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My Dirty Secret: I like D&D's magic system


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Esarel said:
Ignoring your pet peeves, which I share...

Acid (and sonic btw) are things for which you rarely see energy resistance. The above spell, in a campaign featuring demons or any kind of energy resistance for that matter would be a lot better than fireball.
's true. Seems like it might be a clever idea, then.


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Never touched pen and paper D&D with a ten foot pole, but yeah, I'm getting a bit deeper into Baldur's Gate 2 lately and see myself -quite- fond of all the crazy combos and munchkinery that's possible with those spells.

I'm ignoring the spell prep craziness here for now, which is the obvious argument against D&D Magic. Actually I don't even like magic point systems much. Rather have unlimited casting balanced by (gameable/numbercrunchable/eliminatable) consequence mechanics than a ressource-based mechanic.
Besides, apart from rest not being a huge issue in CRPGs, the way Wish spells work in Baldur (I would assume that in pen and paper they work based on GM/Player negotiation/fiat and not exact stat based semi-random choice mechanics?), they eliminate the prep issue by allowing you to rest "instantly".

Now that's AD&D rules. Newfangled stuff like Feats and level-by-level choice of class probably increases the munchkin potential to the extreme, so by all counts I SHOULD like this game. But somehow I don't. Mostly a prejudice thing I figure, and a matter of never having gotten into it. Also, other games I am more familiar with are pretty much satisfying my demand for munchkinery sufficiently.

Eventually I'll have to go out and get at least the basic books anyway though, if only to have yet another game to obsess over making chars for but not play. :eek:
Kinda like Shakespeare. One might not like drama, but one damn well should have it on one's bookshelf. :D
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