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The OP in this thread mentioned how he's enjoyed some of the threads walking through character generation for different games. So have I and I thought: Let's have a thread where we just create characters, walking through the process (and don't just post the finished character) so we'll have some more character walkthroughs to enjoy!

I'm going to kick us off with one of my favourites: Space 1889!

I start by generating my character's six attributes using the distribution method (in which I assign each of the numbers from 1 to 6 to one of my character's six attributes). I'm not going for a victorian gentleman here but more of a dodgy lower-class type, so I'm putting the 1 in Social Level and the 6 in Charisma. I want him to be a fairly rough type when necessary but I also want him to be smart, so I assign the 5 and the 4 to Intellect and Strength respectively. Lastly, I put the 3 in Endurance and 2 in Agility and that's that.
As a result, I now have the following Attributes and default skills:
Strength 4
Fisticuffs 3 (Str -1)
Throwing 2 (Str/2)
Agility 2
Stealth 1 (Agi -1)
Endurance 3
Wilderness Travel (Mapping)* 2 (End-1)
Swimming 1 (End/2)
Intellect 5
Observation 4 (Int -1)
Charisma 6
Eloquence 5 (Cha -1)
Social Level 1
Riding* 0

* Wilderness Travel and Riding are both cascade skill where I have to choose a specialisation. For Wilderness Travel, I've chosen Mapping. I've not chosen one for Riding since I get it at 0 and it's hardly necessary to specify a class of creatures that I'm particularly inept at riding.

Next, I need to either choose two careers (and 2 general skill points) or one career (and 6 general skill points). Choosing careers is fun and I've already got a good idea where to take Jim Cooper (as I'm now naming my character).

I'm starting with a good, old-fashioned Navy career. I reckon Jim was a bit of a scoundrel but lacked the physical finesse (Agility) to really fit into ant proper criminal career and joined up in the Navy at a young age.
With his lowly Social Level, Jim gets to be an Ordinary Seaman getting him the skills: Swimming 1, Gunnery 1 (he chooses Machinegun), Mechanics 1 (Steam) and he gets to choose another 4 from a list. I select Observation 1, Close Combat 1, Linguistics 1 and Marksmanship 1 (Pistol).
For his second career, I reckon Jim has put his massive charm and considerable intelligence to good use and managed to get himself employed as a Foreign Office Agent (likely on Mars where I also decide he's spent most of his naval career).
As a Foreign Office Agent he learns: Linguistics 2, Crime 2 (Lockpick), Theatrics 2 and Observation 1

Totalling all this up, Jim's skills list now looks like this:
Strength 4
Fisticuffs 3 (Str -1)
Throwing 2 (Str/2)
Close Combat 1
Agility 2
Stealth 1 (Agi -1)
Crime (Lockpick) 2
Marksmanship (Pistol) 1
Mechanics (Steam) 1
Endurance 3
Wilderness Travel (Mapping) 2
Swimming 2
Intellect 5
Observation 6
Gunnery 1 (Machineguns)
Charisma 6
Eloquence 5 (Cha -1)
Theatrics 2
Linguistics 3
Social Level 1
Riding* 0

Jim now has a whopping 2 general skill points. Increasing a skill for which he has a governing attribute of 1 or 2 (Social Level and Agility) would cost him 2 points (so he'll just leave those alone). Increasing a skill with a governing attribute of 3 or 4 (Strength and Endurance) will cost 1 point and increasing one with a governing attribute of 5 or 6 (Intellect and Charisma) will only be ½ point. He may not increase any skills above their governing attribute with general skill points (although careers can increase skills that high which allows Jim to have a whopping 6 in Observation).
Since Jim is the kind of guy who may get into scrapes from time to time, I'm increasing his Close Combat to 2, spending half of my general skill points on that. I'm also not allowed to increase Close Combat by more than 1 level above that generated by my careers but it's hardly relevant in this case, since I'll spend the remaining point elsewhere anyway.
I'm a bit concerned about Jim's lack of Bargaining skill but as I could only buy it up to 2 with my remaining point, I decide that he'll just have to work around it with cleverness, charm and guile, so I boost his Theatrics skill to 4 instead.
His finished skills list now looks like this:
Strength 4
Fisticuffs 3 (Str -1)
Throwing 2 (Str/2)
Close Combat (Bashing Weapon) 2
Agility 2
Stealth 1 (Agi -1)
Crime (Lockpick) 2
Marksmanship (Pistol) 1
Mechanics (Steam) 1
Endurance 3
Wilderness Travel (Mapping) 2
Swimming 2
Intellect 5
Observation 6
Gunnery 1 (Machineguns)
Charisma 6
Eloquence 5 (Cha -1)
Theatrics 4
Linguistics 3
Social Level 1
Riding* 0

