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New here


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Not very clear if I can post this here, I am new in this issue, and English is not my native tongue, though this may explain but not justify anything.

Be this not the place to make this announcement, I pray mods to tell me and where should I post it.

Allow me to introduce me first: my name is Antonio, from Spain, and I address you in name of Hirukoa Publishing House, a small start up that publishes produces we love, and I would like to communicate you the birth of a new world, Smacks and Guzzlers, a comic book and the roleplaying game based on it. Jagoba Lekuona, Basque illustrator and dessigner is at the pencils, and as translator to English and dessiner of the rpg, me myself.
Thanks for your attention and time.

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You should link your website, and your RPG (Or where we can buy it) so we can learn more about you and your game/comic book.


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Fine spot to be. For more general discussions with gamers, Tabletop Roleplaying Open is good for non-D&D games (D&D gets its own subforum).

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