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[necro][FATE] I have a random relationship table, now what?


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Re: [FATE] I have a random relationship table, now what?

Version 2.2 is here. I still had some time to burn and added these features:
* relationship vocabulary: on-the-fly editing, saving and loading from plain text file
* list view with export option
* direct screenshot capture of relationship map to png
* loopback option as suggested above
* added tooltips to explain non-obvious functionality

.jar executable

source code in ZIP (for geeks only)
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Re: [FATE] I have a random relationship table, now what?

Outsourced the java prog to over here, to not unnecessarily clutter up this thread.


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Re: [FATE] I have a random relationship table, now what?

Since this is already a really valuable thread with lots of great charts, I thought I'd necro it instead of starting a fresh one. Keep the goodies in one place.

Cross posting this from https://plus.google.com/105543423099405934266/posts/KsjosvSNSM7

Basically a "motion sensor" prop, but there have been suggestions to also use the idea for ship combat or as a hook to modify the game for solo play.

The general idea is this:

- number of blank sides showing on 4dF gives you the range in zones, from zero to four. Actually I guess 4 minus the number of blank sides. Seems more awkward now that I write it down like that.

- number of +'s denotes the "signature" of the target, something I borrowed from an older edition of Shadowrun. An abstract amalgamation of size, noise, heat, radar reflectiveness, whatever. The louder the signature, the further away it can be detected. I especially like the "heat" aspect, as it ties into the ship combat themes and suggests that someones powerarmor might be running hot with lots of aux systems and extra weapons all charged up. But keeping it abstract as just "signature" allows for xenomorphs that dont show up on IR :)

- number of -'s denotes the speed of the target. Because this is based on an "Aliens" motion-scanner after all. Like with signature, something moving slower can more easily sneak up on you.

I have NO IDEA what the sum of the dice should represent. Suggestions are welcome.

An alternate idea could be that either the number of +'s or -'s showing denotes the size of a group - sort of like the randomly sized blips in the old Space Hulk boardgame. This could be one of the functions of "Signature" even.

It could be that the "Signature" rating allows you to choose some number of aspects for the target, so ++++ could be huge*4 or it could be Big&Smelly&Stomping&Neon. I'm not sure what multiple of the same aspect would do in Diaspora, that might play better in Bulldogs.


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Re: [FATE] I have a random relationship table, now what?

Here is something simple in this vein (based on the discovery that it’s an equilateral image).

You know how you can roll a two-dimensional, normal ladder, right?

Here is a simple example for something with three axes instead of one.

Let’s say you’re rolling to find out how Suzie feels about pizza, trees, and birds.

0: hates it.
1: dislikes it.
2: neutral.
3: likes it.
4: loves it

Assign minuses to pizza, blanks to trees, and pluses to birds.
Roll. Let’s say it came up --_+. That means she’s neutral towards pizza, dislikes trees, and dislikes birds. You found out her position on a threefold of pizza-loving, tree-loving and bird-loving (should be familiar to survivors of rec.games.frp.advocacy :) ).

Of course you can change the axes (perhaps they’re better going from neutral to loves, instead, or how involved they are with something) and do anything. It’s just an idea on how to use this. Similarly, you can draw a triangle on a map and assign one of each axis along each edge. Then you can find your point on this triangle (for example where is something?).
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