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Need a skill name for Boating + Driving + Horsemanship (with Action! connotation)


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I'm looking into running a Fate game in a low-tech setting. And I'd like to rename the "Drive" skill to make it clear that it covers boats, animal-drawn vehicles, and horseback riding (but not personal movement like hiking). What should I name it, that's as simple and snappy as Ride or Drive or Fight?

My biggest issue is that the only words I can think of all focus on long-term tasks like "get cargo from Point A to Point B." But this is going to be a high-action RPG, so the only time this skill is going to get rolled against is for control under short periods of extreme duress -- boating around waterspouts, dodging arrows while on horseback, a breakneck wagon race over a mountain pass, etc. So some of the obvious ideas are right out, like Travel, Conveyance, or Transport, because this is not the skill of traveling or transporting things. It's the skill of short-term actions, usually temporarily pushing your vehicle or mount to do awesome things.

Right now I'm leaning toward "Maneuver," but hesitating because I'm not sure if it's too vague (e.g., some people would read that as "a tactical maneuver" or "socially engineering someone"), and also whether it's distinct from "maneuvering your own body."

Any suggestions?
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How about "Jockey"?
It is often used to mean "Ride Horse", but can also mean "handle or manipulate (someone or something) in a skilful manner" (as in Disk Jockey, or Console Jockey, etc. "he jockeyed his machine into a dive" )


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Speed: This covers controlling anything that is moving quicker than you can without aid, from a runaway mining cart to an FTL space craft.

or Speed Demon if you already have Speed as some form of reflexes or movement attribute.


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Re: Jockey

You don't think it's weird to say "Jockey your boat over these rapids" or the like?


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So, based on your description, it sounds something like an awesome driver/rider? If it’s cool tricks, maybe Cool Tricks or Daredevil Tricks? Trick Driving? Stunt Driving?

As others have said above, Jockey seems fitting. Piloting and Ace sound like some good alternatives as well. :) Ooh! Same for Speed Demon. That sounds like a good one, too.

Edited to add: Spitting out more: Steering? Control? (Driving) Technique?
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