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Need licensing advice

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Howdy all,

I'm currently putting together a self-contained game based off of the 4C system, and based off a supers universe that I've spent years building. I've decided that I'd like to open this universe up for others to use and I could use a little input.

I'd like to use a Creative Commons license on the finished product. My criteria is that is has to be open to commercial use (if you make money off of it, I salute you), allow derivatives, and doesn't force the end user to have to share their work if they don't want to (which makes GPL right out, although I have considered LGPL). So, I'm down to two licenses:

Attribution: Allow end users to use, abuse and even resell or give away the game, and gives them maximum flexibility, as long as I'm credited. There's basically nothing they can't do with it as long as it's not illegal or immoral (read: promoting hate)

Sampling: The basic derivative-only license. The end-user is not allowed to distribute the work, but only transform it into something else. I like this because it forces end-users to be creative and make something of value. Technically, this means that someone could take the setting info and make it for another game (M&M, Hero, Whatever), which I don't have a problem with.

Both of these licenses fit my criteria and allow others to have fun with it in any way they desire.

Which do you think would be better?

Mike Conway


Okay, you feel one way now, but later you can only go toward *more* freedom, so I would set up a CC license with Attribution but only allow others to move, sell, copy, or abuse derivative works. Include commerical use, still, so basically your original work can only be sold or maintained by yourself but any derivative works would be grand with you.

I'm not re-referencing the CC licenses (too tired), but I know they have one like that. I think it's the sampling license you proposed, which you seem to really like anyway.

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well basically go to the creative commons website.

There is a link to "I want to copyright something", go there and answer those yes/no questions. It leads you to the right text ...
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