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*Kickstarter* New mapping content Add-Ons being developed for MapForge


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Thanks to a hugely successful Kickstarter last year, I developed the MapForge software (Mac & Windows) for creating tactical-scale battlemaps for RPGs, along with an impressive 50 mapping content Add-Ons (10 of which are free!).

However, even with 50 Add-Ons, some gaming genres were sorely under-represented, so I've launched a new campaign to develop 26 more Add-Ons, but this time with an emphasis on Sci-Fi and Modern Day content. GMs of Starfinder, Star Wars, Traveller, and Shadowrun campaigns, rejoice! And if Fantasy is your thing, there's some great new content being developed for you, as well.

Check out the short campaign here.

Just 10 days remaining.
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