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[Necro] [Shadowrun 4th] 101 Instant Scenarios


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Re: [Shadowrun 4th] 101 Instant Scenarios

I ran this mission as a followup to the Food Fight 4.0 mission found Here.

Pay for Play [B&E]
Mel Cozi gets what is coming to him.

Brandeen Mettlinger (Johnson):Brandeen is the single mother from the Food Fight 4.0 mission, her baby daddy (Mel Cozi) just tried to off her and their son to keep her quiet, and now she is out for revenge.

Synopsis:In the Food Fight 4.0 mission, my group saved Brandeen and her kid, and left the surviving members of the hit squad tied up in the stuffer shack for Lone Star to find. The team talked to Brandeen about why the hit squad was after her, and I hooked them into this follow up with the lure of easy money.

Brandeen informs the team that she has been blackmailing Mel, and has all the necessary information to access his bank account, but she has no hacking skills. Even though Mel just tried to have her and her baby killed, she does not want to return the favor, she just wants to ruin his life and his marriage. She will provide the information necessary to hack Mels account and steal his Nuyen, split the money with her, and send compromising pictures of Mel with Brandeen to Mels wife. She estimates that Mel should have at least 100,000 Nuyen in the bank.

Brandeen does not have the info with her, and it is very late, so she exchanges comcode info with the party and agrees to provide the info and pictures the next morning. When Brandeen calls the next morning, she sets up a meet at a sidewalk cafe/bistro downtown at noon. The meet goes down without a hitch, Brandeen provides the team with the Mels account codes, and the lurid photos.

When the team checks the account info Brandeen provided, they will find that Mel closed the account earlier that morning, so much for an easy run. When I ran this, I had the meet go down very quickly, the team did not have time to check the codes before Brandeen left, and were unable to get in touch with her for some time afterwards. This was important, as I wanted there to be enough time for Mels bosses at Alliance Design to find out about the botched hit attempt. A couple of days later, just as the team had accepted another time-sensitive mission, Brandeen gets back in touch with the team, wondering if they have the money.

Since the account has been closed, Brandeen comes up with another plan. Mel and his wife live in an upscale gated community in Renton, Brandeen provides the team with the address and the code to enter the back gate of the community. She knows Mel and his wife will be at a corporate function tonight, and she wants the team to break into his home, hack into his new acount from his home terminal, and spread the pictures throughout the house for Mel and his wife to find when they return.

In the mean time, Alliance Designs has decided Mel is a liability, and they have hired their own hitman to take him down when he returns home that night. There are several ways this mission can play out from here:

1) The runners, having already accepted another mission, decide to wait before pulling this job. The next morning Mels assassination is all over the news, and the runners missed their chance. Of course Brandeen thinks she was was double crossed, that the runners killed Mel, and made off with all the loot. Can the runners convince Brandeen otherwise? If not, does Brandeen have the ability to get back at the runners?

2) The runners arrive at Mels home just before the hitman, hack the account, plant the pictures, and get out quick. The hitman notices the runners, but the runners do not notice him. He takes pictures of the team leaving the residence, then kills Mel and his wife when they return home, and sets the team up for the deed by sending the pictures to Lone Star. The next morning the runners find out that Mel and his wife were killed after they left, and that they have been framed for the job. Will they blame Brandeen for the setup? Can they find the hitman, and pin the job on him, and Alliance Designs, before Lone Star catches up with them?

3) This is the way it played out with my group. The break in goes smoothly, the pictures are planted, and the account is hacked to the tune of 100,000 nuyen. The team was smart enough to post a lookout at the front door, and the hitman was spotted staking out the house. The team managed to nab the hitman before he could get away, and Mel was not assassinated, rather, he lost his money, his wife divorced him, and Alliance Designs fired him. The team split the cash with Brandeen, and even completed their other mission on time.

Notes:This need not necessarily be played as a follow up to Food Fight 4.0, Brandeen could just be a friend of a friend, or she can be replaced by someone the team already knows.

