New Ban: Do Not Post In Support of Trump or his Administration

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If it times out right:
Analysts credit the overwhelming Democratic midterm victories to the fact that Donald Trump spent Election Day urging his followers to boycott a role-playing games website instead of spending it urging them to vote.
This timeline is so weird, I could actually imagine this happening.

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This thread has served its purpose of notifying people of the new policy, and further comment isn't required. Therefore, I'm locking it. I know a lot of new users are landing here. Let me suggest a few more cromulent places to look around the board:

1. This is the staff picks thread. It's an index of threads the staff think are especially good. Not everything there will be to your taste, and lots of excellent threads don't get indexed. However, it's a good place to browse.

2. This is the Starting Gate. It's a forum specifically intended for new users. It's not mandatory, but some people like it.

3. This is a "Welcome to Tangency" thread by Critias. Tangency is our off-topic forum, where more personal socializing takes place rather than discussion of specific hobby or fandom topics. It's not a bad place to get a feel for the forum.!

A few other notes to new users!
  • Read the rules.
  • Our forum culture is significantly different from other forums you might be used to. Standards of spelling and grammar tend to be a little higher (although you shouldn't be a jerk if someone is dyslexic, or English isn't their first language), we don't allow images in sig files or even particularly lengthy sig files, and we prefer if posts have some content beyond a +1. We're not Elitist Jerks, but we're not the youtube comments section, either.
  • This is primarily a forum about tabletop roleplaying games like D&D, Vampire, GURPS, et cetera. We also have significant forum presences for TV, movies, comics, video games, et cetera. If you've arrived here because of recent articles, you might think the place is more political than it actually is. It won't hurt you at all to lurk for a little bit and get a feel for the place.
  • The moderation staff is a little tense right now. We use red text to indicate when we're speaking as staff; regular users shouldn't respond to red text. This is one of the fastest ways to have your account suspended. If you think the mods got something wrong, email the administrators.
  • No, I'm really serious. Don't start arguing with a moderator in a thread if they're speaking as a moderator. It always feels unfair when a new user doesn't realize we are *really serious* about this. You will not win the argument. We'll just suspend your account.
  • Thanks for coming! We hope you have a great time.
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