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New Formats for RPGs


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did you use clear contact paper (I did for my ADND 2E books), or is there a specialized product for books? The contact paper didn't do what I wanted to, but it did end up being functional.



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What I Want

The two main things I would like to see are 1)smaller-size books when it is feasible, and 2) spiral-bound books ala Trinity that will lay flat without having to be weighted down. Give me spiral any day over perfect binding.

Additionally, I would like to see more E-books and gaming materials on the Web, but with one caveat: that they be designed with printing in mind (small illustrations or preferably none, no frames, etc.). Unless you have a notebook computer, having stuff on your computer is no good unless you can print it out, and most gamers don't have or use notebooks.



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If it's not scotch tape, it's crap....

Jesse Custer said:
Actually, that's what I do with all my paperback gaming books. All their edges get scotch-taped up.
I used to do that, but I found that it just started to look crappy, especially when the tape starts to yellow. I think I might actually look into Ashtal and David Goodner's ideas regarding book preservation.

Personally, I'd love to get most of my softcovers done up like certain paperbacks had been done at my highschool library (back in the day). Where they'd been turned into hardcovers, but had obviously been paperbacks to start out with. I've heard that it's expensive to get done, but man it would be snazzy. :)
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