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New GM, need advice


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. I'm 15 so I can't just open my doors to anyone but I'm just wondering for possible ways of meeting TTRPG players near me?
Your age suggests that you might be better off forgetting meeting existing TTRPG players as a primary strategy. There's enough people around with free time who are into nerdy hobbies, and I'm guessing at least some are already friends or at least friendly acquaintances among classmates around. It might well be easier to pull people from adjacent hobbies in than to find people already into D&D.

For instance, back in highschool I ran a after school game where the selection criteria was basically noticing that I had the same off period as two friends, and one day a week it was the last period and school thus ended early. One had never played RPGs before, but had some adjacent hobbies and was also down to just socialize.


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I think there are D&D clubs at my school, but it seems quite low-key and hard to get into these clubs, since no-one knows who actually runs them or when they are. It's the kind of mystery that I'm prepared to solve lol
Well, folks probably know people who are IN these clubs, even if not who "runs" them.
You just need the connection... ;)


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In the past, I usually start an RPG by asking what the players want their characters to accomplish or find. One person stated they wanted the Hand and Eye of Vecna, another wanted a castle and another wanted true immortality. In the end, the DM or GM should enjoy the characters becoming what they wanted to be.

Systems to look at: Dungeon Crawl Classics., Pathfinder 1.0, Starfinder, Savage Worlds or GURPS. The last two are great for world building.

Hope this helps.


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You might also want to look at systems that are simpler, with fewer rules and a more free-wheeling style. It's often easier to get new players into a system that's not quite so crunchy. I have had good success with Risus and Tiny D6. (And then once people really get hooked on roleplaying, it's not hard to get them to migrate to another ruleset or game system.)
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