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Last night was the second session of my new campaign: Vampire the Requiem, set in 1983 New York. The PCs are the Kindred in charge of Hell's Kitchen, who were granted the domain after the previous inhabitants mysteriously disappeared.

I'm going to keep this thread in more of an out of character, table based view than an IC story. We have an Obsidian Portal site set up, that the players have been updating between sessions with In Character thoughts on the sessions.


(Warning, some foul language in the topmost post. Dr. Vitale is not the most racially sensitive of characters.)

I'll try to write up three posts this morning, a brief run down of the PCs and their situation, and then two posts detailing the first two games.


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The Coterie:

Dominic Lynch
Unaligned Ventrue

Dominic's the oldest Kindred in the coterie, Embraced in WWII by a British ancillae of the Icarian bloodline, Edmund Worth. Dominic and his sire have spent a fairly lengthy amount of time in and out of Torpor. His most recent sleep ended in the late 70s, when he and his sire came to New York from London at the behest of the local Invictus to assist in stabilizing the city following the death of the Prince in 1977.

Dominic has so far refused to follow his sire's footsteps in joining the Lancea Sanctum, instead flirting with the ideas of joining the Carthians or Ordo Dracul. His sire would greatly prefer to see his sire join a respectable covenant such as the Lancea or Invictus.

Dominic has almost no merits, but instead has a Blood Potency of 3. He has not joined his sire's bloodline.

Rai Sarosh
Invictus Daeva

Rai was a CIA operative in Afghanistan, working to train and assist the local warlords against the Russians. In Pakistan, he caught the eye of a Daeva elder named Marikesh. He became her lover and somewhat against his better judgement he abandoned his mission and stayed with her, becoming her Childe. Recently, Marikesh sent Rai back to the US, with instructions to spy on/hamper/destroy if he can get away with it an old enemy of hers - a Taifa Gangrel who has established himself in the city. Now Rai is a spy again, working for a new master.

Katherine Wick
Unaligned Gangrel

Katherine was a runwaway, hitchiking her way across the southwest when she unfortunately was picked up by the Bruja. Embraced, molested, and tortured, she followed the pack on their rampages across the region until she made her escape. Kat wandered the country for a few years, eventually settling in New York among the Unbound.

Since gaining territory in Hell's Kitchen, she's quickly ingratiated herself with the largest, meanest Irish gang in the neighborhood: the Westies.

Kat has a Blood Potency of 2, but has not joined her sire's lineage. (and is unlikely to.)

Dr. Vitale
Lancea Sanctum Mekhet (Later Invictus Mekhet)

Doctor Vitale Vinicio Sangionvanni was in life a fairly horrible man. A back alley doctor in Chicago, he removed bullets and stiched up wounds for criminals, performed unsafe abortions, and occasionally helped dispose of bodies. He also had an obsession with underage girls that embarassed and irritated his own family. It was these urges, and not his other illegal practices, that eventually landed Dr. Vitale in prison. He did not have an easy time of it.

Eventually his family decided that his considerable knowledge could be put to use, and that it was possible that the Embrace would "cure" him of his sexual urges. In a fashion, it worked. He's now somewhat horrified of his earlier acts, but remains a very twisted man.

Vitale has a Blood Potency of 2, and begins the game already a member of the Sangiovanni bloodline.

Juan Patrick Xavier O'Malley
Unaligned Nosferatu

Born and raised in Hell's Kitchen, Juan was the son of a Puerto Rican mother and an Irish father. His home life was anything but ideal, and as a young teen Juan's father slashed his face with a broken bottle while in a drunken rage. Juan, already mentally unstable, became more unhinged. He turned to salvation in Jesus, believing that God spoke to him. For several years Juan was a fixture on the Hell's Kitchen streets, erratically yelling his sermons to anyone walking by.

A few months ago, Juan was attacked by an unseen monster. His assailant viciously beat him, drained him dry, Embraced him, and then threw his battered body down the steps to 8th Avenue at Times Square subway station, leaving him for the other Haunts to find him. Juan was taken in and raised by the Bodacelli who make their home in New York's abandoned subway tunnels. He has no idea who his sire is, and the Bodacelli have encouraged him not to search too hard, because there is another brood of Nosferatu in the city, a mysterious and violent hive that make their home in Harlem and the homeless communities in upper Manhattan.

