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[Mythras] Free Scenario for M-SPACE: The Triton Incident

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What would happen if the Federation in Star Trek was broke?

That’s the basis for two new M-SPACE titles written by Mike Larrimore (author of last years excellent Agony & Ecstasy for Mythras). Instead of a prosperous mega-government, as in Star Trek, the focus in Elevation is a tiny NGO - aptly named Elevation - running solely on the devotion of its members. Its goal is to find new life and new civilisations.

The problem is, it only succeeded once and now funds are running out. They are in desperate need of new heroic recruits.

But competition from greedy corporations, pirates, aggressive aliens and convoluted bureacracy is literally deadly. The race for new discoveries is on.

Elevation will be released on July 8.

Free Scenario
To give you a feeling for the setting, you can download the introductory scenario for free on DriveThruRPG.

The Triton Incident, 36 page scenario, is a freestanding murder mystery that introduces the players to Elevation.



clarence redd

FrostByte Books
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This is what Mike Larrimore, the writer of Elevation, says:

"The goal was something a bit more hard sci fi. I like the idea of heroes scraping by with whatever tech they can scrounge and working hard to keep what they have working, and in my games I would run with the setting they would lean in a hard sci-fi direction. But I also wanted Elevation to be a setting that can be adapted to individual styles. So you could easily go the Star Trek route and have looser interpretations of scientific principles, or you could base things in reality and explore the intrinsic risks of space travel. It does use FTL travel and directed energy weapons, and the technology there is based on fiction more than fact, but that was for the sake of story and encouraging exploration. To me the focus of the setting is discovering new worlds and dealing with whatever challenges lie out beyond the next star."

So, I would say hardish - but it's kept open for flexibility.
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