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Re: [Shadowrun 4th] 101 Instant Scenarios

Background Noise [Intimidation / Bodyguarding? / Extraction?]
The shadowrunners are willing to take on big jobs for big nuyen, but will they be willing to clean up their own backyard?

Johnson (Circumstance): No one hires the Shadowrunners to become involved. There is no payoff, no credsticks or street cred. This is something that plays out around them as they go about their profession. It's the background noise of the sprawl, and no one will ask them to become involved, except perhaps their consciences - if they still have those.

Synopsis: One of the Shadowrunners lives in or near an apartment complex. One of the local residents is a teenaged Human girl who lives with her wageslave mother a door or two down from the PC. This mother can barely be dislodged from her simstims (and secret stash of BTLs) to be involved in the girl's life and a father who skipped out years ago but shows up occasionally for a booty call with Mom. Then, one day, the girl Goblinizes into an Ork. She ends up on the street - her mother can't cope with the change, the mood swings, the expressions of rage, the unpleasant appearance, and kicks her out. The girl ends up hooking up with an Ork gang, brought in by a new boyfriend who accepts her for who she is now - though he's terribly abusive and employs her in his petty criminal enterprises. First he gets her involved in acting as a lookout, keeping an eye peeled for Lone Star or rival gangs, but increasingly draws her deeper into more serious criminal activity. He gets her hooked on BTLs (which she previously swore she'd never touch, after seeing how it's affected her mother), she starts boosting cars, holding up stuffer shacks... Finally, her boyfriend becomes her pimp and starts renting her out. If the Shadowrunner(s) try to intervene, the boyfriend uses whatever resources he has to protect his "investment", from rallying the other Ork gang members to intimidate and harrass the 'Runners, to gathering blackmail material on the 'Runners' illegal activities (either to turn over to Lone Star or to give to any enemies the PCs have made!). If the 'Runners are non-Orks, he claims racism as the PCs' motive for disrupting their activities, and tries to convince the local O.R.C. chapter to start putting pressure on the 'Runners, accusing them of being closet Humanis or something similar. And, of course, the girl herself is in denial about her dire situation, subconsciously feeling that she is of no worth and deserves all of the abuse she receives. If the 'Runners don't become involved, she continues to spiral downward, until one night after coming off a successful shadowrun they find her bruised and emaciated body sprawled out in the hallway, braindead and drooling with a BTL in her slot and drugs in her veins. There isn't enough left of her to attract even the organleggers...

Notes: This is more of a character-driven subplot that can begin as mere window-dressing between runs. Every time a particular PC returns to his flat, he might run across gang members hanging around, witness a BTL sale, etc. The PC should see the girl at least once or twice as a Human before she Goblinizes. During the PCs' regular adventures, when the PC comes home, he might witness one further stage of the girl's devolution. It's up to the players to decide whether or not to become involved, but if they choose not to, they might feel at least partly responsible in the end for what happens... If the PCs do want to become involved, it'll be up to them how to help. This is an opportunity for the GM to introduce PCs to other local community figures, such as Mothers of Metahumans or other metahuman rights activist groups, churches running homeless shelters, squatter camps, organized crime groups who may be sponsoring the Ork gang's BTL sales, Lone Star patrollers (who could be either locals interested in cleaning up the neighborhood or crooked, on-the-take thugs), and so on. This could serve as a jumping-off point for numerous adventures that concern the state of their local community as well as helping the girl. Ork PCs might feel compelled to adopt the girl as a sort of little sister. Under the PCs' tutelage, she might discover talents she would never have found before - perhaps a talent with running the Matrix, or an affinity for machines...?


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Re: [Shadowrun 4th] 101 Instant Scenarios

Appologies for the thread resurrection, but... is the PDF linked in the first post still up to date?


