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[My Little Pony] FiM Discussion Thread 5: Rarity's Boutique


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((That Sparkle knows the "Want It, Need It" spell 'works every time' is... a little disturbing, to be honest.))
Indeed. I'm sure everyone's already heard this, but it's worth posting again:

I've got a borderline-clopfic idea about how and why Twilight used the spell in her college days, with not-entirely-expected results that I'm probably going to write some day. Not sure if I'm going to post it, though. :eek:


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Ooh new thread time and Rarity themed to... IDEA!

Post Rarity stuff? Sounds good to me!


(Yeah I keep reposting it, then when I do I get an excuse to watch it again ;))

(Inspired by a really quite fantastic fanfic that one)

Random Macros!

(Clearly missed a trick not posting that last one given the recent conversation over in my WIW :p)

And let it not be forgotten that this mare knows how to throw down.

Though I don't think that last pic is really giving her enough credit.


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On the subject of the 'Want it, Need it' spell, someone came up with an intriguing and very plausible theory that it might have been used a long time before Lesson Zero.

Much is explained.
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I posted this into the wrong thread earlier without thinking (Lack of sleep makes Jorlem a silly brony). Bremen, Knockwood, thanks for catching my mistake in time.

Anyway, this is a spin-off I would totally watch:


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Well, hi there. I just registered in this forum mainly because I have followed some of the MLP threads for while and want to partake myself. I tried in Ubuntuforums, but the ponythread there is pretty dead. And I'm glad to help increase the overall speed of this thread as well, I hope we can reach Lyra's bench!
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