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Need a system to run Orpheus & Eurydice + The Fast & The Furious


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I had an idea today for a short-run game, namely to retell the story of Orpheus as if it were a sequel to the Fast & Furious franchise. Here are the details I have figured out:

This is a world where Christianity never came to be, but Greek/Roman Mythology is real.
It is set in the modern day, as close to our world as possible, with the above exception.
The gods are far more distant now, and rarely intercede in mortal affairs. But there are still Satyrs, Centaurs and the occasional beast in the world.
Magic is something that people can learn to do (though learning a single spell often takes years), but is not commonly practiced.
Once a decade, the gates of the Underworld open, and it is possible to enter the gates and retrieve your dead loved ones.
While it is possible to enter Elysium and the Asphodel Meadows, the most dangerous place to retrieve your loved ones from is Tartarus. This is where the PCs will be heading.
Each one has a loved one in Tartarus, for any number of reasons.
To do it; to get past Cerberus, the bound hekatonkheires, imprisoned Titans and outrace Hades himself, you're gonna need a fast car.
The first person to escape with their loved one will cause the portal to close, trapping the remainder of the drivers in Tartarus.

Players will be required to supply their own Hot Wheels cars as minis for the game. No substitutions, the car you buy is the car your character drives. The stats may not differ much between cars, but I love using Hot Wheels cars as phys reps.
There will be a strong PvP element to the game, but also some challenges won't be possible to be overcome alone.

But I am looking for suggestions for a system that has a good, robust chase/vehicle system, without being too crunchy. I'm not interested in GURPS or Hero, and I know plenty about FATE and Savage Worlds already.
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My first impulse is Scion 2E for the mythic elements, but i’ll need to check how robust it’s chase rules are (though it should intersect interestingly with Scale).

I am curious myself to hear about what games have really eel fleshed our chase systems that can support that as a fun central element of a game.


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Why not use Car Wars?
Otherwise, how about Night's Black Agents? There's a Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff episode where they discuss Chases as Fights.


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Car Wars might be a little too crunchy for my tastes. I know very little about it. It also seems to lack rules for harpies and Cerberus, which I'll need. NBA is a possibility. I do like Gumshoe, but I worry that I need a more action-oriented system. Scion 2E might be a good fit. I'd need to take another look at the vehicle rules.


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Apocalypse World is the first thing that comes to mind. You have awesome chase and vehicle rules (More Fury Road than Fast and Furious) and “literally living in Hell” is as post-apocalyptic as it gets

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Sadly, Scion doesn't have much in the way of specific vehicle rules. There are rules for contests like racing, and rules for how to model relative speeds, but neither is devoted to vehicles per se. It'll do the job, I think, but you'd have to house-rule any specific crunch (which wouldn't be super-hard, but still).

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I’d use the new Scion. I think the Storypath system is robust enough to apply to car chases if you get your head around it and use what’s there—in terms of Complications, Enhancements, and Momentum—as long as you’re mostly interested in the narrative impact of the chase rather than simulating the fine points of auto racing. In other words, like a movie.

In fact I’d say you could just use the core book without any changes, as this is basically the sort of thing it’s for.


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Perhaps "octaNe premium uNleaded and the psychotronic game of post-modern trash-culture america" would work? It has a heavy focus on cars, is relatively rules light and doesn't seem to get the love these days on the web :)


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Still looking for a system. I've looked at Scion, and pretty much decided that it's not what I want to use for this game. Characters get a lot of Knacks and powers that would be either ribbon abilities or very OP for a game where a lot of the problems will be solved by driving away from them. I am thinking of writing my own (small) game for this, using PbtA, adopting things like clocks for the racing portion of it.
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