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New RPGnet Policy Regarding ICE: Fuck ICE

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I would remod to do this, but in the interests of getting this out while the iron is hot:

After consultation between the staff, we've realized a strong majority of us are no longer willing to mod group attacks against Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). This is not an open license for revenge porn or personal attacks on specific posters or the like, but we aren't going to pretend any more that they're within the bounds of civility, or that they deserve to be treated as if they were. If you don't understand the basis for this policy, read the news. If you have read the news and still think we need to clarify why we've done this, please find a qualified professional to administer a Voight-Kampff examination at your earliest opportunity.

In conclusion: If you support ICE at this point, you would have called the Gestapo on the people surreptitiously moving into your neighbor's attic and huffed that you were only following the law.

- TheRPGnet Moderation Team

Context matters. Here's some full on BBR context.




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Thank you.

I fear this won't be the last "reputable" body that it because impossible to talk about with a civil tongue in the next few years.

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Does ICE here include Customs and Border Protection, the folks intercepting families and diverting children to the detention facilities that are getting all of the media attention? Because ICE is stained, but CBP is the folks in the green uniforms in all the pictures of cages and crying kids, and also the ones enforcing the zero tolerance prosecution approach.
Basically, if it happened within 100 miles of the border, it's probably CBP who did it. Elsewhere it's probably ICE.

What I'm suggesting here is that your policy be inclusive of Border Patrol (I can't attest to the actions of customs inspectors).


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Could I suggest that the initial post clarify what ICE stands for for the non-Americans in the audience?
I worked it out after a bit of googling, but had never heard the acronym to refer to anything but Iron Crown Enterprises.

To save other confused people the effort I'm pretty sure it's referring to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement department.

edit: epicly ninja'd... serves me right for taking my own sweet time to google.
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