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Ninja Burger Gaming History


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Thought I'd test out this new blog thing with some discussion of Ninja Burger.

Ninja Burger became known to a lot of people in the gaming world when 9th Level Games released their version of the RPG (along with three supplements) in the early 2000s. It then hit peak popularity with the release of the Steve Jackson Games card game and Sumo-Size Me supplement in 2003 and 2005, respectively. In 2006 I released the second edition of the RPG (the big blue book) as well as a non-gaming supplement, the Ninja Burger Handbook.

Things tapered off a bit after that. I released a slimmed-down "No Honor" edition of the RPG in 2008, and SJG released a new version of the card game in 2009 (which combined the original game and the supplement). I also pushed out a silly little board game in 2008, but it wasn't anything tremendous. And so Ninja Burger faded from view...

However, over the years, I've gotten repeated requests for a third edition of the RPG, and 2017 is likely to be the year I make that happen. The new version of the website (https://ninjaburger.com) went live a few hours ago as I write this, and I'm currently making plans with my co-conspirator on HELLAS (Jerry Grayson) for a d6-based version of the RPG. I want to capture the beer-and-pretzels feel of the original RPG while fleshing the game out with a more robust system that can support longer game sessions and campaigns. And of course, I have to make sure I keep it fun!

With any luck, we'll get it out this year, so watch this space, and let me know what you think.

Matt Greenfelder

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This news warms my heart. Actually, it first sears my heart tissue, trapping the juice and flavors within the tender chambers, then grills it to a medium rare level, and serves it upon a sesame seed laden bun, with a side of delicious katana cut fries.
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