Juan is more than a bit nuts (has Schizophrenia as a flaw), and when he first visited the Lancea Sanctum midnight mass he had an incredibly negative reaction to the Sangiovanni Bishop and his words. As the chronicle begins he's unaligned.

And those are our PCs.
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A brief overview of the setting:

I wanted the city to have a bit of an old school Vampire the Masquerade (1st/2nd ed) sort of vibe, but with a lot of the cool stuff Requiem does so well. As such, it's a heavily Invictus dominated territory. There are no known Carthians in the city, and the other Covenants are fairly marginalized. All of the Primogen and major office holders in the city are loyal to the Invictus.

In 1977 the Prince was murdered during the blackouts. Chaos hit the Kindred of the city, and immediately a number of candidates came to the fore, each vying for the position of Prince. A month after the Prince was killed, the politicking and intrigue threatened to turn in to full blown undead warfare. Eager to cut off such a disaster, the Primogen threw all of their support behind one of the dark horse candidates, a young but well liked Ventrue who honestly didn't expect to become Prince, but was instead mainly hoping to move up the ranks and expand his domains.

So now Malcolm Renwick is prince of the largest city in America, and beholden to Kindred who are much older and more powerful than he is.

New York in 1983 is in pretty bad shape. The city is in dire straights economically, crime is astronomical, and the AIDS (or GRID) epidemic is tearing apart many communities. For the Damned, this is a great time, as the unstable conditions mean feeding and gaining power are very easy. It's a very good time to be dead.


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Cruel Summer, Chapter 1

The first session jumped around a bit, as we didn't have time when we got together for Character Creation to do full in depth preludes, and some of the PCs changed a bit between creation and the first session. I was also waiting to see what kind of characters people made to really flesh out the session. The first session also going off in an entirely unplanned (but awesome) direction. I think instead of following the order that things happened around the table, I'll detail the flashbacks in chronological order.

Flashback: June 1983, the Kindred with domain over Hell's Kitchen disappear without a trace. Instead of moving a new subordinate in to the possibly dangerous region, the Invictus put out a call that the fist Kindred or coterie in good standing to move to the neighborhood will be granted the domain. Across the city, 5 disparate neonates move to the neighborhood and quickly meet each other. Not trusting any of them to be in charge, they agree to rule the neighborhood equally. (This sets up some rumors of Carthian sympathies among the other Kindred.)

Flashback: June 1983. A few nights after meeting each other, the Damned of Hell's Kitchen are in the Prince's offices on the 105th floor of the World Trade Center. Prince Renwick keeps office hours, for a few hours each weeknight after sunset. Visits are by appointment only. The PCs meet Renwick and their Regent, a Nosferatu named Salvaro. Salvaro isn't openly hideous, but there is something offputting about the man, as if he's overly calculated and intense. Salvaro asks if the PCs will mind if he sends agents in to search for clues as to what happened to the previous inhabitants (the Sheriff's brief investigation turned up nothing, but Kindred disappearances aren't exactly uncommon in New York.) Vito instead offers that the PCs should lead the investigation, and the others agree. Salvaro is pleased.

Flashback: June and July 1983: Kat gains allies among the Westies, a very violent Irish gang with ties to the Gambino family. Her goal is to keep crime and instability in the neighborhood high so it will make things easier for the PCs. The PCs investigate the disappearance of the previous Kindred. They eventually learn that James O'Brien, the Ventrue Invictus who was in charge of Hell's Kitchen, had murdered 3 homeless men in a strange ritual fashion, over the course of a few weeks leading up to his disappearance. The PCs aren't certain, but they suspect this is related to O'Briens disappearance.

Flashback: July 1983: Kat meets a young Puerto Rican man named Christian "Rico" Torres, who has been giving information on the Puerto Rican gangs to the Westies. He was also the ghoul of Tatyana, a Mekhet who was one of the Kindred that disappeared recently. Kat quickly agrees to be his new dominator/blood supplier.

I think that's it for the flashbacks, which generally happened at random points in the game session, whenever we needed to flesh out one of those scenes. The main one I had planned was the meeting with the Prince. But it made sense that the characters would have investigated during the past few months, and I wanted to introduce Rico as I have plans for that character. Oh, one more!

