Netflix's The Umbrella Academy


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Caught the first three episodes in the wee hours this morning. Having not read the comic series, it's somewhat interesting to start. I'm interested to see where it goes.

Kevin Mowery

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Binged the whole thing.

It's very good. Different from the comics. It's got the same shape, but some things are brought in from earlier than the comics, some plotlines are changed up to keep the focus more on the main characters, and some of the characters are tweaked slightly. It's all recognizable but different enough that even if I remembered the comic story in full before watching, I would have been surprised.

And the guy that's playing Number Five is fantastic. Making him a few years older (in the comics I think he's ten years old, here he's thirteen) was definitely the right call.

I do hope we get season two soon, and that we get Number Five's gazelle speech.


Emo Dad
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I've read the comics, and it seems to be tracking what I remember. I've enjoyed it so far, 2 episodes in.

Dweller in Darkness

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We're two episodes in. Someone suggested the comics to me right around the time they first announced that they were looking into doing a series, so I consciously chose to avoid all information about it until after watching the show. It's so rare to see a piece of geek media where I don't know spoilers, or aren't spending my time deciding if I approve of the changes they made.

And Mary J. Blige needs to act in more stuff. For serious.

Robert A. Rodger

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I'm at episode 5 and... have they largely forgotten to use their powers? Five in particular, I guess.

There's a lot of not talking to each other going on. I'm going to treat it more as theme than poor writing, for the moment.


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I finished the season tonight.
It's pretty good! Even great!
Lots of nods to superhero and secret agent genre ideas, and comics in general.
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