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Re: [101] Something!-punk settings

8. Claypunk

Kingship has been in Eridu since before we can remember, before the records began. The Great King rules by the will of the gods- or at least, that is what the priests tell us. His will- or is it theirs?- is enforced by the Ugallu, huge man-shaped constructs of baked clay given life by blasphemous sorceries and reason by complex written spells.

Writing is everything to us. The history of the empire is written down, taxes, debts and contracts are all baked into clay tablets kept in the Palace archives, the charms we carry against plague and the Evil Eye take the form of writing. Even the me, the rules by which all things exist and occur, are written. Our entire society is founded on written words, and for that the priests need an army of scribes. When the brewer wants the me of beer-brewing to place on his vats, or the general wants the me of the destruction of cities for his standards, they go to the priests and the priests, in exchange for some consideration, have the me drawn up.

The priests live in luxury in the palaces of the gods, but the scribes' quarter is falling into ruin. While the headmasters of scribal schools are comfortable enough on the fees they charge, some of the apprentices are reduced to living in tombs or in the shadow of fallen-down walls. But clay and reeds are everywhere, and to one who knows how to use them, they are all you need for power.

While we cannot craft anything to rival the ugallu, a small clay figurine in the right place can do a great deal- steal a secret, erase a debt, even alter a spell. We are studying how to craft new me rather than merely copying what was given to us. All it is is writing, after all, and a man can write as well as a god. The me of godship will be available to everyone- the world will be measured and divided fairly, when the Victory of Man comes!
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Re: [101] Something!-punk settings


The chiefs and hunters see it as a threat to their power and position. The shamans view it as a violation of tradition. The men mutter that something that allows women to provide food is an insult to their masculinity (ignoring the long importance of gathering).

But you know that this new "planting seeds" is going to change the world, overthrow the rule of the "big man" and usher in a newer more equal age.

[the agricultural revolution, and the irony is intentional]


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Re: [101] Something!-punk settings

10. Hellpunk
So you got sent to Hell. No big surprise there, what with the drinking, fornication, drugs, blasphemy, disrespecting your fuckin' elders. Oh, and masturbation. Lots o' that.

Now, it turns out that wasn't so bad. Whoever designed this place seriously underestimated humanity's desire for the what it was told it should stay away from. That, or we just got too damn many. There's billions of people here, and sure there are demons who are supposed to keep us in check, dunk us in lava, poke us with pitchforks and whatnot, but they're stretched thin. There's, what, a million of them, tops? That makes several thousand of us for each of them, and while they're scary fuckers who can put serious hurt on you if you catch their attention they don't have time to deal with each damned soul on an individual basis. They're all management around here, and the thing with management is they're always trying to climb the ladder; plotting, scheming, setting traps for each other and trying to cut each other out of that new spot that opened up in the department of what-the-hell-do-I-care. And once they get desperate enough, when their three-century plan to outmaneuver someone begins to fall apart and it looks like they'll get demoted to Junior Hellfire Stoker, when they're clutching at any kind of straw... that's when even us damned souls can be of use. When we can get some leverage, when we can buy some power... real power. With several billions of us we don't need much.

Soon there'll be some changes around here.


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Re: [101] Something!-punk settings

I'll lock in Punkpunk and write it up later.


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Re: [101] Something!-punk settings

On a tanget from Baileywolf's Magic-System-Riff: Twitermancy-or-Something

11. Logospunk.

The Angel Kings live Above. From their shining cities of quicksilver, they look down upon us, the Men of the Earth, and they speak the Words from which All Things Flow, the Logos, the Power that Shapes. They expect our prayers and hosannas, they demand our praise, but they ignore our suffering. Theirs is a nobler pursuit, the Acolyte-Dukes say, They maintain and protect of all existence. It is selfish to distract Them, to do anything but worship Them and heed Their Chosen. The maintenance of Order much outweighs the needs of the few. This is what the Acolyte-Dukes say, in gilded robes through fat lips.

We asked the sky, "What about us?" And the sky could not listen.

Once we called it Starfall: a piece of the firmament crashing down from Above to Below. They shook the Earth, frightening animals and flattening trees. Those who hunted found only palm-sized stones in the centers of massive craters. They were not beautiful, nor were they useful as more than curios; save for the massive rewards offered by the Acolyte-Dukes they would have had no worth at all. Once we called it Starfall, but now we know better. We've learned the secret way to open the stones, to pull out the meanings within. We know why the Acolyte-Dukes demanded these stones so fiercely, we know from whence their power comes. There are few of us now, but our numbers grow. Once we called it Starfall, but the lights that rain down are not Stars. They are Words.

One day we will have the words to speak back to the Acolyte-Dukes in the tongue of the Angel-Kings. One day, we will have the Words to face the sky as equals and force it to answer...



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Re: [101] Something!-punk settings

Antebellumpunk -

In the South they're breedin' men like they was animals. Worse than animals; they're treatin' them like they was tools - breedin' them up, strappin' them into moulds and feedin' them up on quack formulae from birth so you'd barely know they was men, and what them rich folk are doin' to their own kids only looks prettier on the outside. North ain't much better - they're fixin' to replace men with clocks and steam engines, where they ain't just ruled by 'em. Ain't none of it Godly. But some folk, decent, churchgoing folk are out to abolish all that in the name of the Lord - and in the meantime just get on by. We're all God's children, whether we got a clock for a heart or grown eight times the proper size, and God's children gotta look out for each other.