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Re: [Shadowrun 4th] 101 Instant Scenarios

I think it is, but I'm not sure. I'd have to look.


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Re: [Shadowrun 4th] 101 Instant Scenarios

This thread has been great. I'm gonna have to add some scenarios of my own, but the pdf is missing only six scenarios:
Post 47 - It's three in the morning
Post 48 - A kiss before dying
Post 49 - Intelligent design
Post 50 - The village called...
Post 51 - Pay for play
Post 52 - Background noise

Thanks SavevsDM.


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Re: [Shadowrun 4th] 101 Instant Scenarios

Opposites Attract [Survival / Investigation / Retribution?]
A case of mistaken identity (you hope).

Johnson (Favourite Fixer): The team's favourite other fixer, not their regular fixer, but the one that has sent them on the fewest tail-chasers, got them into the wildest parties, or garnered the team their favourite toys, etc, contacts the team with a dire warning "Corporate hit squad incoming to your location!" before static cuts her off.

Synopsis: Said corporate hit squad crashes in just as the team grabs their weapons. Whilst it would seem that the corps should have the upper hand due to overwhelming surprise, they seem kind of off balance. The corpers target the wrong locations of each runner's weak point; for example they target the Troll with a left cyberarm and with poison and aerosole filters with knockout and tear gas; they target the binder mage with a fire spirit; and so on. Consequently, the corp team, trying to taunt the runners by using their real names (Take that, Paula Giomarti!), fail horribly.
The team can now try to contact their now definitely favourite fixer, but no dice. Some investigation reveals that there is a duplicate runner team that seems eerily similar to themselves (even going so far as to trade on their own names!) but with a few interesting details: The troll has a right cyberarm but is allergic to pollutants; the mage is a great healer, but is afraid of fire; and so on. Can the team find out why they have been set up, and can they rescue their potential saviour?

Notes: The team's second choice, but firm favourite, fixer is looking to expand her stable of regulars by recruiting some of the more successful teams away from her rivals. Her choice team, the PC's, haven't really taken her offers as much as she'd like, despite the choice jobs she's gotten them. Trying to recreate that lightning-in-a-bottle essence, she's drawn together a group of individuals under contract that as closely as possible resembles the PCs, going so far as to get each individual to work under assumed names.
As we all know, a team of individuals never performs as well as an individual team, and this has come back to haunt the fixer as they botch job after job. The Corp the fixer has been hitting lately has begun to do some backtracking, and latched onto the wrong team (ie the PCs). Finding out just before she herself is attacked, she manages to get a quick warning out.

Twist: This can be played a few ways, such as if the GM decides that the opposites and their botches were all on purpose to put the PC team in her debt, and thus more likely to take work from her, instead of just trying to recreate the team. And what happens if the duplicate team finds out their real purpose and decides to extract their own revenge if the PCs rescue the fixer from the Corp (especially as it seems that they can work together well now that they actually have a common interest - revenge).
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Re: [Shadowrun 4th] 101 Instant Scenarios

My Daughter's Keeper [Retrieval]
Bring a runaway daughter home to her father. Sounds simple, neh?

Darrick Erding (Father): Darrick hires the runners to bring his daughter Samantha back to him, safe and sound. A Matrix search turns up that Darrick is a successful businessman who isn't aligned with any particular Megacorp, but does business with all of them. He was also given an item in Dunklezahn's Will: "To Darrick Erding, I leave the Banner of the Red Dragon out of respect for his heritage." He seems sincere, and has a clean business record, and comes across as very open and honest, if a bit desperate to have his daughter found and returned.

Synopsis: It's a simple run, find and retrieve a runaway rich girl who's slumming it with some gangers and thinks she's "in love" with a lieutenant in the Rusted Stilleto's. But as the runner's start looking, the city begins erupting into a violent war between several of the cities major gangs. The violence starts small, but eventually begins to engulf the entire city, eventually leading to the mayor to declare martial law and bring in the military for support.

