courage 0
Cunning +2

Virtue: Ambition

Dragon Trade (Glass, Engraving): When you create something in your medium, roll +Cunning. On a 10+, pick 2. On a 7-9, pick one.
*Your Creation is durable
*Your Creation is functional
*Your Creation is attractive
On a miss the work is fundamentally flawed. The DM will reveal how at a later time.

Saddlebag of Potential: When you search your saddlebag for something small enough to be carried with you, roll +Cunning. On a 10+, you have just the thing, or close enough. On a 7-9, you have something similar, but it's incomplete or flawed. On a miss, you've used it recently, but you might be able to get it back.

With their sand melting breath and heat resistant scales, a skilled craftsdragon can make breathtaking works of art out of humble glass. Neo isn't there yet, but there's nothing they want more.
It will require more than just the skill to shape molten glass, though. Neo constantly feels the need to search the world for inspiration - seeking down beauty in all forms, from natural landscapes to ancient draconic art. Neo sometimes comes off as withdrawn, but really they're just distracted taking it all in. They could probably stand to pay more attention to other dragons, though, especially when they happen to be older dragons not impressed by a young upstart who seems to be ignoring them. It also tends to get them in trouble in other ways, such as getting too distracted sketching a patch of wilderness (it's so pretty!) to notice that the locals in the area aren't fond of a dragon visitor.
Neo is a bit on the scrawny side for a dragon their age, but at least practice with glassmaking has given them good control of their fire.

Stevarath asked you to craft something useful for your Clutch. Explain what it is, and take a Friendship Gem from them. For flying dragons, distance doesn't mean much, but for raw scaled drakes even nearby hills can seem impossibly far away. Stevarath was the one to find a design for a spyglass in an old book; Neo's best effort at making lenses were still kind of blurry, but it let the clutch see things far away when actually traveling would be difficult.

Jivon inspired you to leave your workshop to fight against the Darkness. Explain how they exemplified your virtue, and give them a Friendship Gem. (Note: I'm changing my virtue to ambition, since on further thought it works better with the idea of wanting to become a very talented glassmaker). Jivon is always pushing things forward, and it's that example that convinced Neo that being a true artist was never about practice and book learning, but that true inspiration had to come from without. Also Jivon's stories of what they found on their adventures made Neo want to follow and see.

Vera has your back when your tinkering gets you into trouble. Explain how they exemplified your virtue, and give them a Friendship Gem. Vera's always quick with words of support, and one time when Neo insisted on staying out too late trying to sketch a waterfall, it was Vera who made sure they got back safe and sound once the sun went down.


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Jivon - Daredevil


Silver and gold swirls on a feathered body. She has an angular frame that looks like it is always moving forward ending in a flattened beak accompanied by claws and a short stubby tail.






Charm -1
Courage +1
Cunning +1

Specialty Moves:

Beast Companion:


Cross between Ostrich and Crab. Amphibious red armored running bird. Currently adolescent and weighs about 20 kilograms.


Share The Load:
When a fellow dragon is about to mark a Shadow, you can mark off a Shadow on your Shadow Track instead. You don’t have to act on the Shadow, but it stays marked until you clear your Shadow Track.

Jivon is painfully enthusiastic. If she sees something of interest she'll gush over it, investigate it, talk to it, or try to imitate it.

Jivon is not always accepted by other dragons due to her limited grasp of social niceties and manners. Jivon loves her clutchmates but she doesn't know how to stop moving and sometimes she and Iyo can disappear for hours or days running through the wilderness.

Jivon doesn't seem to be courageous as much as unaware of danger to her own self.


made you feel welcome in the Clutch when your beast companion fell ill.

One time when Iyo and Jivon had gone to the coast Iyo chased into the ocean after a giant flying fish. Jivon tried to follow but even the best draconic swimmer is no match for Iyo. The water was too cold for Jivon so she hung off the cliffs over the shoreline, keeping watch for three days.

When Iyo emerged he was barely crawling. Iyo is a peculiar blend of warm-blooded and cold-blooded and being in the cold water for so long had damaged his ability to maintain temperature, a kind of weird hypothermia. Jivon carried Iyo back to the draconic village and the elders would not help to heal the beast..

Neo heard about the situation, found Jivon, and offered to help make a nest in his warm workshop to help Iyo recover from his hypothermia over the next four days.

Neo gets a Friendship Gem From Jivon.

Vera taught you not to underestimate the Darkness.

Vera was half-listening to Jivon, trying to get Jivon to stop yammering about her latest excursion and wishing she could just explain that it wasn't polite to just disappear for days on end without telling anyone.

"So I'd run into the dark forest about 80 clicks Northeast, you know, the one the elders tell us to never go near. I was keeping low because the tythons will attack anything in the trees and I found a dark tunnel. Iyo wouldn't go in but it was so dark and it smelled so interesting, like a rock baking out in the sun but with stale meat. Earthy and fetid and metallic with an old parchment smell mixed in as well."

Vera wasn't sure how to interject, every sentence tumbled on and on and Jivon never even seemed to breathe. "So I went inside, the air felt greasy like the fat running off swork from a roast was all around me but gaseous somehow, weird, right? When I was down there I heard a voice. It was so very interesting, telling me to stay, learn from it. I didn't of course. I ran so fast that It had to struggle to catch up. I can still hear the voice if I concentrate. Isn't that so cool?"

That finally gave Vera a chance to get a word in. She encouraged Jivon to stay clear of the darkness and agreed to debrief after each future outing with Vera. Ever since Vera has had the great honor of hearing Jivon rant for hours after each adventure about the cool new variety of miss she found, or the plant that shoots fire to catch prey, or where the ocean turns red, or about spelunking in the active volcano, or anything else Jivon might have done or seen.

Vera gets a Friendship Gem from Jivon.

You saved Stevareth from a dangerous monster.

Stevareth was out in the wild, probably for some research or something when he was swarmed by a pack of doggrerel. The doggerel fly in large meandering packs like fish and swarm any isolated target. Stevareth was just in the wrong place when they saw him.

Jivon had been out running with Iyo when she saw the attack. She launched herself off the ground and plowed through the doggerel before she and Iyo acted as bait to split the doggerel pack. Stevareth was able to get away. Jivon caught up in a few hours and made Stevareth promise to take her with him if he thought of leaving the village alone again.

Jivon takes a Friendship gem from Stevareth.
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