[Necro]Arabian Nights rpgs?

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Hi everyone -- I've been out for a while, so if this subject has been done recently, my apologies.

I'm looking for Arabian Nights-style rpgs. Commericial, amateur, PDF, cool websites, anything.

1. I have TSR's Al-Qadim.

2. Is there a d20 A-Q conversion ? (official or un-official)

3. Feel free to pimp your own Arabian Nights-style game, commercial or otherwise.

4. Is there a "Legend of the Burning Sands" rpg (anyone remmeber the CCG?)

5. Any reccomendations for cool source material? (Novels, movies, computer games, etc.)


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GURPS did an Arabian Nights sourcebook, and ICE did one some years ago... GURPS may be still in print, the ICE one is a secondhand job only now ...

philippe tromeur

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The Rolemaster Arabian Nights is very good, and almost rules-free (besides the NPCs' stats).

There was a French RPG called "Légendes des 10001 Nuits", back in the 80's. Very good setting material, but over-complicated rules.

The French magazins Casus Belli also created a arabian-like setting called "Les Perles d'As-sa'a", which was really a complete RPG spread into several issues of the 'zine, among other articles. In the october/november 2001 issue (second as-sa'a release), you'll find a complete system, BaSiC, the French version of BRP, and adaptations for the setting.
Interesting attempt, but the setting was a bit dull, I would have preferred somthing more authentic, instead of just fantasy in the desert.


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There is The Ottoman Empire for Castle Falkenstein and GURPS Castle Falkenstein.

Look at John Kim's free RPG site (google for Kim Free RPG); there must be one or two games that have a 1001 nights theme.

Then there's Benjamin Rogers' game Burning Sands (is that the right name?), but from what I've read about it, it's not very much about the wonders of 1001 nights.



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philippe tromeur said:
There was a French RPG called "Légendes des 10001 Nuits", back in the 80's. Very good setting material, but over-complicated rules.
I sold mine for a plate of food recently ;)


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Thierry Michel said:
I sold mine for a plate of food recently ;)
And you are much thanked for it !

Highland Green, there is clearly a lack of a proper game on the subjetc. GURPS Arabian Nights is probably the closest to it, but it's pretty dry and focuses mainly on the historical aspects to the detriment of the potential fantastic elements.

FWIW, Légendes des 1001 Nuits does that to some extent as well.

I have been researching this very subject lately because the next leg of my Mage campaign is going to be set in Baghdad during the Califate of Harun al-Rashid. Check out the link below in my sig. in a few weeks for the first write-ups !


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About "Lègendes des 1001 nuits", I think this supplemental book for the game Lègendes is too much tied to history. I think it's better if you want to simulate the life of a 14th century muslim than try to play Simbad-like adventures. I'm also somewhat disappointed that the magic only comes under the form of a spell list.
I've always felt that such a setting should use summonings of djinn, efreet and other beings. Quite like old editions of StormBringer, in fact. But maybe am I wrong...

Another problem of this supplement is that Lègendes rules are ways too complicated.
Most people will be bored with the numerous computations at character creation, even if you use the most simple version of the system.
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