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Re: [101] Something!-punk settings

They enslaved us gradually.

First, they told us it was wrong to do certain things. Then they took away our rights. They told us it was wrong to say certain things... and then they stole our words. Now, they're saying it's wrong to think certain things.

No more.

We are outlaws, condemned for our actions. We are mute, language stolen from us a generation ago. We are ciphers, our minds hidden from them, covered by whatever thoughts we wish to project. And they never encountered imagination like ours. What we can make ourselves believe becomes real to them.

Be it a mighty hammer blow, a hidden portal in the floor behind a sofa, or a force field that protects us from their weapons... if we think it, if we act it, if we -believe- it... it exists.

No, we have no words anymore... but with our body language, communication kills.



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Re: [101] Something!-punk settings

Embers in Shade [wuxiapunk]

High magic, low life. The players take on the role of street boxers on the fringes of a society that has abused the spirits of the natural world. Think cyberpunk with kung fu and asian magic replacing the tech.

Some notes...
- The Shade: the line between the physical world and the Shade is subtle. All beings themselves possess a spirit that connects them directly with the Shade.
- The Invisible River: an invisible River flows from the Shade, infusing daily life. As bodies move in the physical world, so the spirit moves in the Shade, connected by the River. It is used as technology for many advanced applications by branching and damming flows of the River into patterns. Includes divination and binding. The River dominates every aspect of life. For example, swords are no longer manufactured by a smith using normal techniques. They are manufactured by golems powered by the River, who properly bind the spirit of the metal to become a sword.
- Low life: the characters are outcasts, rebels and others on the fringe of society. They are elements of the breakdown in social order. Bandits, pimps and thieves are everywhere.
- Masterguilds: massive conglomerates that hold total control over multiple trades. They use their wealth and massive private armies to place themselves above the law. They effectively hold sway over the kingdoms under their domination, where they don’t control land outright under their own sovereign banner. They are each nominally run by councils that dwell in masterguildhalls, but actually contain their own spirits that drive them. Guilders are effectively controlled and owned by the masterguilds, despite any citizenship they may possess.
- Spirits: everything natural has a spirit. Every rock, tree, bird, cat, and person. They range in power depending on what they represent. Minor spirits are simple beings, while major spirits can be as complex as any human. Spirits inhabit the Shade, cast like shadows.
- Dragons: the most powerful spirits are those born from the ideas of men - dragons. In this way, humans have created them, yet they are their own entities.
- Ghosts: Ghosts are humans who can separate their own spirit from their body and travel the Shade freely. Powerful spirits such as idea spirits may also travel freely, not being bound to a physical object. Ghosts are often hired by masterguilds to attack their rivals.
- Exorcised: ghosts that have had their ability to ghost damaged. Can be restored through secret patterns of River.
- Curse: a spirit bound with an oath to do the bound harm if certain conditions are met. For example, if the bound betrays a masterguild.
- Binding: spirits may be drawn from one vessel and placed in another - even within people or crafted items. The vessel becomes infused with the traits of the new spirit. For example, a rock spirit may be placed inside a guard to make his skin hard as rock. The vessel takes on some of the physical characteristics of the new spirit. The guard gains rocklike skin. Major spirits, particularly those without physical connection, may be placed in animals, the dead, or golems to animate them. The spirits of humans can be bound to objects as well, effectively making them immortal but limited to the Shade. Spirits are bound by an oath they must fulfill.
- Spirits of materials are often bound into objects crafted from them. For example, an iron sword typically contains the spirit of the iron it was forged from.
- Examples: a water spirit is bound to a cushion with oaths to ensure that it forms itself to whomever sits on it, remembering their preference for comfort.
- Bound: humans (and perhaps others) who have been bound with spirits to enhance their abilities - typically for specific job roles such as a guards with combat bindings or a minstrel with vocal bindings.
- Golems: puppets created from strong materials such as metal and stone that are bound with spirits to animate them. Used as automated workers, guards, and soldiers.
- Boxers: humans bound to spirits enhancing their martial effectiveness. Examples of spirit bindings include: birds/feathers/leaves to grant lightness, frogs to grant leaping, rock and iron to grant toughness and strength, fire/lightning/ice to grant attacks, etc. Boxers who are not guilders are called street boxers.
- The false utopia: the most valuable commodity in the world are new patterns of River, including divination and binding. Ghosts also provide a highly valued service, circumventing the need for physical location. Thanks to patterns, goods are now produced very cheaply and easily and thus crafting is not highly valued. Food, medicine, and other commodities are freely available. The same patterns are used by the masterguilds to maintain a tight control over the kingdoms and their people. Freedom is the grandest illusion.
- The past: roughly one century ago, patterns of River were developed that bridged the Shade with the physical world. Those who were blinded to the flows of the River had their third eye opened to see. The world was transformed, almost overnight, and many suffer under the rapid change.
- The third eye: the ability to see the River and spirits from the physical world. Most humans have their third eye opened at birth by the application of a pattern of River upon them. The River and spirits appear translucent and ephemeral to those in the physical world - like neon signs and tattoos. To ghosts, it is reversed. Those on the fringes who have not been opened are called the blind.
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