Chasing leads leads the PCs into the middle of several conflicts, and eventually they end up in the middle of a three way brawl between the Ancients, the Stillettos, and a 3rd random gang. The bullets are flying fast and furious, and anyone not wearing the right gang colors is a target. And while Shadowrunners are big and bad, even they need to duck and cover when there's over 3 dozen armed assailants, all willing to take shots at them.

Notes: Darrick Erding isn't just a father looking for his daughter, he's also a dragon. So is his daughter, who is the dragon equivalent of a teenager, and rebelling in typical teenage fashion. She really is in love with the ganger, though whether he feels the same way or not is up for question. He doesn't know about her true nature. If he gets hurt during the fight, she'll lose control, reverting to dragon form and lashing out at anyone who gets in her way.

This adventure actually takes place during events from the old FASA module "Elven Fire", which involves Shadowrunners trying to stop a gangwar between the Ancients and the Stillettos. This adventure assumes that this Runner team fails it's mission, and the city begins descending into flames, with the PCs caught in the crossfire.

If the PCs are sympathetic, or willing to work with Samantha and her boyfriend, the end fight can be pretty easy. She can keep her identity under wraps and pretend she's a mage, using some minor magical abilities to help out. Or if her cover is blown, she may just go all scaly and help out. But if the PCs try to take her by force, or harm her boy, they'll have to find a way to subdue her without hurting her.

Damien Knight and the Ammo Factory

This is an old idea I had ages ago, and actually is a concept that has several different adventure hooks that can be used. So I'm breaking the formatting here, and just presenting it as is...

Adventure Seed:

Damien Knight, the eccentric President and CEO of Ares Macrotechnology, has announced the unveiling of a new, state of the art munitions factory. The munitions factory will be the first factory completely run by a couple new semi-intelligent robots created by Ares for the creation and processing of munitions, the MPA (Munitions Protocol Androids) and the LMPA (Light Munitions Protocol Androids).

Opening early in the Fall will be Ares Ammo World, an adult oriented "theme park" where patrons can try out various weapons they may never be able to play with normally (Machine Guns, Lasers, Rockets, Explosives) and will have other Weapon Oriented games, rides, and attractions. The MPA LMPA's run every aspect of the factory and the park, their diminutive robotic forms scurrying about constantly behind the scenes.

To promote the new Weapon Factory and Park (collectively being called Ares Ammo World), Knight has also announced a contest being run to get a special "sneak peek" tour of Weapons World months in advance. Randomly inserted into boxes of heavy pistol ammo sold at Ares Arms, Weapons World, and other Ares Owned weapons stores are 6 Golden Bullets. Anyone finding one of these bullets wins not only a tour of the Ammo World park, guided by Knight himself, for the winner and up to 5 of his closest friends, but a lifetime supply of bullets, as well as any gun Ares makes to use those bullets in!


#1 -- Damien Knight Wants You!

At some point in their past, the runners have run afoul of Ares and Knight, and it has somehow touched a nerve with the head of one of the most powerful corporations in the world. Maybe it was just that they stole (or ruined) a project that Knight had a personal interest in. Maybe that Knight Errant guard they shot and killed last year was Knight's 2nd Cousin. Either way, Knight is rather upset, and he's decided to have a little fun with the runners. After all, Damien likes his revenge slow and painful.

Welcome to Ammo World. Runners check in, but they don't check out.

#2 -- You're not paranoid. Everyone IS out to get you!

Finding the Golden Bullet is a MAJOR event in the news. Knight and Ares has been promoting the HELL out of this event, and unless the runners want to chuck (or sell off) this opportunity of a lifetime, they get a BIG news spotlight on them. Anyone who wants a shot at this prize may try to take the Golden Bullet from the runners by force, and any enemies who want to nail the runners to the wall may find the unmanned theme park a prime location to try and knock the players off.

You can run. You can hide. And there's plenty of Ammo to be had!

