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🎨 Creative [necro][101] Something!-punk settings


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Re: [101] Something!-punk settings

Great ideas so far! I'm particularly partial to Claypunk, Logospunk and, oddly, Mimepunk.

Just posting a tally of what we've got so far;

1. Summonpunk
2. Colonialpunk
3. Eskimopunk
4. Deathpunk
5. Wonderpunk
6. Interbellumpunk
7. Pokepunk
8. Zombiepunk

9. Claypunk
10. Agriculturepunk
11. Hellpunk
12. Logospunk
13. Antebellumpunk
14. Mimepunk
15. Wuxiapunk


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Re: [101] Something!-punk settings


The Ancients made.
The Ancients consumed.
The Ancients discarded.

Those now know as "Ancients" wrecked the planet. It's not known if they left, died out or if their society just devolved into what remains today of the human race, much of the greenery of Earth has gone.

Oases of concrete, glass and metal dot the toxic wastes that now make up the landmass of most continents between zones of radiation, biological blights and other hazardous environments. Atmosphere engines rise up into the sky, higher than any other natural or man-made structure that was built before them, providing air and oxygen to the ground-dwellers and functioning as the lungs of the planet now most of the trees are but a memory.

Humanity persists in greatly reduced number, mostly nomadic tribal cultures, scavenging from the Ancients technology and discarded waste. They attempt to live in what once were grand structures but are now ruins, always ready to move on when needed, to follow paths blazed by other nomads or to escape the numerous perils of the Junkpunk world. Mutants, Ancient creations and other things also inhabit the world alongside them.

The world shudders from the damage inflicted on it and the sky bleeds from the pollution still trapped despite the continued work of the Atmosphere engines. How long has passed since the former society ended? No-one knows. Their detritus was built to last, even their disposed toys and trinkets, so it could be years, centuries or longer. It's a harsh world full of harsh people. Life is cheap but the tools to kill even cheaper.

Junkpunk - For when you want to play in a hellish scrapyard of a world that never bothered recycling or cleaning up after itself.


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Re: [101] Something!-punk settings


The great city is a ruin, its great engines smashed, its streets filled with rubble, the automaton protectors still. It is a corpse and militant gangs swarm over the remains. The sprawling districts and suburbs are now a patchwork of territories, the law of the strongest is the only law: warlords are the judges, the gangs the jury and all are executioners. Beyond the city is the waste, there is no haven there. You are outcasts, without kin or gang, the very dregs of what remains of society, and yet you have a chance. Find a way to understand the city from the fragments you have, find a way to learn its workings, repair the engines, gather spares, reactivate the protectors. Do this and you may bring a small part of the city back to life. From these embers you may just be able to destroy the gangs and restore rule of law again.


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Re: [101] Something!-punk settings

The LaGrange Points: Five spots in orbit occupied by five glittering spires, cities floating in space, homes of research, design, fabrication. Those who live in the LaGrange Stations work for one of the Big Five, the corporations that make and run everything. The finest hydroponic-grown food, designer drugs, and all the data you could want to download.

Not everyone lives in the LaGranges. Countless smaller satellites, each home to a small handful of people, from a half-dozen to a hundred, float in space, needing to buy (or steal) fuel to keep their orbits from decaying, eking out a meager existence from scavenging old satellites that haven't fallen to Earth yet, and hoping they can dock with one of the cities long enough to offload their scrap to the black market and fuel up before being forced to register and declare allegiance to one of the Big Five.

You are one of those hardy, dispossessed loners. Fight off gangs of orbital pirates. Live in your spacesuit because you can't afford to get that hole in the hull repaired yet. Sneak onto a LaGrange City and perform corporate espionage... or even just steal the food your crew needs to survive another week. And if you're desperate... maybe a trip down to the surface is in order. But nobody ever ever comes back from there...

LEOPunk: Low Earth Orbit


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Re: [101] Something!-punk settings

19. Moving On Up - Climbpunk

The Archologies, giant spires reaching to the heavens, housing thousands of people. You can live your entire life inside one without any care of going outside. Or, you could live your whole life on the outside of one, without ever getting inside. A lot of people cling to their skins like bugs. It's not so bad, living hanging from cables. Oh sure, the winds threaten to knock you off at night, and the horrible gang warfare can lead to a short life, but you get fresh air, sunlight, and produce, which is more than can be said for most of the guys inside.

Okay, so you have to make deals with corrupt cops to get meat smuggled outside. Okay, so your best chance for getting work is smuggling things through gang territory and occasionally over giant jutting barriers that few men dare to cross... but you're free, right? I mean, it's not like there are people who want to cut your tethers in the middle of the night if you don't pay. Well, okay, there are, but you can get them first.

All in all, it's a sweet life. Short, hard, brutish, and most likely going to end with you plummeting to your death, but hey. At least you're not a corporate drone with no imagination. At least you're not Inside. Right?


