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[My Little Pony] FiM Discussion Thread 3: Applejack's Farm


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Another possibility is that the image of Nightmare Moon had been distorted over the millennium she was gone, and for the following year's Nightmare Night everyone updated the decorations based on her actual appearance.
There is also the very simple explanation that ponies were scared into silence. It happens.



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yes, fearful silence is a perfectly reasonable response to go along with "Holy horesapples, she's REAL?"


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I suspect Nightmare Night started out about NMM, but then they forgot the Moon part and it was just "Nightmare Night," more generalized. Then, NMM comes back, and a tradition is resurrected!

Are you a bad enough dude to save the Princess?
Rainbow Dash was so fortunate AJ was there :)
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Just as a side note... Remember the Weeping Angels, from Doctor Who? For a while, tvtropes used their image for the page "The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You", about how you, in the audience, aren't safe from the monster in the story.

Weeping Angels, step aside. Pinkamena shows you how it's done.
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