New Aladdin Trailer- Better!


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Did you see what kind of mess the Dwarfs were living in before Snow showed up? She got them to wash their hands and their faces. Like I said before, Snow's a little Domme and you got to respect that. .
It's probably pushing the NSFW rules to link it directly, but you might want to check out the video for Sonne, by Rammstein, if you're not already familiar with it.

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"Alright Will, now remember, no enthusiasm. This should be a fun, rousing song, and you should reflect none of that. No excitement. Aaaaand... action!"


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It just doesn't have the wild, kinetic energy of the animated version.

Which, of course, nothing live-action can, which just begs the question of why it's trying to ape that.


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Is it just me, or is the song too slow? To me a huge part of why that song is so great in the movie is how fast it moves and again, it's not Robin Williams, who is probably the best actor at doing "manic" ever.
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