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New ST runnning a Power Rangers Homebrew Game.


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Hello, I’m a first time storyteller who’s started a homebrew campaign using the rules from the Chronicles of Darkness core rulebook and set in the Power Rangers universe.

A little information about my story. In this game the events of the original TV show starting from Mighty Morphin to Space happened historically when the shows first aired. The story takes place in a modern day Angel Grove which I’ve set in Organ.

The setting varies in this game because the world experienced multiple alien invasions, and giant monster battles. It started with Rita Repulsa’s escape on the moon in 1993 and ended with the sacrifice of Zordon in the Dark Specter invasion in 2000. People remember the ranger and have dedicated a museum to them. Technological advance is still stuck in the 90’s with things like the internet, smartphones and pc’s still being rare for the common man.

While most of the world is still in the 90’s there are various large companies and governmental agencies that have begun to harvest parts from wreckages left behind from the large extraterrestrial invading forces. Two of these large companies are Promethea and Cranston Tech. Both located in Angel Grove. I’ve had Angel Grove become a center for commerce and technology but there’s a distinct uneven divide between the powerful and the poor. Think San Francisco.

This is where my players come into it. They’re all teenagers attending the historical Angel Grove High, one of the few buildings to survive the multiple Zord and Kaiju battles. It’s a historical sight. So far I have three players with a fourth joining in a few months. They’ve made characters from various walks of life and backgrounds and I’ve encouraged them to really flesh out their backstories as well as circle of important npc’s. They’ve also been working with me to develop playlists for the game that I use during the game play.

They all experienced visions of the morphing grid and discovered in a dig site several of the original power coins used by the original rangers. Long story short they’ve been found by Tommy Oliver (the original green ranger) who has become mentor to them. He’s also gotten the parts of the sub command center restored though they don’t have a full range of teleportation available.

Right now their main story antagonist is a terrorist group known as the Scavengers. They’re known for using violence to steal or find unearthed alien tech. They often distribute media claiming they’re doing this so that all tech can be evenly distributed to everyone but that’s a lie. They’re being run by a Ned Ludd type figure known as the Mirror. This figure is one my players haven’t encountered yet but I’m working up to it. The identity is going to be Jason Scott (the original red ranger).

The team is young and don’t have access to all their abilities nor their zords yet. Just last game the first ranger managed to manifest their weapon for the first time. I’m hoping to make an interactive setting with a lot of nuanced npc’s and issues that are more difficult to tackle than just a simple battle every game. I don’t want to go on too much as I’m concerned I’ve gone on long enough here.

Basically I’m here asking for some more ideas for plots and problems. I haven’t planned too much as I’ve heard conventional wisdom says that a storyteller needs to be flexible to what their players will do. My players have also requested that original villains like Rita and Lord Zed be used. I’m all for that but I admit I’m struggling a little on how to incorporate them in the future. I’d be grateful for any storyteller’s or Power Rangers fans on this forum to chime in with any ideas they might have.

Thanks again for your time

- Lindsey


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With the upcoming arrival of the Power rangers board/minis game due this fall, i can actually imagine running this.


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Sound like a fun Project.

Well, if you are looking to emulate the feel of power rangers, I would suggest that you get the players to write a list of about 3-4 'Troubles' that they have as teenagers (kinda like aspects from Fate) that way you can build monsters that play off those troubles and allow the characters to develop. For example, a character who is a wannabe pop singer could have 'Nervous about performing in public' so make them fight a monster that steals people's voices to create a sonic weapon or something. In the course of fighting the monster, they unlock one of their new powers, and then once they defeat it they've resolved that 'Trouble' and can think about creating a new one.

You could even have the Player Party collaborate on a handful of 'Group Troubles' that you can set up for really big storylines, where the team have to over come their issues before they can form the Megazord to defeat whatever is destroying all those empty buildings down town.

In terms of Incorporating Zed and Rita, They were turned good at the end of Space weren't they? I can think of a couple of options: Maybe have a Big Bad that has created a machine that 'drains the goodness' from people, and have it used on them. Could also be a good source of the bad guy creating monsters, he drains the goodness out of them turning them into typical PR monsters. Also allows you to turn your NPC's into Monsters for the Team to fight (The french Magical Girl show 'Miraculous' is a good example of this).

Alternatively, if you want to be really saucy, Maybe Tommy Oliver has a secret plan to resurrect Zordon, by gathering his essence from across the cosmos. What he doesn't realise is that each time he does this, one of the enemies that was turned good is turned back to evil, and the players have to ultimately make a choice, resurrect the greatest protector earth has ever had, or honour his sacrifice and prevent the return of Dark Spectre....

