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[Necro] What were arcades like?


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I call to thee, thread, rise! rise! and live anew!

Anyway, since i never posted in it first time round, i'll share what little experience i had of arcades.

I lived in a shitty little town on the west coast of scotland when i was wee (er) they had an arcade. It was fairly dingy, and there really weren't many kids in it. The PSOne was riding high, people stayed indoors. And that wasn't just because the weather was arse.

That arcade had Afterburner, the one in the funky moving cabinate. At the time, becoming a pilot was my obsession (still was til i went sun blind, damn you mont blanc!) i would badger my parents whenever we went into town for a few 50p's to get horribly blown up repeatedly.

They had some othergames, SF II and such, but i only had eyes for afterburner....i wonder how much one of thos cabinates goes for now? Oh well. That's my story.


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Re: What were arcades like?

I was thinking about this last night and suddenly realized. It's not consoles that killed arcades. It's Moore's wall.

A game could cost $10m to develop. If you roll it out to 1000 arcades, that's $10000 per machine - and that's just for the software, not allowing for the hardware and manufacturing costs.

So an arcade with 20 machines would have a $200000 starting investment - in games software. Before the site, overheads, transport etc. That's a lot of quarters. Now, yes, I know most arcades got their machines from centralised operation companies but that just spreads the problem around.
Damn it, you're getting reality all over my dream of opening an arcade/pizza place.

Maybe the "we sell pizza" bit will do well enough to pay for the video games...
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