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🎨 Creative [necro][101] Something!-punk settings


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1. Take a central setting element; fantastical, technological, sociological, whatever.
2. Make it punk.

1. Summonpunk
Magic was a rich man's game for thousands of years, all that time needed poring over old tomes and learning the legalese of the arcane isn't something someone with a 9-5 job and a mortgage can just pick up all that easy. Fortunately we've got neither of those, and those grimoires and librams are just a torrent site away. Not only that, we're good at it. Turns out, what do you know, demons have something of an anti-establisment streak. Those ivory tower magi who've been running the world by constraining it with words and signs and, worst of all, numbers are in for a shock; the same beings they have to force into servitude will work for us pro bono.

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Re: [101] Something!-punk settings

OK, I'll bite.

2. Colonialpunk

In 1776, the King of England wasn't quite so heavy-handed with his rebellious New World colonies, and with certain compromises a bloody war was averted. Some of the more radical colonials - folks like Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry - disagreed with these developments and fled across the Appalachians.

Now, it's 1800. Governor-General Washington has just died, leaving a united Dominion of North America that stretches from Hudson Bay to the Caribbean. But beneath the veneer of peace and prosperity, dissent flowers as pirates and philosophers, escaped slaves and dispossessed natives, old men and Sons of Liberty plot to fight the war they should have won a generation ago.

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Re: [101] Something!-punk settings

3) Eskimo-Punk

The world you knew it has faded in a glacial ball of ice.. landlocked in blizzard and storms and subzero temperatures to kill within minutes of exposure. Here in this world the discovery of hot springs.. the sharpness of your spear, the warmth of a naked woman under seal and polar bear skins, the capture of a giant mutated fish to swallow ten men whole to be cut and smoked and cured and technology buried under the layers of ice can be bartered and traded for another day's survival. You travel on wind skimmers that carry you on massive skates on pontoons or ride on feral dogsleds as armies chase on theirs wanting your blood on the ice and they can hear your heartbeat and want to paint their faces with it to protect their tribe and take your warrior spirit. But you will not go quietly under the ice this night.


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Re: [101] Something!-punk settings

4) Deathpunk

It's hard enough for the living to make, well, a living. Commerce with the dead is illegal, and that rule is strictly enforced... for anyone who doesn't shake the right hands and grease the right palms. It's an open secret that the factories and warehouses that used to employ thousands of the living are on permanent graveyard shift now, paying their 'staff' with memories and paper effigies. The bosses are making so much money they don't know what to spend it on while the former workers line up for handouts and rumours of jobs.

Skewing the economic balance in favour of the fat cats isn't the only reason necromancy is illegal for the masses, though. The rich families running the whole corrupt system have secrets -- skeletons in their closets -- and if you know how to listen, the dead talk.

You and your crew know how to listen. You spend your nights breaking into secure facilities and summoning the spirits of the people who worked and died there, chasing down the secrets the powerful have buried. When you can, you banish enslaved spirits to freedom. When you have to, it's rock salt and a quick-'n'-dirty exorcism. Fight the power, on both sides of the grave.

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Re: [101] Something!-punk settings

5) Wonderpunk

It's a world without stability. Mountains grow and melt, the sun might turn into a flock of butterflies, gravity could turn green. The only constant is humanity, struggling to survive in a world where the food you ate might turn into a colourful serpent half way down your throat.

People with a strong and consistent enough imagination can warp the world around them, making it consistent enough to travel. They seek out strange, stable and valuable treasures or mundane resources in bulk deep within the wilds, the greatest of these imagineers live in strange inner worlds that spread outwards onto the lands around them. Some of them have left behind pockets of stability, strange personal worlds and mindscapes that remain consistent enough to house the only permanent settlements.

Basically think of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Calvin and Hobbes, and a load of ordinary people trying to survive in world that works like childish imagination, and changes as quickly as Calvin's attention span. People with the creativity to keep the world stable around them are the equivalent of shadowrunners.

People like Calvin are more like walking natural disasters, you might see a strange deserted alien landscape moving across the horizon with a kid having adventures in the middle. If he comes your way your nice farmland will turn into more Barron rock, but on the other hand people like him staying still long enough is the only thing that creates habitable stable land in the first place.
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Re: [101] Something!-punk settings


The League of Nations needs YOU! to enforce peace across the world. After the Six Years' War, the Great Powers have all been exhausted, casualties have topped the fifteen millions, and this is proving increasingly difficult to do. The Treaty of Locarno, 1920, has ensured 'peace' internationally. But the old order of Kings and Empires, of 'Old Europe', has been replaced by unstable Republics and autocracies. Ethnic tensions run high, and the Three Russias loom omniously, backstabbing each other almost as much as they seek to go against the West and its crumbling colonial empires.

