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New movie "Role Models" features LARPing...


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Well as I said I don't LARP, but I have played D&D. I figured there would be alot more role playing and less combat in an actual LARP, but I took it that the movie took some creative liberty and left those parts out to be more appealing to a general audience.

Other than the the fights involving the King I didn't notice anything I would call unsafe in the fight scenes, and you kind of got the impressing that the king wasn't playing by the same rules... he didn't care about safety, he cared about winning.
Well there are some boffer LARPs that don't really bother with roleplaying either. They're very combat focused and don't bother with things like magic systems, hitpoints, and the like. Others do, and they run the gamut from low magic settings to people flinging spells at demons.

As for the unsafe fighting part, the King was fighting like a dick. There's usually a zero touching rule in a lot of LARPs, and there's staff on hand who will boot somebody if they're fighting unsafe...but some LARPs (Like the one I'm in) will allow people to touch if they both agree on permission to grapple, and then you can really go all out.


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Does anybody remember Augie Fark's LAIRE name? I thought it might be Blifkin? It's driving me crazy!
Okay, I have to preface this by saying I LARPed from the age 16 to 28 and loved every minute of it, and that when I realized it was going to be a big part of this movie, I thought I would be... well let's say depressed.

Well I saw the movie last week and... when it was all first introduced I thought "oh no, all my fears are true!" but by the end I honestly thought they'd presented LARPing as a fun activity! I'd say they hated it it, but that would be a spoiler for anyone who is yet to it. Let's just say, if you you're LARPer, and you have a bit of a sense of humor about it, you'll be happily surprised.

Plus, as a movie, I really found the whole thing funny. So, yeah... 10/10 from me, FWIW.


I've never LARPed and, no offense intended, always considered LARPing to be an extremely nerdy hobby. But this movie made it look really fun.
Rest assured, LARPing IS a really nerdy hobby. easily the nerdiest thing I've ever done in my life. Holy crap.

But it's also a hell of a lot of fun. I play NERO with fair regularity and we have a lot of fun. It's physically taxing, relaxing, and a good way to spend a weekend. Nerdy doesn't mean it's a bad idea.


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I just got back from it and realized I haven't LARPed in years. I really need to find a game (anyone got a good one in the Dallas/North Texas area?) I thought it was a nice portrayal. LARP *is* kind of a silly thing, but it's also awesome. They showed all of that.

The best part was when they dropped the guy with the hamer and their little conversation afterwards. That was the essence of it all for me.

Also, the girl who became queen is fucking adorable, and makes me feel like a dirty old pervert.


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I agree. The conversation after dropping the hammer guy ("Having fun? Coming out again next year? We always need more players!) was awesome. I've been the guy in that scene trying to encourage a newbie to return many times.

This movie is exactly what the larp hobby needs. It doesn't take itself too seriously, like the Darkon movie did on occasion. It just presents larp as the nerdy but amazingly fun experience that it is.

Sadly, I don't seem to have gotten any face time. But the back of my head and neck takes up a huge chunk of the screen in one shot. So that's my "hey, there's me!" moment.

And a couple of my larper buddies got some solid face time. So it can definitely be said that there are real larpers in the movie.


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Rob, were you wearing your Gana outfit? Caitlin and I thought we saw you in the last shot before the ending credits with the huge crowd.


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tbh this is why im probably going to start larping

funny movie and cute girl larpers too...im not a pedo im 16 yrs old


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Just to beat the dead horse, Adrianne who worked on the Film was credited as Technical Advisor, and special thanks credited to the LARP Alliance (www.larpalliance.com), the non-profit organization she helped found that aids to support, promote and educate about LARP.

I for one think she's very instrumental in the community, especially in SoCal.
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