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We are very happy to announce the coming release of a new version of M-SPACE: 1.1

The big thing here is not in the content however. Only a few small changes and additions have been made. The main feature is colour printing and a more durable binding. These are two of the most requested features among our players.

And the good thing is, the price will only be $2 higher than for black and white. To pull this off, we tracked down a talented print-on-demand publisher here in Sweden. They offer something Lulu cannot do: colour printing of just a selection of pages. With Lulu, it's either or, which means much higher prices.

This will result in higher shipping costs for some. And that's why we have kept down the price of the book. The total cost will still be very competitive.

But we will continue to offer the black and white version through Lulu, updated with the 1.1 content. And of course a PDF at DriveThruRPG.

We are very proud of this version. The print quality is amazing. Matthias Utomo's artwork really shines and the sturdier binding feels great.

I hope you will enjoy it too.

M-SPACE 1.1 will be released on April 4.

Changes in M-SPACE 1.1:
- Colour printing and sturdier binding.
- Two appendixes: updated starship design walkthrough and starship combat examples. Both are available as free downloads from our website.
- Keeping track of ammunition: covering the most frequent question we’ve had since the release.
- 232 pages, 17 in colour

Clarence Redd
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