Jim speaks three foreign languages because of his Linguistics skill. Of these, I decide he'll be best at German and the two others will be Russian and the language of the Canal Martians with whom the Crown are doing business.
Jim can take (Str+End)/2, rounded up=4 wounds before losing consciousness and a total of 7 before he's dead.
As a result of his moderate Social Level, Jim starts with a measly 2d6£ to his name. I roll a 5 and a 6 - Jim owns the heady fortune of 11£!


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Re: Create a character for something! Walk us through it!

A'right. I'll go with what I have at hand (or at dropbox, as it were).

B/X Basic D&D
Going strict 3d6 in-order random, so lets see what the dice tell us...

5 4 10 11 14 11


With the Basic ordering of scores, that means both Strength and Intelligence are abominable. Both Fighter and Magic User look untenable.

Alright... this character is not going to be a melee fighter for sure. That Con is nice though. Dex is a wash. But he's weak and dumb. I look at Halfling, and it has a STR and DEX prime req, so I can cover half that, and the min for Dex and Con are no prob. Halflings are also good at hiding, and especially adept with ranged combat. Good match.

Pimblebrooke Hillfellow
Class: Halfling level 1
Alignment: Neutral
a runty fellow, even among his own kind. Pimblebrooke refused to listen to the wise council of his elders, and left the Home Meadows to seek adventure in the wilds and unruly uncivilized world of the unnaturally huge folk. He grew up with stories of Uncle Bumble's great adventures in the wider world, and remained completely credulous and intent on these long past the point where a more intellectually gifted youth would recognize them for the thin bedtime fiction they really were. Uncle Bumble never really visited the Land of Cake and slew the Gingerbread Dragon there. Uncle Bumble was entirely made up. This has not stopped Pimble from asking his cousin to make him a bracelet with WWUBD writ upon it in Dwarven runes. What Would Uncle Bumble Do? He would not exist, that's what. This is a fate which will probably be visited upon poor Pimblebrooke soon.
Ability Scores
STR 5 (-2 to hit and damage in melee)
INT 4 (can not read or write Common, or speak bonus languages)
WIS 10 (No magic saving mod)
DEX 11 (No adjustment)
CON 14 (+1HP per HD)
CHA 11 (No reaction adjustment, 4 retainers, retainer morale 7)

Hit Points: 5 (rolled 4 on 1d6 +1 for Con)
Armor Class: 5 (3 vs large foes)

Class Abilities
Superior Saves
+1 to hit with ranged weapons
-2 to AC when attacked by creatures larger than man-size
+1 on individual initiative
When hiding in the wilderness, only 10% chance of being detected.
2 in 6 chance of hiding in normal light if quiet/still in other surroundings (including dungeons).

Starting Cash: 120 gold (not bad on 3d6 x10)
Remaining Cash: 1 gold (about right)

Short Bow (25)
Quiver of 20 arrows (5)
Sling & stones (2)
Dagger (3)
Chain Armor (40)
Backpack (5)
Flash of Oil x5 (10)
Hammer (2)
12 Spikes (1)
Lantern (10)
Mirror (5)
Rations 1 week (5)
Rope 50' (1)
Tinderbox (3)
Wineskin (1)
Wine (1)

And that's Pimblebrooke. Dim as a post, soft as pudding, but a quite effective skirmisher and ambush fighter, especially against large foes. Reasonably tough for a starting character. Decently armored. The basic adventure kit covered, allowing for the usual inventory trickery. Despite those two lousy scores, quite playable.
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Re: Create a character for something! Walk us through it!

I'll just leave this here for now. :)
I think you win the thread. With TKO:D.
Hope you don't mind if I take the idea for my blog?

Ok, I'm sick, so let me write a character. There are a few games that represent a notable exception to your list.
Legends of the Wulin is one of them, so I'm going to post a walkthtrough as soon as I finish writing it up;).
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Re: Create a character for something! Walk us through it!

