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Need a skill name ...


Eager Critmouse
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I'm looking for a skill name suggestion.

It is for a social defensive skill, the equivalent of "Dodging" but for social attacks. It needs to be "something-ing" since all the skills are named that way. (For reference the 'attacking' skills are persuading and leading).

I thought "Lying" but it sounds more proactive. "Evading" sounds too physical.


Eager Critmouse
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I've asked this in a few places, and the current best/popular answers seem to be

  • Appeasing
  • Deflecting
  • Evading (seems too physical to me)
  • Cringing (the characters are mice, it works)


Social Justice Witch
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It really depends on the tone of the game. Are mice people in this game, insofar as their actions and personalities are concerned like Watership Down but with Mice? Are they representative of a certain *sort* of person, like in Mouse Guard or Redwall? Or are they more of a folkloric archetype, like Brier Rabbit or Rabbit from various First Nations folktales? How animalistic are they, and how anthromorphized are they? Answering those questions will tell you how to phrase how a mouse denies someone else's social power over them.
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