Per the normal rules, I had the PCs roll a d10 to see how much blood they began the chronicle with. Vitale's player rolled a 2, and because I'm mean I told everyone to remove one Vitae when they woke for the night. (Hey, it doesn't make sense to wake up with 10 first thing if that's your maximum.) We decided there needed to be a scene to explain how Vitale got so low, as it's unlikely a Kindred would go to sleep almost starving under normal situations.

Flashback: August 1983, last night: Out for a late night hunt, Dr. Vitale hears a loud commotion coming from the east. He investiagates, and sees a group of unfamilliar vampires breaking windows, yelling, laughing, and smashing up the area as they walk down the street. This is a blatant disrespect to the PCs domain, as these undead gangmembers are clearly on the PCs turf. (I explained that the vamps of New York use a lot of hidden symbols and graffiti to mark domain, and the players came up with a really cool symbol for their turf: a cross with two horns drawn up out of the horizontal line, so it looks a bit like a pitchfork.)

Vitale confronts the vamps, who are dressed like stereotypical 80s gang members, complete with matching red jackets, headbands, chains and spikes. They're armed with random weapons, like pipes and a length of chain. Vitale tells them they're on the wrong side of 8th Avenue, and need to get the hell out. They mock him, and then throw a brick at his head and jump him. I let the other players each take the role of one of the gang members, as I played the leader. We didn't roll dice for the fight, since they really weren't necessary. The gang beat the crap out of Vitale, kicking him, calling him names, spitting on him, stealing his wallet. One of the players even had his vamp spend blood for Blush of Life so he could urinate on the doctor as he laid there beaten and bruised.

The gang walked off, laughing and cheering each other on. Vitale gets up, and uses spirit's touch on the brick they hit him with, to see if he could get an impression of the attackers. The main image he gets is of the brick smashing in to his own face, but also he sees a symbol, a red circle with a horizontal line through it. He heals up, and quickly heads home before dawn.

Next up: tonight!
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Tonight: Most of the PCs go hunting. Vitale fails to resist his hunger frenzy and drains his victim dry. He then loses a point of Humanity, dropping to 4. (He started the game with a 5. The rest of the party is all in the 5 to 6 range.) He also fails his Derangement roll, and picks up the common Sangiovanni Obsession with corpses.

(Man, the dice hated him at the start of that session. But it did add a lot of cool stuff.)

Rai, who wasn't as low as Vitale but had dropped to Hungry, also fails his roll to resist a hunger frenzy when he feeds. Fortunately, he doesn't drain his target completely. Deciding to save the man's life (and gain a lackey), Rai feeds him some of his own blood and ghouls the man. Jimmy is a low level Irish thug allied with the Westies, and now he's a bodyguard and flunky.

The PCs, who lack cell phones, have developed a system of using pay phones, and have set up a meeting spot in an abandoned warehouse near the docks. While things are still tenuous, they've agreed to meet most every night, for at least a bit. The PCs meet up, and Vitale explains what happened to him the previous night.

The PCs all agree that this is unacceptable, and that Vitale's attackers need to be taught that you can't intrude in Hell's Kitchen. The gangbangers came from Times Square, which is open domain and a prominent rack.

Our vampires head to Times Square, where they visit Cookie, a Nosferatu prostitute who works the area. She saw the gang last night, and can identify their logo as the Bloody Cobras, who have domain in northern Queens. They were a long way from home, and most likely intruded on Hell's Kitchen just to test and push around the new Vassals of the neighborhood.

They take the subway out to Queens, making their way through the streets until they find the Cobra's symbol. They also see tags expressing that this is the domain of Invictus Daeva. Rai expresses some reservations about the coming battle, but Dominic is incredibly confident, saying that as a Ventrue, he always wins.

The coterie eventually tracks the gang down, who are hanging out with a stereo blasting and a few teenage girls. They've used Vitale's money to buy a decent chunk of weed and beer for the girls. The PCs attack, with Dominic opening by throwing a brick to destroy the stereo.

Everyone (aside from Vitale) makes Predator's Taint rolls. All of the PCs succeed, but every one of the Cobras aside from one fail! Because of Dominic's high Blood Potency, they start to flee. As Daeva, they're really damned fast. The girls scream and run away, scattering.