(and yeah, I know far too much about this show's mythology than I'd care to admit)


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Hello, and welcome!

I confess that I have seen only some of PR's content; I don't know PR-lore at all deeply.
Similarly, I've played some Storyteller systems, but don't have the systems mastery needed to advise on a Homebrew adaptation.

So, I shan't offer any help.

Nevertheless... welcome!

And I hope to be able to offer a useful perspective at some future query.


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HDimagination's idea of using "Trouble" aspects works really well. Most of the peisodes (that weren't JUST shilling the newest toy) did have an interesting mix of between real life problems and Ranger problems - and often, the two actually coincided very neatly. Sometimes, the skills needed to be a ranger didn't jive well with the skills needed to live a normal life - Time Force had this in spades (though admittedly they also had characters from a different time with strange ways of viewing the world, but even so), but it happened in a lot of episodes of all the shows - this could even be commentary on soldiers adapting to civilian life if you want to get really deep (but maybe not so obvious if you're looking for just more... fun). Other times, the issues parallel one another in some way, where the skills or lessons learned in one situation help in the other.

As a note, the idea of companies mining left behind tech is actually part of the canon - it's been stated by creators that the tech for the ship in "Lost Galaxy" was cobbled together from the alien tech left on Earth, hence why they only had ONE ship to go out there. SO, you may want to consider other seasons and see what strangeness could arise from them.

As for original villains who should now be dead or transformed, there are a few options. The easiest option is also already canon - alternative universes. This was canon even before the PR comic series used it to create a dark world ruled by Zedd - Power Rangers RPM couldn't exist in our own timeline, being post-apocalyptic and all, but it did exist in another universe/timeline. Possibly the old school villains are versions from a world where the Rangers failed. Also, other villains could exist still by somehow "skipping" the wave - given that it went across time and space in a wave fashion, it's possible that there are those who did some wormholing or quantum tunneling and dodged the wave. Also, the demons from Lightspeed Rescue and entities like the Samurai villains may have escaped by being in other dimensions at the time (the demons locked in a sealed vault that could have been separated from our world, and the villains from Samurai in their own dimension). Possibly, one of them could even find and corrupt Rita and Zedd, turning the clock back for them through some means.

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You have no idea how happy I became when I saw "Chronicles of Darkness" in the first line. For years, I had joked about a homebrew WoD setting called "Ranger: The Morphing" and here it is happening in real life.
My advice is: Players Love Cameos. I would scout out what seasons they have and haven't seen, and then starting pulling from the ones their familiar with. Like, having Jason Scott be the Mirror is perfect, and don't stop there. Maybe they meet a burnt-out ranger from a past team who warns them against the Ranger Life. Maybe they frequent a restaurant owned by a former monster who renounced his wicked ways. Maybe Promethea is secretly controlled by the Machine Empire, who are attempting a more subtle takeover of earth.
I'm excited for your game.


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Wow thank you all for your answers! I got some really helpful tips. Thank you all so much!

So far the game is proceeding really well. My players have really embraced the setting and even some of the goofier aspects of the show.

Last episode they divided some of their time maintaining their family and friend relationships but they're starting to feel the strain of keeping such a big secret and they'll have to start making more sacrifices as the game goes on.

They've been contacted by the head of Promethea and offered support and resources. It's something they will need more and more of as the command center is still in ruins and they've got limited teleportation range. So as their problems begin to spread outside of Angel Grove they'll have to start worrying about transportation and surveillance.

I've seeded an upcoming event in the story as well. Promethea and NASADA are funding a joint operation to send another space craft to the moon. The first since Atronauts unwittingly released Rita from her container. The ruins of her palace as well as the remnants of the occupying forces that made their bases there are still littering the surface. It's a treasure trove of goodies to the first ones to reach the moon. It's a new space race of sorts. I think that's where I'm going to start bringing in more of the old enemies.

I do have one more rules ish question. So far I haven't brought in their zords. I've been saving them for an appropriately epic moment. However I do want to ad them eventually. I have a decent idea about how to run them in their individual zords but I'm not sure how to do the Megazord. I don't want to bog down the narractive with everyone having to make a ton of rolls to do everything, but I'd also like to make sure everyone has a part to play in the joint operation of this giant mech. Are there any games out there that have handled this? Or have any of you? I'd to hear about it or any suggestions on how to go about running a Megazord fight.


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Hey I know this is kinda late and the idea probably doesn't work in a tabletop rpg, but in a post by post pr rpg I was in we had it set up that one person would control the Megazord and the other rangers would would help by fighting off mooks. Because of the strain of controlling the megazord the pilot would end being swapped each time we used it.
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