Name this game 'Old Sci-Fi/Space Opera Civ-style game'?


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I need help recalling this one, it had a Civ 1 style graphic interface and took place in a futuristic setting with heavy Dune inspirations (the setting was based on a tabletop RPG setting I believe). You could control units planetside and spaceside, there was alot of politiking with different houses, religions, institutes. It had the whole mix of medieval feudal and high-tech space opera, so you had Knights who led your armies of tanks, etc.

Best I can do right now, someone must know this one?

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Thanks! I remember buying this game from a bargain bin. For some reason I can’t recall it didn’t grab me despite being based on a rpg I liked. It was a looong time ago.


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Aye, I played it when it first came out in '97, it was right in my wheelhouse, and I was about 22/23 years old, less than a year out of college. I was terrible at the game, and I never quite understood why. However, I really enjoyed playing the game, so I would routinely start multiplayer games, take control of two of the factions, and play them as one uber-faction for fun.

I'd still lose, mind you, because I was terrible at the game. But I had tons of fun losing, the atmosphere and aesthetics were so great.

Also, funnily enough, I had no idea it was based on an RPG. Which, in hindsight, is kind of weird. Young Empulsive, you were a weird kid.


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I remember the tabletop RPG game, though I never played it - it was pretty heavily advertised in KODT magazine.


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The TTRPG is straight up my favorite TT setting. Period. Amazingly rich setting.

This game? Was very fun, and a good example of the lore being in its genesis! The downside is it did require a very... unit spam sort of playstyle I always hated no matter what 4x game I was in to ever do good at. But it was still good fun!
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