I'd love to see a walk through for Blood and Smoke if anyone's inclined?

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Re: Create a character for something! Walk us through it!

I may have stolen Blackhat_Matt's idea and am working on my own set of characters HERE.


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Re: Create a character for something! Walk us through it!

I'd love to see a walk through for Blood and Smoke if anyone's inclined?
In the words of Bill Murray in the opus Space Jam, "Perhaps I can be of some assistance." Let's make a Blood & Smoke character!

Character Concept: One of the nice things about nWoD is there's a bit more emphasis on 'who I was when I (thought I was) human.' You make a human character, and then drape a supernatural template on it. In this case, obv., that of a vampire. Dawgstar! What's his/her clan/covenant? A-buh-buh-buh, I say, making made-up noises to gently shush you without trying to dampen your enthusiasm. First we make the man. Then when we make them a monster.

What first pops into my head is a woman of college age (settle down), somebody outgoing and perhaps pretty, but more than that like when a lot of us get to college, finding causes with a capital C to believe in. Exposure to more world-views than you ever thought possible can do that to you. So we start thinking of one of those people out in the quad earnestly handing out fliers for, well, name your cause. Peace Corps? Cool. Campus Crusade for Christ? Sure. Let's spin that a bit even more, shall we? Let's say she is getting a degree in Media Studies. Learning how media affects a cause and vice versa, why, that could be very interesting to certain parties who are curious about all this new-fangled technology but at the same time are a bit... set in their ways, perhaps? And what's also interesting, is she actually in it because she believes, or she believes in the power of the Media to change things. Does she even know? Dunno yet! Exciting, huh?

And so, and this is the hardest part of making up a character for me, naming the concept. 'Media Studies Student.' She needs a name. Reading Homestuck as I have been, naturally my first inclination is to call her 'Farmstink Buttlass' but no. However, that character's real first name - Jade, I do kind of like and you can wink and a nod towards it if you're so inclined as it's pretty Vampire-y. Let's give her very plain last name, too, as we can justify calling her Jade as her parents' desperate attempt to jazz up her name. Jade Tompkins. It's quite likely her middle name is also a precious stone, like Amethyst or Ruby or something. Poor thing.

With that done, we've got to select three Aspirations. Not only are they driving goals of the character, they also are a source of XP revenue, called Beats. Aspirations are, quite simply, what Jade wants to do with her (un)life. They also gently tap the Storyteller on the shoulder and say, "Yo! Here's what I wanna do!" So what does Jade want to do? Good question. Questions. There's not really a formula per se, but I've read that two short-term and one long-term are a pretty good balance, so we'll go with that.

-"Get my Bachelor's in Media Studies." This could be a bit hard, suddenly only being able to go to night classes or home courses.
-"Find a good haven." This is very simple! It's an example in the book, even! And it's right, nothing wrong with having a simple goal.
-"Change the way my covenant's message is transmitted and received." This one could take a while. And could be really dangerous.

Select Attributes: Yay! Now we get to put dots into things! I love that. So, Jade's a pretty social creature. Emphasis on creature after her Embrace. Social seems like an obvious first pick. Presence and Manipulation seem the key, as she strikes me as being on the offensive, verbally speaking. So, two dots in Presence, two dots in Manipulation and the last in Composure. Neat. The next... well, honestly either Mental or Physical could be secondary, but I plan on cheating a little bit later on. Since I see her as able to make well-articulated arguements and being able to explain the point of view of what her cause is, let's put two dots in Intelligence and a dot each in Wits and Resolve. This makes Physical the third, and we'll just throw a dot each in Strength, Dexterity and Stamina. Average is fun!

Select Skills: As we look at the skill specialties, Mental is first. And by first I mean secondary. As someone who probably likes to take in a lot stuff, if for no other reason to see how it was done in the past and see if she can do it better, we give Jade two points in Academics. Also two points go in Computer, because it's a digital age, baby, and fits with our concept. One dot of Investigation, though more for research than analyzing blood spatter. The last two go in Politics.

Physical, well, that's tertiary to our goals. One dot each in Athletics, Drive, Larceny and Stealth. Nothing too out of the realm of possibility while still being a bit useful.

