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New Shanthic Devices For Jorune


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Thinking more about Skyreams Jorune, I remember and updated version of a piece I did for the old Sholari fan magazine. Here's a revised and improved version of my article there.


A few such Shanthic construct are already know, the most common being the arrangements of crystal rods which serve to anchor several otherwise mobile Skyrealms in their present positions. However, Shanthic structures made from large carefully crafted crystals have been used for a variety of purposes. Here are descriptions of several such sites. Only Shanthas, Muadra, Boccord, Crugar, Woffen, Thriddle, and for some reason Salu may activate these constructs. In most cases, the only way to discover how to activate these constructs is to be taught the activation procedure.

THE CHAMBER OF HEALING: This appears to be a low (1.3 m) double circle of slender pillars of green crystal, 4 m in diameter. On of the outer pillars is slightly larger than the others, and is made of clear crystal, with veins of green crystal on the outside which have been carved in the likeness of leafy vines, it is quite beautiful. This construct is activated by touching each pillar, starting with the largest, while walking around it counterclockwise. A moon skill of 12 in Launtra is necessary to activate it. Activating the chamber costs 20 isho. Up to 2 beings of up to Size +1, or one being of up to Size +3 may fit inside the circle at a time. Once the circle is activated, everyone inside rapidly becomes quite drowsy, and enters a calm and restful sleep.

Anyone who is uninjured will awaken in 4 to 5 hours feeling quite well and refreshed and like they have just had a full nights sleep. Anyone who was injured will sleep for between 16 and 24 hours and will awaken to find 10 stamina have healed to each of their wounds. If anyone has healed for more than 6 stamina they will be remarkably hungry when they awaken.

STORY: The characters travel into an area that has been experiencing problems with bandits. The exploits of these bandits have grown to legendary proportions. The most striking story being is that the bandits are unkillable, and are possibly some form of vengeful spirits (opinions differ on this). Several people claim to have severely or mortally wounded one or more bandits and seen them in another attack a week or less later looking perfectly healthy. The bandits who are a band of humans with a few crugar have found a chamber of healing in a small underground cave. This cave has become their primary base and is quite well defended.

Option: These bandits are more than simple robbers and brigands. The local lord is very cruel and oppressive, taxes are far too high and any who speak out against him are punished. The bandits are secretly popular heroes (think Robin Hood) the characters are recruited by the lord to try to catch the bandits, but may change their minds and their loyalties when things become clearer.

THE CHAMBER OF DOORS: This is a horseshoe shaped construct composed of 4 roughly carved 3 meter tall pillars topped with 3 cross pieces of white crystal (think Stonehenge). These 7 stones form 3 openings like doorways. Each doorway is 3 m tall and 2.5 m wide. There is a Cle-eshta in the center of the horseshoe. This construct is activated and controlled using the Cle-eshta. Each of the 3 doorways can be made into a warp gate, but the cost is only 40 isho to open each warp. In addition, for 20 Isho points each doorway can be opened to serve as a window, through which it is possible to use both vision and Tra-sense to observe what is occurring at the other end of the warp.

Several of these constructs have been found, and there is a rumor that one of them allows the creation of windows and warps to anywhere the person operating it has ever seen. The Thriddle maintain that this violates several known laws of warp mechanics. Activating the chamber requires a Tra moon skill of 16.

STORY: The characters warp out of a dangerous and unusual situation. Old and dangerous ruins or skyrealms are good choices. At the other end of the war is the Chamber of Doors. The chamber itself is either in a buried cavern, with no other way out, or in the middle of a vast wilderness, far from the character's homeland. The other two doors await, but if the first was dangerous, how will the other two be. For extra suspense arrange the warps so that opening them as a window provides little useful information.

