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[Necro] [FFXI] So what are you doing now?


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I finished Kikoku (many, many thanks to Tsun for help!) and bashed out some of the trials.

Ambuscade was quite fun - we went with 2x Pup, whm, Drk, Run, Blm (me) for a few runs. Normal kicked our ass because the paladin is OP but we managed easy fine. Then I switched to Nin and likewise we did fine on easy. I made a Blm cape and have materials to make another couple of capes from last month too. Then everyone else went to fight Cait-Sith and I went to do more trials. Should have 119(1) by next weekend, and I'll power through ROV to get the KI for 119(3)


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I was sick the last half of the week. Which meant I had a lot of time to play FFXI!

I spammed the new Lilith fight on Easy with some folks from my Alt-LS, probably over 100 times, most of it on WHM, but a couple rounds as PUP.

Which means that I'm now 4/5 on the new Malignance set which, in addition to looking awesome (purple colored RDM relic armor, as worn by Lilith's henchmen), is actually really, really good. I also got the three weapons, sword (meh, for me, since I have Excalibur, might use it on RUN), staff (kind of a weird upgraded Earth Staff, -20 PDT, might use for weird MNK tank scenarios), and club (entirely awesome for nukes and cures, +50% affinity bonus to light element nukes and WSs, and grants the ability to cast Dispelga if in the main hand).

I'm missing the hands and earring, which are as awesome as everything else. I'm thinking the next time we have a nasty ambuscade month, we'll devote a month of Sundays to spamming Lilith on Easy to get stuff for people. It's duoable with a good WHM (have to be fast on casting Sacrifice!), and a good DD.

The battle starts with Lilith in the middle of a larger circle of stationary glyph pets (gyves). If you pull her outside the circle, she becomes invincible until you bring her back. At Easy and below, the gyves just do damage if you're too close to them, and may inflict a short Bind, at Normal and higher they inflict a 5 count Doom as well which wears off if you move away.

All of Lilith's swings are small AOEs or Cones, and do knockback. Her big moves are Subjugating Slash, which does a lot of damage (1500ish), completely unmitigatable (-DT, Scherzo, etc have no effect). Which isn't a big problem unless she does it after she's already put -50% Max HP Down on you. She also has a conal gaze-based Charm move (so tanks want to either be able to resist charm, back tank, or be an automaton). She only casts one spell, Impact, which inflicts all stats down and does dark damage.

Whenever she uses a TP move, there's a chance she'll summon a new gyve where the target was, so people need to reposition, and the longer the fight goes, the more cluttered the battlefield becomes.

But she's not too tough and doesn't hit too hard. I was able to hold her on my WHM for over 5 minutes after she comboed Mikkel the Super Dancer twice in the same fight.

On Normal and higher, its functionally a completely different fight. Her Impact spell becomes AOE, and when she summons a gyve for the first time, a phantom of one of her henchmen appears (Elvaan or Galka), which can't be targeted or harmed, but will attack who she attacks, skillchain, and cast Meteor (in theory you can kill the henchman by destroying the gyve that spawned him, but they're very tough). The number of gyves in the surrounding ring is doubled.

And when you kill her, she doesn't die. Instead, she rises again as Lilith Ascended (which is probably the most FFXI looking boss in the game, I love her design). All the Gyves switch from dark to light and now inflict a heavy Dia, Plague, and Zombie (curse than can only be removed by Sacrifice and prevents recovery of HP in any way). If she had a henchman out, he stays out. She now has massive AOE TP moves, one for each element and loses her other ones. She gains -DT for each gyve out. When we tried it on VD, by the end of the fight, she was under 5% HP, but Mikkel the Super Dancer, who typically does 90,000+ damage Rudra's Storms, was doing under 200, so it's something like -99% DT once you have too many gyves out.

We beat her a couple times on N and D, but never on VD. Since we didn't get any drops, and it was so much harder and longer, we decided Easy spam way the way to go.

On Easy, the simplest way to fight her is like how we fought the frog. Keep her from gaining TP in the first place and beat her to death with MNKs or NINs, with SMNs Mewling away what TP she gets. If she does TP, it's not a loss, so can be a little looser on composition.

Sunday we had a pretty successful ambuscade day, and managed to beat Caith Sith on Easy once, but no drops.

Sunday night, my Alt-LS tried to clear Wave 3 of Dynamis-Divergence Bastok and got pretty close! We managed to get the boss down to 5%, but timed out. But that was good enough to get us about 60% of the way to unlocking augments on Mythic weapons. If we had wiped one fewer times while clearing the fetters, we would have won (we wiped three times, 1 of least should have been avoidable).
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