Social, unshocksurprisingly, is primary. If you want to pitch something, you have two know how the target is feeling. That means Empathy. It gets two dots. Then comes Expression with two dots. Persuasion gets THREE whole dots, being the people (un)person that Jade is. Socialize and Subterfuge get one dot apiece. Lying's not really her thing, but she tells a few now and then, and she's a bit better at the one-on-one than she is in groups.

Skill Specialties: Here's where we give our skills some jazz hands. They are, as the book says, quite possibly why their Sire picked them, so it's good to give them some deep thought. For Computers, we take 'Media Creation.' As things stand (barring the whole 'vampire now thing') Jade would most likely have no problem getting her degree. Expression, we take 'Writing,' making her even more eloquent and articulate and with that whole pen being mightier than the sword thing. Persuasion, being her bread and or butter (or blood now), gets a 'Forthright.' Jade's really good at convincing people with the straight talk on the reals, yo.

Kindred Template: Or, let's kill Jade and bring her back from the dead.

Clan is first. Out of the five clans, two really stand out to us, thanks to their particular clan Discipline. That's Daeva and Ventrue. She's not hard enough for the Gangrel, nothing about her screams Nosferatu and too social for Mekhet. The Snakes and the Lords, though, they could certainly find a use for her. But which one? Both seem pretty fitting. I really hem and haw about this, no lie. While Ventrue is cool, Animalism doesn't make a whole lot of sense with her, and with the Daeva giving us Majesty on top of being super strong and fast, we'll go with Daeva. Also Dominate feels like cheating in this case. Here's something neat! Picking a clan also means we get to put a free dot in one of two Attributes! For the Daeva, that's Dexterity and Composure. Composure sounds good, but also a three in that Attribute makes her just a bit too, well, composed than I see her, so we slap it in Dexterity. Being a Daeva's given her uncanny grace. (And this is what I meant when I said cheating.)

Now we come to the covenant, clan being who you are but covenant being what you do. Now, we could go with unaligned, but this is silly. Jade is, after all, clearly a joiner, or at least one who likes to join to see how outside stimuli can affect groups. She doesn't ring upper class enough for the Invictus, nor scholarly enough for the Ordo Dracul. Getting in touch with her inner blood goddess... eh, probably not so much, so no Circle of the Crone. That leaves the Carthians as the obvious choice, what with being what amounts to a campus recruiter, and as colleges are often hotbeds of political-

-WAIT STOP RECORD SCRATCH NOISE. Remember how I mentioned as an example the Campus Crusade for Christ? Jade's gonna be a holy monster, and join the Lancea et Sanctum. Perhaps, and I like this, her Sire was Carthian and Embraced her for the typical reasons. So convinced of the rightness of his Cause, he didn't stop to ask her. The shock of being a walking, blood-sucking parasite got to her, as it can to many people, and she found herself comfort in the ritual, faith and dogma of the Lance of Longinius. How they deliver the message of God's own monsters. What messages affect them. The reassurance of faith, genuine or not, suddenly really seems to make Jade click for me. And perhaps she can drag their image kicking and screaming, at least in the game city, into the twenty-first century.

Now we come to Masks and Dirges. A human has a Virtue and a Vice, but she's not human now, is she? The Mask is what people see. The Dirge is what Kindred know her to be. They also relate to the regaining of Willpower. For her Mask, I'm stuck between Courtesan and Visionary. In the end, I go with Visionary, as Jade likes to think there's some grand design behind what she's getting at, some core truth of the very heart of the idea of Media itself. Her Dirge... there I go with Jester. Also at her core, there's a dry wit that she cloaks herself in, to avoid going insane. It's either laugh or cry tears of blood, and blood's too precious to waste on tears.

Next are Touchstones, which comes next to the sixth Humanity dot and reminds the Kindred in question (or KiQ) of what it means to be a human. Usually it's a person, somebody the vampire knew (but not necessarily liked). These also help with Humanity rolls, giving her a bonus before suffering detachment and becoming less than human. We'll go with Jade's ex-boyfriend, Cliff. She broke it off suddenly with him, on account of the whole 'being undead' thing, without explaining why, but she still feels for him, and he for her, even though they've both quote-unquote moved on (except for every third Thursday night). This will not give the ST anything to play with down the road DON'T EVEN SUGGEST IT.

Disciplines! Yay! Well, we took Daeva because it fit Jade's magnetic personality, and there's really nothing more Magnetic than the power of Majesty. We could go nuts and put all three dots in Majesty, but that is declasse. I like to think a vampire subconsciously picks the powers of the blood upon being first Embraced, and since I like all the Daeva clan Disciplines, we'll just put a dot in each. A dot in Celerity, Majesty, and Vigor.

