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[My Little Pony] FiM Discussion Thread 7: Pinkie Pie's Bakery


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Proving we're just incapable of stopping talking about the pony, making our way past threads One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six and now onto SEVEN!

Guess it must be time for a party!


Post all your Pony stuff that isn't a WIW, fanfic rec, or otherwise for another thread here :)

Here's the active fanfic thread.

Current WiW threads: Dawgstar's, Sun Tzu's, HDImagination's and mine.

Please mind the spoilers everybody for the sake of everyone's enjoyment of the thread, unless it's from an aired episode keeping it under black bars and sblocks is really appreciated.
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Let me grant my blessing upon this new thread. May it be filled with the light of Celestia and Luna, and may arguments be short and amiable.



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It's a lovely gif, though to alas belabour a point it was far nicer the first time I saw it before that site slapped their logo on it.


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So, in the last thread, the subject of saddles came up...

That's the only explanation I can think of. It seems obvious to me that if you asked them what the thing was for, they wouldn't know and so couldn't tell you. Which raises all sorts of unpleasant questions about the possible existence and fate of humans in the prehistoric past of Equestria, but let's not get into that.
Usually, I'd suggest asking Twilight about stuff like this, but since this is a dress-related thing, I thought that Rarity was the unicorn to go to...

"The modern dress saddles share an origin with the ubiquitous panniers, or saddlebags. The story begins at the dawn of Pre-Equestrian history, the so-called Paleo-Pony Period, when us ponies lived in nomadic herds traveling from one grazing land to another. Much like the modern-day buffalos, the ponies of that bygone age had to carry everything they owned with them. At first, there was merely a blanket to cover one's back and protect one from stains, chafing and other unpleasantness, but towards the end of the era as sophistication increased and the herds and individual ponies had more property, the first pack saddles appeared.

During the Pre-Classical and Classical age, the pack saddles underwent considerable development, becoming more comfortable to wear and more useful. During this period, the first panniers appeared among pegasi, who found Earth pony-style saddles uncomfortably heavy and prone to restrict their wings. Despite their convienience, they remained primarily a pegasus thing until the chaos of the Discordian era, when even the haughtiest unicorn and the most traditional Earth pony grew to appreciate having an easy way to carry their possessions when having to flee from some vortex of chaos.

Dress saddles first appeared soon after the Nightmare Moon crisis, almost a thousand years ago. By this time, the old rivalries and class distinctions between tribes had faded and been forgotten, and many Earth ponies wanted ways to emphasize their heritage in formal situation that the ceremonial armor and noble robes of the era didn't afford them. They immediately became highly popular, and although their popularity has waxed and waned in the following centuries, the dress saddle has never entirely gone out of fashion. In the current era, they have been become primarily the part of a mare's wardrobe, as dress collars and short jackets have come to dominate gentlecolts' fashion."


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Enen Pinkie Pie can get Tired


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Here is one of the wallpapers released as part of the royal wedding thing, and it has some very interesting tidbits. It's even related to the thread, because it has Pinkie Pie jamming it up with everyone's favorite DJ!

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