The PCs chase the fleeing vampires down, with Dominic dominating the one who didn't flee in to staying in place. The battle is incredibly one sided, as Kat claws out one of the fleeing vampires knees, slowing him down, and Juan tackles another.

They beat the dominated vamp in to Torpor, telling him just before he goes under to stay on the right side of 8th avenue. (I ruled that with the Dominate, he could fight back, just not move for a few rounds. He did a bit of damage but was severely out matched.) They beat two of the frenzying vamps in to Torpor as well. The PCs let the last one escape, so he can come back and drag his friends inside before the sun comes up.

Kat searches for the girls, but they're hiding very well.

Exhubirant at their victory, the PCs steal a car from the Cobra's turf, and drive back to Manhatten, ditching the car in Times Square. We end the session with the PCs driving across the bridge, windows down and radio blasting. It's proud, triumphant moment for our villains.
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I really wasn't planning for the whole Bloody Cobras thing. I had the idea in the back of my head that at some point a gang of overconfident, asshole Daeva would test the PCs' turf, and once Vitale's player suggested we needed to do a scene figuring out why his blood was so low, I knew they had to show up.

I'd intended the fight to be a bit more difficult, but with the Cobras almost all falling to fear frenzy, they scattered and would fight back but mostly just run away. I just ran with it. I figured a decisive victory early on would set the tone of the early part of the chronicle, that the PCs may be Damned, but they're powerful and for now things are going their way.

Craig Oxbrow

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Unarmed street gangs! Asking streetwalkers for information! Payphones! You really dived into the milieu. I shall read on with interest.


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Cruel Summer, Chapter Two

Between sessions, characters spend XP on merits and skills, Vitale buys the first dot in Cataveria, the Sangiovanni signature discipline.


We open the very next night, Thursday in late August. Our villains have a busy weekend ahead of them: Friday is the grand opening of the Limelight, a massive new club that is in Salvaro's domain and caters to the living and the dead. Saturday is midnight mass, and both Dominic and Dr. Vitale are planning on attending.

We open with Kat and Vitale hanging out at Dwyer's, an Irish bar the Westies frequent. Kat is invited to go to the Ladybird Club, a secret gambling den that's only open once a month. She takes the playing card and agrees to go later in the weekend. Outside, they hear sounds of a scuffle and investigate. In the alley they see Vinnie "Mad Dog", one of the Westies, beating the ever loving crap out of his son Vinnie Jr. He's cursing up a storm and calling his son a "piece of shit" and "faggot" and "no good lying cocksucker" as he beats him. The two vampires stand back and remain hidden. After Mad Dog walks off, leaving his son a bruised and bloody heap in the alley, Kat sneaks up and drinks a point of vitae from him (!) and then offers for Vitale to do the same. The Dr. partakes and then uses Medicine to peform first aid on the young man, leaving him unconscious and bandaged in the alley.

Dominic calls up his sire, who agrees to let him travel in to his sire's domain to do a bit of "shopping". Dominic heads to the Upper East Side, and visits a dry cleaners that's open late, and gets a suit for himself and one for Juan, to wear to the Limelight opening.

Previously, Rico had told Kat where to find his missing dominator's haven. Kat and Vitale head there, a small apartment tucked away on the back side of a large old building. Breaking in, Vitale uses Spirit's Touch to see if there's any impression. Before he activates the power, he gets a strange feeling, a tinge of Auspex enhanced awareness, like he felt a ghost or something. The hair on his neck stands up and a sudden chill washes through his body. Ignoring this, he uses the power.

Vitale suddenly slouches over, as a wave of emotion washes over him. He feels an overwhelming sense of power and hatred, as if something is there staring right in to him, something that hates him with an incredible passion. As it ends, he calls out, challenging any ghosts or spirits that might be there to haunt him. Nothing appears.

After that, Spirit's Touch works mostly normally, although the feeling of hatred persists, and even lingers in him when he's not using the power. He sees Tatyana, the missing Mekhet. She answered her door, as a young man entered and then dropped dead. She was shocked for a moment, then turned calm, before heading outside. Vitale goes to the alley, using Spirit's Touch again, and follows her echoes to the roof. On the roof he uses the power a third time, and sees Tatyana walk across the roof of the building, and sit down facing east. Near her is the body of a large man, perhaps a dockworker. She waits for the sun, and the last thing Vitale sees is a sudden ray of light.