Jade's Blood Potency is a 1. Caloo, calay.

Merits: Now here's something fun! There's a bunch of new Merits to look at. And we get ten to have fun with.

There's an awesome thing in B&S called the Cacophony - it's the Kindred information network that expresses itself in all sorts of ways. Graffiti in the alley. Personal ads. That vaguely unsettling note scratched in the door of the Arby's bathroom. This sounds like something Jade would be all about. So we take a dot in Cacophony Savvy. She's learning the ropes. It also requires we take a dot of City Status, but that's explainable enough for a promising young neonate. Moving on to Kindred Merits, there's a Daeva specific one called Kiss of the Succubus. Normally mortals get the Addicted Condition, the Daeva's chomp also gives them the Swooning Condition. They really, really want to be bit again, and that's a problem. What's another problem? Daeva get addicted to the same mortal's blood if they drink twice as their clan Bane. That sounds like such a recipe for disaster I have to do it.

Skipping ahead a bit, we come to the Merits she had from when she was still breathing. Barfly sounds like fun, and is pretty Daeva, but I don't see Jade as the type to look like she belongs at a rowdy biker bar or fetish club, so nah. A pretty co-ed can get into enough places without Merit points. And speaking of, pretty! That means Striking Looks. But only one point. We'll pace ourselves. Four points down. Sympathetic, in which we can take a Condition to break down two of a person's Doors (social conditions) sounds pretty good for two points. While her methodology and sense of humor probably do not exactly endear her to the Lancea et Sanctum, she does show a lot of promise, so we'll give Jade one point in Covenant Status, too. Safe Place is Jade's crash space, perhaps a basement apartment the Lance set her up with after she joined. Only one point, as she just joined and they're not going to give her a bunker or anything, but it's also her Haven, which will help Humanity rolls to wake up while sleeping there. That's another point. For the last point, we toss it in Contacts with Campus Clubs as the group in question.

Determine Advantages: These are the 'add traits to get traits' traits. Willpower is Resolve + Composure, so that's a four. JAde's Humanity starts at seven, like all Kindred newbies. Her Defense is a three, Size five, Health seven and Speed 10.

Name: Jade Tompkins
Concept: Media Studies Student
Clan: Daeva
Covenant: Lancea et Sanctum
Mask: Visionary
Dirge: Jester

Power: Intelligence 3, Strength 2, Presence 3
Finesse: Wits 2, Dexterity 3, Manipulation 3
Resistance: Resolve 2, Stamina 2, Composure 2

Mental: Academics 2, Computer (Media Creation) 2, Investigation 1, Politics 2
Physical: Athletics 1, Drive 1, Larceny 1, Stealth 1
Social: Empathy 2, Expression (Writing) 2, Persuasion (Forthright) 3, Socialize 1, Subterfuge 1

Celerity 1, Majesty 1, Vigor 1

Cacophony Savvy 1, City Status 1, Covenant Status 1, Haven 1, Kiss of the Succubus, Safe Place 1, Striking Looks 1, Sympathetic

-"Get my Bachelor's in Media Studies."
-"Keep tabs on my ex."
-"Change the way my covenant's message is transmitted and received."

Health 7
Willpower 4
Blood Potency 1
Humanity 7
Size 5
Spead 10
Defense 3

How was that?
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Re: Create a character for something! Walk us through it!

It's not a cool indie game but it's the one I made a character for most recently.

Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition
Spoiler: Show
I'm using the online Character Builder, but its steps are basically the same as the steps you'd use going by the books.

1. Select Class
I choose the Avenger, who "swear a holy vow to pursue divine vengeance against all foes of [my] faith". In game terms, I get to roll twice on attack rolls against an enemy who is subject to my "Oath of Enmity", as long as that's the only enemy adjacent to me. Huge accuracy boost.

I have to choose an Avenger class feature option, so I choose Censure of Pursuit. If my oathed target moves away willingly, I get a big bonus to damage rolls against him. He can run, but he'll just die faster.

I also choose to worship Bane, the evil god of war and conquest. Bane seems like the kind of guy who'd employ Avengers to do his dirty work. Plus I can cheese something out (later) based on worshipping him.