#3 -- Hi, My Name Is Mr. Johnson, And This Is A Golden Bullet...

You've been hearing about this contest for weeks now. 5 of the Golden Bullets have been found, and just yesterday they discredited a 6th as a fake. So there's one left out there, and the newshounds are out in force looking for it. Unfortunately, the last box of ammo you bought only had the same 'ol APDS rounds it usually does. That's when Mr. Johnson calls, and hands you're team the 6th Golden Bullet.

The catch? Seems Ares has some Prototype Weapons lying around in that new factory of theirs. In exchange for the prize, as well as some cold, hard Nuyen, Mr. J wants those prototypes.

#4 -- Making Friends The Hard Way

Damien Knight is VERY confident about the automated security in his new factory. TOO confident, in fact. Halfway through your tour of Ammo World, the automated security turns on it's creator, and it's up to you to get Damien out of this Robotic Hell in one piece, as well as the rest of the Tour Groups. After all, dead Tourists make for BAD PR, and Damien will be VERY grateful to the runners if they get them all out in one piece.

If only those damned MPA LMPA bots would quit SINGING!


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Re: [Shadowrun 4th] 101 Instant Scenarios

And for any true, hardcore Shadowrun nerds out there, not-quite officially, Darrick Erding is not a Red Dragon. I know this, but ran with it anyways. Darrick Erding was a character played by an old ShadowRN Mailing List member who was descended from Welsh royalty. Hence the "Banner of the Red Dragon" (the Welsh flag has a red dragon on it, in case you were wondering).


I figured chances are someone here might be just that big a nerd and know the particulars and call me on it.


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Re: [Shadowrun 4th] 101 Instant Scenarios

My apologizes for the necromancy, but I'm a firm believer in in contributing to a work like this when I... plan to steal most of the ideas myself. xD

First up: What could be a complicated run for high level players or the beginnings of a much more involved story-line.

Those Who Hunt Thieves [Acquisition, Wet Work]
Someone's not playing by the rules...
Mr. Johnson (anonymous): The call should come in from whoever has the most influential fixer contact. The Johnson is fairly standard as these things go, but with a presence that screams money. Immaculately tailored and groomed, wearing several thousand nuyen in business clothing, hiring out a private room in the back of the most prestigious nightclub around, and backed by some serious muscle. An old hand in the business, who connects the stupidly rich with people they wouldn't spit on to put out a fire.
Synopsis: Most problems in the sixth world have a very specific solution, throw money at it. Nuyen can open any door and silence any problem. Those who have it live a life of luxury, those that don't are left for naught. This is the way of the world.

So it should be understandable that people with a great deal of money are finding themselves targeted. Someone out there has the balls to steal from the rich, and the rich are "fighting back" so to say. The Johnson wants you to find the thief, or thieves, and get back what was stolen. Then he wants you to put an end to the problem, permanently. If you can do it, the rewards will be outrageous.

The Setup: Money solves a lot of problems, yeah, but sometimes there's no replacing skill. A team of Shadowrunners has gotten it into their heads to buck the system and go independent. They're turning on the Johnsons, the Corps, the Politicians and the Stars and taking what they want instead of letting it come to them.

Normally, this sort of problem would sort itself out. The Runners are pissing off a lot of very important people and they still have a lot of money at their disposal. The problem is that they're good, very good. No records, no suspicious activity, no pictures, no leads, nothing. Whoever these guys are, they're making the best CorpSec has to offer look like a bunch of chumps and they're getting away with it.

The Twist: You're not the only ones out there looking for these guys. Everyone and their grandmother seems to be out there looking for the thieves, largely because the Johnson is paying on completion.

This kind of situation has happened before, but whoever's behind it this time is taking things too far. The People With Money are up in arms, there's blood in water, and if you aren't careful it could easily become open season on all Shadowrunners.