He explains what he saw to Kat, and the two of them return to the apartment below to see what happened to the young man's body. They find a stain where his body fell, and Vitale uses Spirit's Touch again. He sees a nightime scene, where the dockworker from the roof enters the apartment, picks up the corpse, and carries it out, locking up behind him.

A few Occult rolls later, they suspect possession. It's possible an old and powerful Ventrue is behind this, but both ghosts and demons are a possibility.

Kat and Vitale return and meet up with the other PCs, and explain what they saw. Rai doesn't believe it would be demons, but Juan thinks demons are a likely explanation. Dominic suspects a fellow Lord. The PCs agree to tell Salvaro this latest bit of news when they see him the next night.


A couple of the PCs go hunting, Dominic picks up a hat and cane for Juan, and then they all head to the Limelight.

The Limelight is a massive old church, converted in to a nightclub. A line of mortals stretch around the block waiting to get in, but thanks to Salvaro our vamps are on the "special" guest list, written on a red piece of paper at the bottom of the door man's clipboard.

Inside, the club is full with Bananarama blasting over the speakers. The crowd is a mix of fashions and styles, from new wave to yuppie to break dancers to new romantics. They spot a woman in the crowd who may well be Debbie Harry.

The club has a second floor, a VIP balcony hanging over the dance floor. The PCs head that way and meet some of the other Damned in the club. (There are about a dozen vampires in here, at least. Since the PCs were expecting to meet unfamiliar vamps, they don't have to roll for Frenzy, but they do get a twinge of Fight/Flight at each one in the room.) In addition to the Kindred in the VIP section, there are a number of very friendly and flirty mortals.

The coterie says hello to Salvaro, who introduces them to Steven Greenburg. Steve is another one of Salvaro's vassals, and one of the owners of the Limelight. A Daeva, he's wearing jeans, a light pastel shirt, and $500 shoes with no socks. He's also a bit high on coke and booze at the moment. He smiles, welcomes the PCs to his club, tells them to avail themselves of the amenities. Rai thanks him for the hospitality, and Steve responds "Mi casa su casa." Steve leaves the PCs and Salvaro alone, to go mingle among all of the beautiful people.

The PCs explain what they discovered to Salvaro, who cautions that if it is a powerful Lord who destroyed the previous inhabitants of Hell's Kitchen, that it may be wise for them to drop the investigation. But since he doesn't know who's behidn it yet, he agrees to send them information on the other missing vampires, so they can try to track down their havens to see if they died in similar fashions.

He also mentions there's someone else he'd like them to meet. Rai asks "are we going to like this?", and Salvaro replies with "Sadly, no." He escorts them to a back lounge in the VIP area, a red room, the walls lined with couches and a mirrored table in the center of the room. The room is empty, except for one woman. Salvaro says "Fraulein, these are the Kindred you wished to meet." and hastily makes his exit.

Some of the PCs recognize Fraulein Heinrich, the Duchess of Queens. (In New York, each of the Burroughs has a Duke, sort of a regent over the regents, with the Prince over all of the Dukes. The Duke of Manhattan is also the Seneschal.) She's an Invictus Daeva, and one of the most important Kindred in the city.

Fraulein explains that she understands her childe, grandchilde, and their associates intruded upon the PCs territory, and that they rudely inconvenienced Vitale. She apologizes for this lack of respect from her get. She asks if it's correct that the PCs then travelled to Queens, where they sought retribution for the attack. They admit that they did, and she agrees that such retribution for someone intruding upon their domain was perfectly reasonable. Sadly however, the PCs intruded upon her domain in order to do so. She then asks if they're familiar with the biblical phrase of an Eye for an Eye, and asks if they know the original meaning. She explains that it's meant not as a law advocating violent justice and retribution, but a law that limits the amount of retribution that is just, an admonition of escalating vengeance. She feels that the PCs have overstepped their bounds, and says she wants two of them, to make things even. She tells Vitale that he has suffered enough already.

The reaction from my players was great. The dawning realization during the conversation that she had every intention of having two of the PCs beaten in to torpor (you'll recall they torpored 3 of the Cobras) in the efforts of fairness was great. Rai objected, because he felt their attack was entirely justified. Juan immediately offered himself, which pleased Fraulein Heinrich. After much debate, Kat agreed to be the second victim. The Daeva elder thanked the PCs for the civility and cooperation, and they agreed that her associates would pick them up in Times Square the next night.

