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[Mythras] Odd Soot - Sci-Fi Mystery in the 1920s

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Odd Soot - Science Fiction Mystery in the 1920s

Humanity has reached the stars

An alien plague without a cure threatens civilisation

Only a few tragic heroes can save mankind

Odd Soot is a roleplaying game of mystery and investigation set on an alternate Earth in the 1920s. Mankind has travelled into space and found alien civilisations. But a disease called The Soot spreads, driving those infected into madness. And they follow a twisted logic, wreaking havoc around them.

With Odd Soot you can tell stories you have never heard before.

You play deep, personal characters with impressive talents and tragic backgrounds. The setting is strangely familiar – combining alien worlds with 1920s tropes – full of mysteries and unsolved enigmas.

Odd Soot is a complete roleplaying game based on Mythras. No other books are needed to play.

To be released on October 8.

On the Odd Soot website, you can see more of the game and the setting. There’s also sample artwork of aliens, starships and characters.


clarence redd

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Designing aliens is hard.

By turning to an unexpected source, I found a way to by-pass my own ingrained notions of what aliens look like.

As I mentioned above, Odd Soot is my upcoming game set on an alternate 1920s Earth. In that universe, a plague torments humanity and starliners trudge between planets populated by aliens. They differ greatly from humans and to find the right tone, my design process took an irregular path.

Read more about the design process here: My Graphic Frankenstein Method for Genuine Aliens

Download a Preview of Odd Soot!

I’ve created a 28-page preview PDF to give you a better feeling for the game:


In the preview, you will find the introduction to the game, a star map from the 1920s and sample aliens among other things. You also get a link to download the introduction scenario for free.

The alien below is an l'sesenaugh, living in The Sinking City on Sisymbrium.
Among other things, they act as guardians and librarians in The Dream Library.


clarence redd

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The process of creating aliens for Odd Soot started out pretty shaky. But after several tries, I finished my first successful montage of a vintage alien.

To my astonishment, my friends found it truly disgusting. A sentiment I took as encouragment.

Read more about the design process here: Thankfully, My Friends Hated the First Drawing

5-Day Launch Discount

On Monday Odd Soot will be released! It feels great to finally get the book into your hands and hear your thoughts about it. The response I’ve gotten so far has been amazing.

There will be a 15% discount on Odd Soot the first five days, so make sure you don’t miss it.

In the meantime, check out this review on EN World:


Also, I’ve added more of the alien species artwork to the Odd Soot webpage:


clarence redd

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Odd Soot is Finally Live!

I’m so happy to finally make Odd Soot available to everyone. This is the best game I’ve written and I really want you to be able to play it.

This is what the early reviewers say:

'Odd Soot is a fascinating and intriguing addition to the Mythras gaming stable that I would heartily recommend to all role-players
who enjoy a world both familiar and yet very different to our own.’

David Munns

'Oh, shit. Haven't read it from A to Z, but I think I'm in love. Looks really neat!’
Nils Hintze, Tales From The Loop

'After playing it myself, I highly recommend Odd Soot for something different to add to your collective role-playing experience.’
EN World review, David J Buck​

Until Friday, the price is discounted by 15%

The book comes in two versions: Colour Print and PDF. It’s 270 pages of rules, setting, bestiary, scenario and GM's guidelines. The printed book is normally $31.95 while the PDF is $14.95.

Until Friday you get the print version for $27 and the PDF for $12.70. And as always, you get the PDF for free if you purchase the print version.

You can get both from DriveThruRPG:


And don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Clarence Redd

clarence redd

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What’s in the Book?

Odd Soot is 270 pages, a perfect bound softcover with 20+ images in colour. The book measures 8.5”x8.5”.

The content includes:

- Character generation that integrates Circles and Relationship Maps, creating deep PCs.

- Alternate speed-creation of PCs.

- Details on how The Soot affects PCs and NPCs with two connected mechanics; a Soot value and Peculiarities.

- Extended Conflicts have been expanded to cover magic, difference engines and the handling of unknown technology.

- The setting describes the five intelligent alien species in detail, with behaviours, quirks and motivations.

- The fictional island of Doggerland and its capital Glimminge, starting points for the game, are portrayed in-depth.

- The exo-planet Sisymbrium, housing The Sinking City and The Dream Library, is covered.

- Exo-planet Vera Colony, gets a thorough description.

- The major powers, like Skreeder Shamans, The Priests of Wittenberg and The Philosophy Engine are defined, their goals and methods explained.

- Weird technology, both by aliens and the Soot-infected, is presented.

- Details on life in the alternate 1920s, including star liner travel and equipment, are included.

- An introduction scenario - The Wayward Patient - set in Doggerland.

Discount Ends on Friday

Just a reminder that the 15% discount ends on Friday night, so you have two more days before it reverts to full price.

Full-colour print: $27

PDF: $12.70

Buy it from DriveThruRPG.

The PDF is included for free if you purchase a printed copy.

As always, if you have any questions, just reply to this email. I will get back as quickly as possible.

Clarence Redd
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