Notes: What the Johnson offers is largely up to the GM. Serious Runner teams have less need for Nuyen than they do discreet parking and high class refitting for that military grade attack helicopter, a get-out-jail-free card or two, maybe even a cushy job in middle management that they can retire on. The Nuyen help, but I'm sure you can find something to make this run even more attractive for your PCs.

The setup seems a bit pretentious from the GM's perspective. Making a group of ridiculously experience NPCs that are running circles around the Corps and Johnsons can easily lead to "NPC Attachment Syndrome" or something similar. If you think you can play it straight, go for it. If not, someone (or thing) else could be behind the heists. One way or another your PCs could quickly find themselves dancing the Charlie Foxtrot.

If you DO decide to go the Elite Runner NPCs route, make sure you give your PCs a taste of what the "bad guys" are getting. A power high where they make the rules, and are responsible to no one else. Hopefully things are fairly hectic by that point and your guys feel the pressure to stop the thieves instead of joining them (or not, Viva la Revolution!) but it will certainly put the idea in the back of their head, especially useful if you ever end up running...

A Black Comedy [Numerous, Plot-idea]
The screw job may not be overly realistic, but it happens all the time in SR games. This is the story of the aftermath of one such job...
Johnson (None): No specific Johnson other the PCs themselves and whoever they manage to con, bribe or blackmail.
Synopsis: This was the screw-job of screw-jobs. The Runners are left with little but the clothes on their back after a serious burn by major players. They were ruined: No money, no gear, no contacts, no nothing. They might have even had their cyberware fried and/or magic suppressed. No one wants to talk to someone so clearly on the shit list of so many people. This would be the end of many runners....

But that's not the point here is it? A Black Comedy is an opportunity for your PCs to cut loose with all the tricks and trumps they've learned over their SR career in order to build themselves back up. It shouldn't feel like a punishment, it should feel like the opportunity to really hit the world that screwed them right where it hurts; the wallet.

Notes: A nod to Nonjon and the show Burn Notice for the idea that has been sitting in the back of my head for years now.

This scenario is for players who want to get out of the mold a bit. Like playing a high level evil campaign in D&D, A Black Comedy would be an opportunity to ditch the system of Johnson, Run, and Runner to give your PCs a chance to grab the reins. It won't be for all groups, but there is a minority that will absolutely love it.

The fun part about A Black Comedy (for the GM at least) is how well it goes together with Those Who Hunt Thieves. If you're running with the same people (not necessarily the same characters, but the people themselves) who played TWHT, suddenly targeting and famous looks like a good idea. If you haven't run TWHT yet (or you want to run it again for a different set of people) you could use the PCs actions in ABC to drive that particular story as well.


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Re: [Shadowrun 4th] 101 Instant Scenarios

A less involved run.

Eviction Notice[Alternate Dispute Resolution]
t for... Time to Leave?
Mr. Johnson (Corporate): The corp type, a bit more anonymous than most.
Synopsis: The Johnson needs the Runners to get people to move out of a middle-class neighborhood one way or another. The people don't want to leave, family, history, etc. are holding them back from taking the purely monetary "go-away" money.

They don't want killings splashed across the front page, and no one is going to be shooting back at you, so the run needs to be done in a more civilized manner. Which means that pretty much everything short of actually shooting people up is a-okay. The PCs are being offered a small flat sum, plus a bonus for every household that moves out of the area.

Notes: This one is a good way to get your PCs out of the "Shoot first, ask questions later." mentality for completing runs. If they're creative, its probably going to be a cake run. If not, it could be pretty aggravating. Good ways for the townspeople to fight back may include calling Lone Star, talking to the people the PCs claim to represent, alerting the media, or even a spot of blackmail.

The SR3 book presents this scenario as a low level run from the other end, with gangers playing the role of the "evictors" (violently) and the PCs on the side of the angels stopping The Man from kicking innocent people out of their homes.

=3c Which, if you want to spice things up a bit, is a good way to do so...
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