2. Select Race
I choose Shadar-Kai, who are humans(ish) that live in the Shadowfell. Because the Shadowfell is inherently gloomy and saps the life force of those who live there, the Shadar-Kai engage in crazy shenanigans to keep themselves vital. Like piercings, or becoming adventurers.

The goth/emo stuff is a bit puerile to me, but I can overlook that.

Shadar-Kai grants me a bonus language. I select to speak Goblin, because I know the campain I'm going to be playing in will feature a lot of goblinoids.

Shadar-Kai also grants me the racial encounter power Shadow Jaunt, which lets me teleport a short distance and become insubstantial until the start of my next turn. Good to get into or out of trouble and to cut down on incoming damage.

3. Details
My character's name is Naqam, which is the root word for "vengeance" in Hebrew. He's male, 5'7", 123 lbs. (generated semi-randomly). I don't draw a portrait because I can't draw. I'll probably grab something from the web, eventually.

4. Assign Abilities
We're using point buy, and 4e classes typically have obvious allocations. The Avenger wants Wisdom (for attack rolls and such) and one other ability, which in my case is going to be Dexterity because that's what Shadar-Kai are good at.

Str 12
Con 12
Dex 16 + 2 (racial) = 18
Int 10
Wis 16 + 2 (racial) = 18
Cha 8

Str 12 is me looking ahead to being higher level, when I might want to pick up some feats or multiclassing that requires decent Str. Con 12 is just to eke out a few more hit points.

5. Train Skills
Avenger grants me skill training in Religion, and then I choose Acrobatics, Perception, and Stealth. Naqam is going to be a capable scout and skulker at low levels, before the dedicated skulkers (Rogues, Assassins) surpass him.

6. Select Powers
I choose two At-Will powers: Overwhelming Strike (hit someone, shift him a square, slide into the square he was in -- there's an exploit for this involving Bane's worship) and Bond of Pursuit (hit someone and if he doesn't end adjacent, I can shift to follow him -- synergizes well with Censure of Pursuit). My At-Will powers are what I will use on routine combat attacks.

I choose one Encounter power: Angelic Alacrity. This allows me to shift a bunch of squares before I attack, so it's an "approach" power. Also good for if I'm partially locked down with Dazed or Prone. Also lets me reposition to maintain the ability to use Oath of Enmity.

I choose one Daily power: Aspect of Might. This does big damage, and puts up an encounter-long buff to my Atheltics checks, speed, and damage rolls. Hmm. I might want to go back and train in Athletics instead of Acrobatics.

7. Select Feats
Here comes that exploit involving Bane's worship. I choose the feat Power of Skill, which requires that I worship a deity of the Skill domain. (Bane's domains are Evil, War, and... Skill, for some reason.) With Power of Skill, I can turn my At-Will power Overwhelming Strike into a Melee Basic Attack (MBA), which is what you use for Opportunity Attacks (OAs) and on a Charge. Normally, my MBA would by stinky, based on my Str rather than my Wis; Power of Skill soves that problem.

8. Get Equipment
The DM told us we only start with a weapon and armor, so I don't get the 100 GP to spend that I normally would. Blah. Well, I pick up a Greatsword and Cloth Armor. Avengers get a bonus to Armor Class (AC) when not using a shield, so there is no reason not to use as big a two-handed weapon as you can. And Cloth Armor doesn't actually provide an AC bonus, so I need that Avenger AC bonus. I also give myself a Holy Symbol, because what self respecting servant of the gods doesn't have one? If the DM objects, I'll just roll twice when I smack him.

====== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ======
Naqam, level 1
Shadar-kai, Avenger
Avenger's Censure Option: Censure of Pursuit

STR 11, CON 13, DEX 18, INT 10, WIS 18, CHA 8

STR 11, CON 13, DEX 16, INT 10, WIS 16, CHA 8

AC: 17 Fort: 13 Ref: 15 Will: 15
HP: 27 Surges: 8 Surge Value: 6

Acrobatics +12, Perception +10, Religion +6, Stealth +12

Arcana +0, Athletics +0, Bluff –1, Diplomacy –1, Dungeoneering +4, Endurance +1, Heal +4, History +0, Insight +4, Intimidate –1, Nature +4, Streetwise –1, Thievery +4

Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack
Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack
Shadar-kai Racial Power: Shadow Jaunt
Avenger Feature: Abjure Undead
Avenger Feature: Divine Guidance
Avenger Feature: Oath of Enmity
Avenger Attack 1: Overwhelming Strike
Avenger Attack 1: Bond of Pursuit
Avenger Attack 1: Angelic Alacrity
Avenger Attack 1: Aspect of Might

Level 1: Enduring Mountain
Level 1: Power of Skill

Greatsword x1
Cloth Armor (Basic Clothing) x1
Holy Symbol x1
====== End ======

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Re: Create a character for something! Walk us through it!

