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Need a skill name ...


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I'm looking for a skill name suggestion.

It is for a social defensive skill, the equivalent of "Dodging" but for social attacks. It needs to be "something-ing" since all the skills are named that way. (For reference the 'attacking' skills are persuading and leading).

I thought "Lying" but it sounds more proactive. "Evading" sounds too physical.
I really like Deflecting, too.

But if your game also has the social equivalent of 'Parrying', then use Deflecting for that, and look for something else for as the equivalent of 'Dodging'.

Would 'Weaselling' be out of place here? :p

Evading is pretty good, and is often used in a social context. There are many good suggestions in the thread already. I'll add (?):

Dodging (it had to be said...)
Resisting (ditto)
Countering (ditto)
Resiling (!)
Fielding (i.e. a question or accusation)
Facing/ Outfacing
Foxing/Outfoxing (!!)
Mousing (as in verbal cat-and-mouse... which would make the social attack into 'Catting'...)

The word you use might depend on whether you are thinking about social attacks as a) lying; b) intimidating; c) charming; d) any kind of social influence etc.


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Thanks everyone who has posted so far, there is a deluge of great suggestions!

I've been focussing on the ones which don't sound like they could also be physical, so: Defying, Appeasing, Deflecting, Cringing, Shirking, Waffling (like blather), Fielding

In playtesting since I asked the question I've used Cringing, which lets me describe it as the skill of putting your paws over your eyes, folding your ears back, and trying to look like you are harmless and weak. You could call that Appeasing too.
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