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Most unused gaming purchase?

Chris Tavares

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I've got a d24, multiple d30s, a d60, and a d120. Kinda cool to own, but completely useless.

I've also got two sets of Tac-Tiles, the dry-erase plastic tiles. I had the original set, used them I think twice. I got the second set from the "reprint" kickstarter a couple of years ago. They're wonderful, have a great plastic case, and ... never used them even once.


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World of darkness, +VtM + requiem for Rome + fall of the Camarilla.

Never played. :(


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I've never removed my 3e Exalted from the shrink wrap. By the time we got it, my tastes had changed so much, I don't even feel like looking at it. I figure it I keep it in shrink wrap, that may slightly enhance resale value if I ever decide to go that route.
Ooh, me too! The poster map of Creation is hung on the wall, but the book itself remains unopened.


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I have a d30 and a d100. I saw them, thought they were cool, never used them. Now the kids on the other hand use the d100 all the time when they cant find a ball.
But, Sir, the old German RPG Ruf des Warlock actually implemented a system based on d30 and consequently came with two of those dice! How can you not have used those? :unsure:


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I have a D100. It's almost perfectly spherical so rolling it is useless. I also have a D1 but nobody intended that to be used.
A D1? For when you need to randomise a number between 1 and... 1?


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The magnetic round-tracking board for Pathfinder.

All my gaming is online these days.
Wow, really? I mean, I can understand if you do all your gaming online, but that thing is one of my most used accessories for all sorts of games. It is literally dog-eared in the corners and missing half the magnets from being used at least once per week across... wow, must be nearly 10 years now. I really should get a replacement - I know it will be used!

For me (aside from barely used books and multiple sets of dice), it'd have to be my first ever Kickstarter: Story Forge cards (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bjwest/story-forge-brainstorming-cards-for-storytellers).
It may be a great product (probably is!), but more than seven years after backing they're still sitting there forlornly unused. I think I cracked the box open at one point, but the cards are still in shrinkwrap. :(
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