When I ran my Testbed Campaign (a limited campaign that changed systems every two sessions to give us a feel for new systems), I had a character (that I've played in the past) I used as an allied NPC that allowed me to summarize the systems involved for everyone as we changed systems. A number of systems I used were either obscure (EABA), semi-dead (BESM) or both (Cortex Classic), so let me use the one that is still well known and a going concern: Savage Worlds. For bonus points, Savage Worlds wasn't the first game in the sequence, so you'll get to see how I advanced him.

First of all, the core concepts of the character used for all the game systems to model:

Thomas Shey was a fairly geeky young man raised by his solidly middle-class parents in a suburb of Los Angeles. Perhaps his early interest in superhero comics lodged a longing to do something for the public good that finally expressed itself during college in pursuit of a degree in law enforcement. When he applied to be a Los Angeles County Sheriff, this fast-tracked him into the Detective Division, and when the newly opened Antiterrorism/Organized Crime task force opened, he applied and was quickly accepted. He developed a good reputation for his investigative intuition, and was expected to potentially go far, when an investigation of a potential WMD smuggling operation when terribly wrong. Going in with other members of the task force and SWAT to take down the operation, Deputy Shey was temporarily disabled when his skull was creased by a bullet fired by the smugglers, and fell behind while the rest of his unit forged ahead. The other task force members and their SWAT escort were all killed when the nerve gas being smuggled was accidentally released. As the cloud of vapor was kept from Shey's position by his accidental proximity to a forced ventilation system, he was the only survivor in the entire building found when the hazmat rescue team managed to work their way in some time later.

Shey had what can only be called a psychological breakdown following this incident; departmental psychologists considered it the single most severe case of survivors guilt they had ever seen. He left the department shortly thereafter, and spent a year essentially as a hermit. He was finally beginning to partly recover from the trauma when he was contacted by an older officer who had left the force a couple of years earlier to join Blackwatch Security Services and asked if he'd like to come to work for Blackwatch, as they were looking for personnel with a background in antiterrorist protection. Shey's desire to serve had reasserted itself, and since Blackwatch had a reputation for being "white hats" in the business (strongly contrasting with, say, Xe) he took them up on the offer. Sometime later, when the Stanhope USAF Weather Station was upgraded to the Stanhope United States Air Force Research Facility, Shey was assigned to it as a civilian consultant for antiterrorist procedures and community liaison. He has been very happy to be somewhere he feels he's of some use and is unlikely to cause any harm.

Shey is a tall man in his mid thirties, with a boxer's build. He has dark red hair and grey eyes, and is normally rather reserved in demeanor. Those who get to know him better (not always an easy thing), will determine there is a certain haunted quality about him. This is almost literally the case; Shey sometimes has quiet, private conversations with his deceased comrades and friends from the Task Force. He's well aware these are psychological artifacts, and suspects that he should talk to someone about them, but is afraid it might cost him his job, and since that job is a good part of what has prevented him from spiraling back down into terminal depression, he does not want to take that chance. Shey is friendly, in a slightly distant way, and enjoys being of help; he's also professionally and personally on the paranoid side, and can be annoyingly cautious in how he suggests approaching things. In addition to the hallucinatory sequalae of his trauma, it also appears to have acerbated his at one time mild acrophobia to a severe level.

Shey is notoriously healthy and tough, and is of above average agility with good reflexes. He's also of above average intelligence, but his standout mental trait is more in his perceptive and intuitive abilities. Though he can be personable and pleasant, he also has a tendency to be a bit overbearing and intolerant when he thinks people are making risky decisions or otherwise ignoring his advice on matters that bear on his professional specialty. The net effect is that his interpersonal abilities are distinctly a mixed bag.

