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Re: [101] Something!-punk settings


It's a golden age- one where people of different cultures live peacefully together. One where science, philosophy, mysticism, religion, architecture, and many other fields are growing by leaps and bounds. Truly, a wonderful age. If you've got the money, that is.

For the rest of us, it's a struggle. In the cities, you've got to eat to live, and you've got to steal to eat and hopefully not get caught by the Sultan's goons. And out on the dunes... Watch out for the ghouls. If you're lucky, maybe you'll find an edge, like a magic carpet, or a genie, or a clock-work item. Otherwise, your sand-blasted bones will bleach in the sun for a lot longer than a 1,001 nights.


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Re: [101] Something!-punk settings

That Memoriam logo is amazing. And it reinforces the connections to the Raw Shark Texts, which is a novel with themes that intersect.
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Re: [101] Something!-punk settings

(I will.)

Ice Punk

Magic exists. It came into existence with the Great Winter, that made places like Texas become as cold as Siberia, and covered deserts in ice. However, the magic requires one to be not only exposed to this cold, but to another world. Looking into this world is like staring Cthulhu in the face.
But this magic has been used anyway. After all, teleportation and the like is a sweet deal. And the corporations with access to it, they've plundered it by connecting together a network of Ice Points to move through. That these corporations have begun to monopolize all important heater units and the like gives them immense economic power. With so many livelihoods already destroyed by the ice, it appears they may become our new overlords, oligarchs obsessed with wealth and all.

However, this magic doesn't have to be just another tool of control. You could dip further into this other world, and access far greater power. The power to fight back against the old order of things, and become something greater. Question is, are you willing to have some Exposure?


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Re: [101] Something!-punk settings

They say it was the Primus of Jerbiton who was also the Cardinal of Florence who first set the change in motion, when he brought the Order into the Church and established the Knights Arcane alongside his lackeys in the Templars and the Teutonics.

But now the Order of Hermes is as much a part of the establishment as the Pope. The Divine is no longer inimical to the Gift but has embraced it, after the beatification of the Praeco of the Roman Tribunal. And magic flourishes... but thought does not. The Quaesitores are more Inquisition than Guernicus, judging heresy more often than breaches of the Code. The Verditii produce their engines for the Templares, the Teutonics, and the Hospitallers of St. John to bring down fire and brimstone upon those proscribed by the Bishop of Rome. It is the Church's favorites who are awarded the rights to every contested pawn, and the young, the new, the free-thinkers who are punished for their temerity with sentences of copying and lab work worthy of an apprentice.

But in the corners of the world, south of Mohacs where the janissaries ride, in mist-shrouded Hibernia where Rome's edicts peter out in favor of a gentler Christ, in the Novgorod where the college of Archmagi is a distant rumour but the Horde a dreadful, tangible reality, in Granada where orreries and alchemies flourish not yet threatened by the Reconquista- there do a few Gifted still cleave to Trianoma's oath, and not the stifling unity of Remigio Di Varagines. There there may still be hope that the Ordo Hermetica will rise again.



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Re: [101] Something!-punk settings

61) Punk Planet

From our point of view, the World Lines of the Atomic Future seem "bright, shiny, and progressive", though a little too "50s Modern" for their own good. Yet, behind a lot of those "bright futures" is various -isms that provide the hidden dross that bring down this epochs.

One Galactic League has solved that problem. They have various "punk planets" in various quadrants. When someone "does not fit in well", it is suggested by councillors, administrators, and judges, that they might wish to move to these planets... to avoid some unpleasantness. It is here the dark dredges of the Shiny Galactic League can live "in peace" and not disturb "the good people of the league". Non-conformists eventually find their way there. Once there, you find it is easy to go to the planet, it is very hard to escape said punk planet.

When the Galactice League went to war with the Bosmans, victory seemed assured. Yet, a few years later, there seems to be no hope in sight - as the League is losing ground. What can we do without comprimising our high moral standards?

Well, those Punk Planets seem to have a culture that seems to understand the Bosmans and functions on that same level. Perhaps if we give them our technology....

Now if can make sure our punks, don't defect and help the Bosmans...


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Re: [101] Something!-punk settings

I'm not sure how to do these, but a few possible ideas:

A- Punk-punk (Punk as in "worthless people", or some other definition of it)
B- Cat-punk (Cats ruling the world or the key technology or something like that...)
C- Z-Punk (As in DBZ. An author appeal one, really. The idea of DBZ-style chi powers ruling)
Maybe it's the cold medicine talking, but I got this.

The Tao Schools have been in charge for as long as anyone can remember. They've been corrupt for maybe twice that. They say the Twelve Immortal Grandmasters learned the secret techniques of the gods, then used them to cast those august spirits from the heavens. Next they turned on each other, fighting for ultimate control of the universe, but so great was their skill and power that they could not be defeated, even by each other. Instead they formed schools, pitting their students against one another in an ongoing battle for supremacy.

Everything revolves around those damn schools. The top students are practically gods. They can fly, punch through mountains, move so fast they're invisible, and hurl blasts of destructive energy. We slave to keep them fed, clothed, and happy. To insulate them from the world so nothing will distract them from perfecting their skills. If you're lucky, you won't end up as collateral damage in some city-nuking fistfight. If you're not lucky, well, at least it'll be quick. Probably. Thinking you'll skip to the good life, and sign up to be a student?. Have fun. They're always looking for new recruits, because the casualty rate is so high. Those schools are a meat grinder, with only the toughest, more adaptable fighters surviving the first few days.

But there is another option.

The gods aren't dead, just deposed. Maybe you can find one and convince it to show you a few tricks. Or maybe you can find an ex-student who got injured or kicked out and get him to show you the ropes. If you want, I can hook you up with the name of an herbalist--specializes in performance enhancing teas. You see, this contest has been going on for so long the Immortal Grandmasters care more about winning now than playing fair. There's always work to be done sabotaging someone's training or rigging a match. There's a huge black market for secret techniques and training regimens. Or, if you've got a noble streak you might try snagging some of the advanced medicines the schools use to help out a needy village. But no matter what you do, you're going to need an edge.


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Re: [101] Something!-punk settings


This is the world of Patrick Bateman, Gordon Gecko, and all the other Wolves of Wall Street. You are the villains of William Gibson's worst nightmare. You rail a dozen lines, fuck a whore, then order a strike team to knock off that annoying board member. Unions busting your balls? Call in the Cobras! There's not a company that you can't bleed pink in order to bolster your black lines.
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