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Mordhau caters to the toxic.


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Caterina Sforza. It's a popular take, though. William Marshall's father supposedly did the same thing.
There's also at least one (possibly apocryphal) report of a Japanese noblewoman doing this, flashing included, in response to a demand to surrender or her captured adult son would be executed.


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>> Now I want to see one of these mass melee games where, between waves, you have to take part in a courtesy/feasting mini-game. And if you fumble all that stuff then you lose all the points you gained during combat and have to go out armed with just dagger or something, while the person with the most poise has a charger and a lance and full armor.


What were the developers thinking when they introduced the Spork in the latest patch!?! For only two equipment points you get an item that can act as a salad fork, a serving fork, a dessert spoon, table spoon, and a mustard spoon all at the same time??? I don't think the developers realize how much of an advantage this gives compared to other players who have to locate teh correct utensil and switch items before continuing the Feast. So many of the Feasts end with the Spork players having completely finished the dessert phase while the rest of us haven't even started on the main course!

And don't get me started on the "Flower Poetry" perk for the Courtship. A +1 Attraction to all Ladies and a +2 Attraction to all Unmarried Ladies??? Wow, whoever thought that was fair for only one perk point should be fired!!!

The same goes for Witty Conversation. There is no way you can win an insult match against someone with Witty Conversation - their Scornful Fleche is so fast you cannot dodge or parry out of it. And if you try to insult them back, they can just Verbally Parry the attacks and then Contemptly Riposte you, since hte timing on the Riposte is so large! Even if you team up against them, they can just keep Verbal Parrying you until their stamina comes back and then just destroy both of you!! How fair is that?!

Seriously, with what I have seen from the latest patch,t he devs have completely RUINED this once good game.
This again? Dude just level up your Brewer and make sure you are the one hosting. No sporks and the Drunkeness debuff will take care of WC.

And don't you dare get Flowery nerfed again!


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If we're talking awesome warrior-women in history, I'd also toss in Shagrat al-Durr, who was responsible for demolishing the Crusade of Louis IX and pretty much ending any degree of crusading in Egypt.
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