THE BLACK FORTRESS: This imposing construct is composed of a circle of 30 pieces of dark stone, each of which is studded with bits of black crystal. Each of the stones is 6 m tall and 1 m wide. The stones are set a little over a meter apart and are flat on top. The entire circle is over 20 m in diameter. There is a small block of plain dark stone near the center of the circle. To activate the construct the user must sit upon this block and must have Gobey and Ebba moon skills of 10 each. Activation costs 30 isho.

When activated each of the stone and each of the spaces between the stones is covered with a wall of strength equal to 100. Each of these walls is fully independent, and is one is destroyed the rest will be unaffected. In addition, these walls heal at a rate of 1 point per minute, however, if a wall is destroyed it will not come back up until it has fully recovered. Once activated the fortress is self sustaining and requires no external isho or direction. However, the user may lower any or all of the walls simply by sitting on the central stone and willing it so. The fortress may not be activated from outside, but it will remain up if the one who activated it dies. Several of these have been found, and most of them also have the capability to form a dome of strength 60 over the top, making those within relatively invulnerable.

STORY: The characters find a black fortress in use. Since the Isho walls are black nothing can be seen inside the fortress. There could be anything inside from an injured human in need of help to an insane Tec-ton, to a dangerous evid. Will they try to break through, if so, what will they find inside?

THE THEATER OF VISIONS: This construct resemble a small Greek style theater. It consists of a bowl shaped depression in the rock that is 6 m wide and has irregularities, which serve as comfortable seats for Shanthas and similar sized beings. At one end of the depression is a large slab of gray rock with blue flecks in it. The slab is elaborately carved, and has two niches carved into in it, each large enough for a Bronth to stand comfortably in.

This construct is activated by standing within one of the depressions. If the individual activating it has a Shal moon skill of 10 and spends 5 isho they are able to project any thoughts, memories or visualizations they wish so that anyone who has a Color characteristic of 14 or higher may perceive them. These images are perceived through isho sense, and not through more ordinary sensory channels, so individual who are unfamiliar with Tra-sense or the active isho senses may have some trouble resolving what they are observing. The images are quite vivid, and appear in the bottom of the bowl, slightly in front of the slab.

If individuals stand in both niches they may create images together or independently. In addition, if they desire the two individuals may also experience the memories or images the other is projecting with all of their sense (in a sense each could experience the other's memories in a vivid sensory fashion. However, only memories that are voluntarily projected may be sensed in this fashion. It is thought that these constructs were used either as places for settling disputes, with a "jury" observing the "testimonies", or as a form of entertainment. The Shanthas aren't saying.

STORY: The characters are hired to accompany a party of several Iscin and a Thriddle to journey to the newly discovered theater. If one or more of the party are Iscin, they are also part of the team. The function of this structure is unknown and the researchers are attempting to puzzle out how it works. Before any other discoveries are made one of the Iscin (a Boccord) and the Thriddle go into the two niches, after which the Thriddle screams loudly, runs out, and is in an insane, raving fit for the next three full days. In this state the Thriddle is incapable of communication and is very violent and aggressive, as well as quite cunning. Ordinarily this would not be a threat, but this particular Thriddle is trained in the use of dyshas, and is quite good with Shal, Ebba and Gobey. If the Thriddle is allowed to run off it will wait until nightfall and sneak back, attempting to kill the rest of the party, especially the Boccord.

The reason for this fit is simple, the Thriddle and the Boccord accidentally triggered the mind-sharing function of the Theater, and the Thriddle learned that the Boccord Iscin is actually ruthless, power-hungry and a total sociopath. If anything of value is learned the Boccord plans to arrange for the Thriddle and the other Iscin to have 'accidents' so she can take the credit for the knowledge gained. The Thriddle, who is quite cowardly, was in contact with this deranged mind and after learning of his impending doom went temporarily insane. The Boccord knows what happened and wishes to kill the Thriddle.

Will the party survive the dual threats of crazed Thriddle and murderous Boccord, will they continue to investigate the strange theater that already drove one of their number insane... Only time will tell.


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Good stuff! Puts me in mind to run Jorune again...

Got any more? :D
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