To counter these warmongers and despots, you have the theoretical backing of The League's members. Theoretical. You have an airship, a group of underfunded staff, what weapons and equipment can be scavenged from the arsenals of Europe, whatever half-hearted resolution you've been assigned to enforce. And your wits. But there's a world of hatred out there...


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Re: [101] Something!-punk settings

It’s hard to say how it started all those decades ago. Weird rumors, strange sightings – and then the first attacks: giant monsters rose from ocean trenches, hidden mountain valleys, forgotten jungles and the vast sands of the deserts! The creatures – often armed with powers of elemental manipulation of some kind – rampaged through the greatest cities as if they were mere toys, killing millions of citizens and destroying buildings, art and infrastructure worth trillions of dollars.

The wars were long and brutal – but they gave us modern mechtechnology, and we learned that those monsters were only the final life stage of much smaller and less powerful alien organisms that somehow had invaded our planet many years before the wars! Many of these aliens settled into niches within Earth’s ecosphere and never changed beyond a – relatively harmless – “Level 0” stage of development. Some, however, grew and grew until they finally turned into the monsters we know as kaiju.
Now, we know how to control them. All the large corporations and major powers have their own special army of kaiju, often kept on remote islands or in subterranean bunkers. They also have giant farms, guarded by mechboys in their tall battlewalkers, where millions of lesser aliens are being kept, groomed, trained or slaughtered. Our wealth, health, and the global economy now all depend upon the many gifts of the beastlords – as the top managers and CEOs of the biggest corps are known – who supply the world with wondrous medicine, lovely pets, obedient slaves & gladiators, tasty meat, and near-magical control of all elemental forces.

But not all of us profit. Not all of us agree with the enslavement of a whole kingdom of pre-sentient beings. Poverty still exists. Inequality has skyrocketed. Those without their own slavebeasts are themselves seen as little more than pets or cattle. And the horrors of the biggest & cheapest breedtowers and training pits… It is just too much to bear.

So we fight, we steal, and we train our own beasts – but as companions, not as slaves. We raid their pits, we steal their battlewalkers, we hide beneath their new cities and in the wilderness beyond their walls. And one day we will have grown our companions into true kaiju – and then the revolution will begin…

Pokepunk – gotta free them all!
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The virus makes people stupid, irritable, and hungry. The neurological damage is an awful thing to behold: all that's left behind is this groaning idiot that tries to eat whatever you put in front of it. The people on TV said that the damage is permanent, but what the hell do they know. When the infection first appeared, the media said that the best course of action was to stay indoors, wait it out, and try to prevent the infection from spreading. The media said that doctors were developing a treatment that could prevent the disease from affecting the brain, and they believed they were close to a vaccine. Help is on the way, they said.

Then the trucks stopped delivering food to the supermarkets. The electricity went out. After a few weeks with no help from outside, the few people who remained who hadn't been infected were starting to doubt that the cleanup crew was ever coming. You banded together into a sort of support group. You also found ways of working together to herd your infected friends into safe places, pooling your resources to make sure that everybody could eat, but mostly, it just felt good having someone to talk to.

And then the cleanup crew finally arrived. Apparently they got the vaccine working, but it's prohibitively expensive and they can only afford to give it to "essential" personnel. Worse than that, though, they didn't even bring food or doctors - apparently caring for this many patients was "logistically unfeasible." No, they brought guns. In order to eliminate the infection, they're killing the hosts.

When you saw your friends and family's minds slipping away, you thought that was the worst thing that you'd ever experience. But you fought through it - you found them food, you tried to keep them from hurting themselves, you talked to them in the hope that they could still understand you, like coma patients on TV. It wasn't easy, but you kept them alive. And now these defenseless people are being gunned down in the streets by a government who decided that feeding its starving citizens was "logistically unfeasible."

Somehow, you're going to have to find a way to protect them.


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Re: [101] Something!-punk settings


I love this inversion of the classic "zombie apocalypse" campaign... Beautiful idea!
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