Shey is a trained investigator, with a field operatives understanding of forensic techniques and science. He is also a competent interrogator, and generally knows his way around the seamier sides of urban and suburban environments. He is a trained observer with a keen eye for details. In regard to combat skills, he is a competent but not outstanding shot, familiar with handguns, shotguns and submachine guns. His experience with rifles and assault rifles is minimal. He is a significantly more capable unarmed combatant, having competed during has time with the LASD on the local amateur kung fu circuit, and is also well trained with a number of blunt martial arts weapons including the staff, batons and nunchaka. He is a capable swimmer, but is otherwise a haphazard athlete. He possesses basic outdoor survival skills, is fairly computer literate, and is still something of a sponge for the more passive forms of geek culture. He has a smattering of Spanish, but is a notoriously poor linguist otherwise.

A starting character gets a d4 in all Attributes, and five points to distribute among them. Since Shey isn’t supposed to actually be substandard in any of them (his Agility is mediocre, but not enough to be left at a d4, especially given its effect on combat skill cost), I just up each attribute to a d6.
Since it’ll effect what’s available to him in other parts of character creation, I next hop to Hindrances. You’re permitted one major Hindrance and two minor ones. Though some of these aren’t really present until after this point in his life, I take Phobia (Heights) as a Major, Delusion (talks to dead comrades) as a minor and Loyal as a minor. These together provide 4 points in Rewards; since I really only need one Edge at this point in Shey’s career, but I need to up both his Smarts and Vigor, I spend all four on buying two extra attribute points, and go back and add one step to each of those two attributes.
Now that I’ve got his attributes set, I can go back and buy his skills. With the 15 points I have available I buy Driving, Intimidation, Investigation, Knowledge (Popular Culture), Knowledge (Security Systems), Shooting, Stealth and Swimming all at a d4, Fighting and Streetwise at a d6, and Notice at a d8.
For my free Edge I take Alertness.
At this stage in events, Shey looks like this:

Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d6, Strength d6, Vigor d8
Skills: Driving d4, Fighting d6, Intimidation d4, Investigation d4, Knowledge (Popular Culture) d4, Knowledge (Security Systems) d4, Notice d8, Shooting d4, Stealth d4, Streetwise d6, Swimming d4
Hindrances: Delusion (Minor: Talks to Dead Comrades), Loyal (Minor), Phobia (Major: Heights).
Edges: Alertness
Powers: None.

Now I need to spend the four advances to bring him to the period when he started play. This would include all the things he picked up during his period of operating in the antiterrorist unit. The first thing he needs is to move his Vigor up one more notch so I spend one Advance on that. He could use a couple more Edges, so I use two more to buy Brawny and Martial Artist. For his last Advance I increase both his Knowledge (Security Systems) and Investigation skills (since they’re below his Smarts they each only cost half an Advance).

At this point, walking into play, he’d have looked like this.

Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d6, Strength d6, Vigor d10
Skills: Driving d4, Fighting d6, Intimidation d4, Investigation d6, Knowledge (Popular Culture) d4, Knowledge (Security Systems) d6, Notice d8, Shooting d4, Stealth d4, Streetwise d6, Swimming d4
Hindrances: Delusion (Minor: Talks to Dead Comrades), Loyal (Minor), Phobia (Major: Heights).
Edges: Alertness, Brawny, Martial Artist.
Powers: None.

Finally, we have the experience spent since start of play; since this is 24 points, it pushes the characters up to Veterans, and gives four more advances. During this period he also acquires the Half-Changed Hindrance, though it gains him nothing other than access to some Edges.
First I again choose an Attribute (this time Strength) to increase; I add the Block and Fast Healing Edges; and increase his Fighting by one die (this costs a full advance since it pushes it above his Agility, but its important for how I see him and needed for the Block Edge).

Now, he’s done until the second session (where the other 2 xp he’ll get will again give him an Advance). He looks like this:

Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d6, Strength d8, Vigor d10
Skills: Driving d4, Fighting d8, Intimidation d4, Investigation d6, Knowledge (Popular Culture) d4, Knowledge (Security Systems) d6, Notice d8, Shooting d4, Stealth d4, Streetwise d6, Swimming d4
Hindrances: Delusion (Minor: Talks to Dead Comrades), Half-Changed (Minor), Loyal (Minor), Phobia (Major: Heights).
Edges: Alertness, Block, Brawny, Fast Healing, Martial Artist.
Powers: None.
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