The PCs were not happy about this, and fairly quickly left the club.

Rai and Vitale feed on the VIP area blood dolls before they leave. When Vitale escorts his meal in to the men's room, he sees a woman leaning over the sink, a line of coke on the mirror's ledge in front of her, her skirt hiked up and a man behind her biting on to her ass. She snorts the line right as the vampire feeds on her. (This was a bit scene in the adventure in New Wave Requiem, and it was just so perfect that I had to use it to set the stage.) Angry over how the night has developed, Rai gives in to his Lust, and seduces a blood doll, having rough, violent sex with her in the Ladies' room before feeding on her.

On leaving, Vitale uses his necromantic power on his own corpse body, to see if there are any strange drugs or foreign contaminates in his body. I inform him that there is in fact an unknown disease floating around in his mouth and bloodstream. He gets worried, and immediately takes a Qtip out of his medicine bag and takes a sample from his own mouth, putting in in a small vial.

Back in Hell's Kitchen, the PCs break in to a neighborhood clinic so that Vitale can run a blood test. I really have no idea how long a blood test takes, or if a health clinic would have the equipment to do it without sending things off to a hospital, but I said they did, and that it would take a couple of hours to process.

The PCs debated the Fraulein while they waited. Dominic explained that this is exactly why he didn't join the Invictus. Eventually, they convinced Rai to take Kat's place, because with his Blood Potency of 3, Dominic could wake up Rai or Juan, but not the other two. (It occurs to me that might be somewhat Out of Character, but I suppose it's possible the PCs figured out everyone's relative age and power in the last few months.) Dominic also tells him that as both an Invictus and Daeva, that going along with this would be a wise idea.

The results finished, and Vitale discovered he was carrying an unknown virus. Just to be safe, he then ran tests on the other PCs, taking a blood sample from each. Kat comes up as positive with the same disease. They don't know for sure, but the suspicion is strong that they've picked up GRID/AIDS.

(Amazingly, if the players figured out where both Kat and Vitale picked up the disease, they didn't say anything. Spoiler: it was Vinnie Jr. There's more to this story that may come up in a future session...)

Vitale comes up with the idea that a full exsanguination might remove the disease from his system. In true mad scientist fashion, he agrees to test it on himself first. The PCs decide to do this the next night, and Rai sends his ghoul Jimmy out to obtain a pair of large dogs for Vitale to feed on when he does.

Juan has a strange nightmare during the day, where he goes from torture victim to torturer, with Kat on his place being whipped. At the end he reaches in to her chest, which parts easily. He pulls out her heart, having purified it of sin, and consumes it.

(This is the second dream he's had that ends a bit with eating flesh and/or killing other vampires.)


Our vamps wake up, and head to Times Square. A black van arrives, with 3 ghouls - large thugs in pinstripe suits with roses in their lapels. All of the PCs insist on going with the two to be beaten, and the flunkies drive everyone out to Queens, where the Fraulein's manse awaits.

Fraulein watches from an upper floor window as the PCs arrive. They're escorted to the basement, where another dozen thugs await. The PCs explain there's been a switch, and that Rai will be taking Kat's place. The head thug says he wasn't made aware of any switch, but agrees because "I didn't want to have to beat up a girl."

They let Rai and Juan strip down a bit, and direct them to lean up against a wall. Most of the toughs are there to keep the other PCs from acting up, and only two of them begin hitting Rai and Juan. They hit the two vampires repeatedly with wooden baseball bats that have been reinforced with metal. This unfortunately means that it takes a long time to beat them in to Torpor, as they take Bashing damage which then coverts to Lethal and they'll finally pass out once they've taken all of their Health levels in damage. I ask both players for a Resolve+Stamina roll, to resist breaking down. Rai succeeds, Juan fails, and Juan slumps down, muttering about penitence and redeption.

Eventually, they are both beaten in to torpor. The toughs agree to drive the PCs back to Times Square. On their way out, Fraulein is standing on the central staircase of the main foyer. She thanks them for cooperating, and she tells Dominic that when his Daeva companion wakes up, he should take Riding lessons.

(We're still not done yet! We played for a long time yesterday. Chapter two Part two soon.)
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