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New Marvel RPG

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Has there been a successful Marvel RPG since the old TSR version? I'm unfamiliar with the cortex system, but I do hope this game is successful.


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There was the SAGA card one, the one with the stones, and I think that is it. The TSR one was still the best and still totally awesome.

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The part that has me pretty hesitant is:
Margaret Weis Publications plans sixteen books for the new line beginning in February of 2012.
Sixteen books? That seems rather...aggressive.


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The biggest thing about Cortex+ is that it rebuilds the system based entirely on what the tropes are for the particular universe it's in. So Leverage caters to a wacky hijinks and capers feel, where Smallville plays like a soap opera. So even guessing how Marvel is going to look is going to be hard without more information, though Cam has said relationships between characters will play some part.
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