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Newbie, Wannabe SWN GM Here.


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So, I'm brand new to the RPG world-- my husband plays D&D and I never thought I would be interested.... but alas... this stuff has basically consumed me! Lol.

So... with that said... I'm really into sci-fi stuff... futuristic settings. I love the Lunar Chronicles... cyborgs.. all that jazz.

For the record, in case there are differences, I am using the Core Rule Book from DRIVE THRU RPG


I have recently downloaded the SWN core rules.... and am super interested in developing a campaign. Though I have not actually played through a campaign myself... I am determined to dive in head first and make this work.

I have already made the rolls for my planets. I've ended up with 30 planets -- I've determined the atmospheres, biospheres, temps, etc. for each one. I've also picked the best one to fully develop and 3 surrounding planets to at least partially develop.

PRIMARY: Trade Hub, Revolutionaries -- Breathable, Temperate, Hybrid, Hundreds of Millions, TL3

SECONDARY: Exchange Consulate, Freak Weather -- Breathable, Temperate, Human-Miscible, Outpost, TL4

TERTIARY: Alien Ruins, Cyber Communists -- Inert, Burning, No Biosphere, Hundreds of M., TL4

QUATERNARY: Primitive Aliens, Pretech Cultists -- Breathable, Temperate, Hybrid, Hundreds of M., TL4

My plan thus far, is to make the primary planet a constitutional monarchy, maybe> Sorta like the UK.

I've developed out at least the name and the coat of arms for that royal family.

SECONDARY: I haven't thought of much for this one as of yet.

TERTIARY: I am straight thinking of the community in the OG Total Recall. Where... you go outside... you die. It helps that this place is communist... and they can be... they control the temperature, the food supply, and the oxygen levels... so of course you do as you're told. It is said you need a TL5 to be able to survive without the government's help... but alas... the highest tech level available here is TL4.

QUATERNARY: Still developing this idea too.

Before I discovered SWN, I was literally planning to make a D&D campaign... but in the future... which would require a lot of things... and a lot of complications.... then my bro-in-law put out feelers into his friend group and someone suggested SWN... so glad they did. It's basically everything I need.

So, for now, the pages of my own history-- I'm shelving... I'd rather use the pre-written SWN history until I am more comfortable with campaign creation/playing.

I know there are those things where you can create Enemies, Friends, Complications, Things, and Places for each world tag.... but I guess I'm getting stuck as I have no one to bounce ideas off of....

Okay... so now that you have some backstory... my dilemma. My husband wants to actually play the campaign I am designing.... soooo he can't really help me with this campaign creation... so I'm all alone. And I'm sorta lost.

I've got a great setting... 30 planets! And I'm flooded with ideas... I've done research about what types of creatures might live in these environments... but when it comes to actually creating the campaign... something detailed and amazing... something fun and full of scenarios... So, I'm open for ideas.

Any takers?


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Hello, and welcome! This looks great.

Honestly, I'd step out of this subforum, over to TRO -- Tabletop Roleplaying Open. You'll get a LOT more eyeballs (and hence input) on that much-more-active subforum. I don't geek hard over SWN, so I'm not your best contributor; but I see it getting a fair bit of love from TRO folks!

You could either just post a new post there, or ask staff to move this thread.


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Welcome to the forums. I concur that Tabletop Roleplaying Open would be a better forum. There's even someone who started a SWN sector building thread there (trying to remember name as sector generation in SWN and other games comes up periodically as a topic) and the creator of SWN regularly and clearly responds to SWN questions in the forums.

Since SWN is a sandbox, you can create a few planets in detail and then with tags you've rolled up for the other planets, fill them in as characters go there. If it's just your husband playing, consider the heroic rules as those make a single character able to do a lot. If there's a group of people, you can use more standard characters.

The tags are general flavor, so if your imagination runs like it did to OG Total Recall from some tags, roll with it. There's no one way to play SWN, although like all RPGs, it plays best within the design space its creators built and tested it for.

The secondary planet to me screams a planet with some resources valuable to interstellar trade, or just on a very nice jump point along the jump routes. With freak weather and outpost-level population given the other characteristics, it's probably a place with lots of hurricanes or tornadoes or earthquakes. It's worth building there because it's a crossroads, but it's super expensive so the Exchange built it right and the people there are very careful not to go out much. Perhaps Pitch Black and Riddick provide some extra weather examples. . .

Quaternary: If there are primitive aliens and pretech cultists and hundreds of millions of people, I'd be thinking how the primitive humans and pretech cultists interact with the main population. A lot of pretech is psionic and nasty, so I'd figure on the pretech cultists being either well-hidden from the major populace, or setting themselves up as deities or other powers not to be trifled with to a small group of locals. The other locals would fear and possibly hate the pretech cultists and their followers. This sounds like a thriving planet with both native and imported life. It would be easy, if using your UK model, to make it a colony of the main world.
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