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Re: [101] Something!-punk settings

20. Discopunk

They took the dance, man. Can you believe it? They took it and freakin' tamed it, made it all glittery an' square an' safe. That's not how it's supposed to be. The dance is a primal thing, wild and sexual and free - that's the true heart of disco. Freedom. We'd only just found it and they took it away before we could change the world. Change everything.

But they took it and gave it to the 54's. The just-a-little-bit-outsiders, the ones who are rebellious enough to get the cheerleaders and quarterbacks in heat but still give it up for the Man. Keepin' everyone enslaved.

There's some of us still doing the dance the way it's supposed to be, stayin' alive in the shadows. And you... you seem like our kind of dancer. You've got the moves, yeah you do baby. So if you want to get away from the oppression of the 54's and join the revolution I can show you the way. No matter what the official spokespuppets say the Dancing Queen is still alive and kickin' it. The club is just a point, drop and a bump away.

Are you ready to go to Funkytown?

Lord Raziere

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Re: [101] Something!-punk settings

21. Spacepunk

Humanity has reached the stars. We invented the warp drive and now can to go any planet we want. It was supposed to be this big uniting thing, this glorious age of space travel and enlightenment for humanity, a new infinite frontier.
But no…
with space opened up to us, humanity has only become more distant from one another. Now instead of nations, oceans and continents to separate us, vast distances of pure void, lightyears of nothingness exist to isolate us from ourselves. Humanity may be spreading throughout the stars, but ultimately we are small insects hovering around bonfires in the void. As we spread out, each community grows more insular and self-contained, distrustful of off-worlders and foreign ways that disrupt the status quo with their mere existence, and only a brave few dare to constantly travel through the blackness of space to find the scattered wayward communities that existence within or seek out new planets with all the dangers that implies.
You are one of those brave few. You are ultimately a Void Nomad, for one reason or other living on the edge of society, jumping from planet to planet. In your lonely existence, a vast amount of which is spent on a spaceship going at speeds that warp time itself and makes your perception of time itself a surreal, dreamlike thing, surrounded only the cold distant eyes of the stars themselves, what do you do?


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Re: [101] Something!-punk settings

I see Hellpunk, and I raise you...

22. Heavenpunk.
Great job, you've done everything that He asked of you. You're now in the private club.
Except it's not so much a private club as a fucking cesspool full of bastards you were once sure no one in their right mind would let through the Pearly Gates.
And still, here they are, with their immortality, their wings, their halo, and the shit they brought from the mortal world.
On the other hand, there are many of your friends you can't find any more. You're not saying you were expecting them to come with you, but damn, if those assholes made it, why didn't they? And were your own efforts needless after all? You have to come to the conclusion it's all arbitrary. You were just all pawns with their predetermined rewards and punishments. Now, those who had it worse than you in life will have it worse than you for all of eternity, just because.
On the bright side, just like them, you're immortal. You could bask in the eternal bliss and glory forever, like a never-ending trip, but you'll have none of it, because you still have a conscience. You're going to wake them up, by force if needed. You will take away their halos. You will tear away the Pearly Gates. You will destroy the painfully beautiful pillars of ivory and gold. You will reclaim the immaculate misty clouds your friends should have deserved to walk upon. You're going to build a beacon of light like the Sun out of the only good stuff that will come out of these bastards' immortal soul, and once God is forced to pay attention to you, you will blind His eyes with that lantern of righteous fury, and you will force Him to deal with that ultimatum:
Either everyone gets in Heaven, either nobody does.


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Re: [101] Something!-punk settings

Weird how things go in circles! There was an almost identical thread of this sort in 2008, and as a result we started a collaborative project called Flamepunk , but as the months went on, interest faded and I was the only one still working on it, so left it half finished.

Its still there if anyone is interested in writing the rest of it:



Actually looks as if someone has been at the front page and taken out the links to all the stuff I actually wrote.

Here's the index:


And now its restored. Mostly I just did rules, so the setting chapters are a bit underdeveloped
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Re: [101] Something!-punk settings

24) Aquapunk

People continued to ignore the incremental increases of global warming until the flooding happened. The Waterways got deeper, the coasts flooded out. Millions of people were displaced. The weather topside just got worse and worse.

What did people do? Adapt. They joined the blue.

Now there are floating city blocks (Seacrete). Undersea domes. People clinging to their boats. People trying to survive the weather inland (and moving underground if they can).

The Powerful are still powerful. They have used the crisis to consolidate their power into more tangible forms. Where does that leave most people, lost and alone with just the Blue. Yet there are a few, with the diving skills, with the small time submersables, with the technical know how, to deal with them. These Few are building places for regular folks to live. They are stopping the plots of the Black Divers. They are... well using the wet technology and skills of the Rich and powerful against them.

There have been about a dozen novels set with this premise. My favorite? Blind Waves
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