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[Nobilis] Recurtment

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Well, I made a character I really like for another game that may or may not ever get off the ground; the HG's been saying it's going to start in the next day or two for about a week now, so..

I guess I'll pitch her here too, because why not. I got super excited about playing her.

The Playthings of Eilonwey Tane
...Have an inescapable role and purpose
...Perform their role better than anybody
...Are made to act out the fantasies of Eilonwey Tane
...Are constructed from stereotypes
...Are larger than life
...Are frighteningly unreal
...Act on an inhuman morality

This Deceiver used to be a child, but now she is a child-sized wind-up tin soldier.

"It's not my fault! I was twelve years old! How should I know what a Strategist was? I just thought Lexiarchos was an amazing person. I mean, she knew so much, and then she opened my eyes and showed me that it was all such a terrible lie. You can't say it was my fault, I can't help what I see.

Well, it was even pretty fun at first. I could just make anything and anybody into a toy for myself. I didn't ever have to be scared of anything ever again.

Until the Imperator of Toys found me. He thought it wasn't fair for anybody to be making things that he wasn't allowed to play with. He made me into a little tin soldier for the Valde Bellum, a little toy he could wind up and send off and forget about when it broke.

That's not a metaphor, I'm actually a tin toy and if somebody doesn't wind me up every three days I run down, and then all I can do is look and listen.

So I have to fight against Excrucians and stay with this bunch of powers. I mean, it's not all bad, they aren't all terrible... but they don't trust me. Good, they shouldn't. I don't care whether they have some stupid wind-up key, they can't watch me every second of every day. I'm going to bring them down from the inside.

Well, it's not like I have a choice. Lexiarchos Caducine figures I've been "compromised". I don't want to run into her when I've wound down. Stupid, thinking she was my friend. Well, I don't need friends, on either side of the war!"


Warden: On member of the familia should be in charge of winding Eilonwey up and making sure she doesn't get out of hand. She really, really, really does not like this person.

Someone She Believes In: While staying with the familia, something snapped and she started seeing one of them as real. Like, really real, not a pretty lie over some deeper truth. This is a very disturbing feeling, especially since this person is technically her captor

Hunters: Lexiarchos Caducine and her shards are coming after Eilonwey to unmake her with extreme prejudice. And not the good kind of unmaking, either. The kind that really, really hurts.


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Well that takes all the fun out of time travel- I'll have to try a different idea then.

Of my three character concept choices, which one would you prefer?


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@Baffle Mint
I was not planning on running a Deceivers game. I don't even have the book. Altho I do want it.

When it comes to personality it is really up to you. Character personalities arn't fixed and tend to change and refine as the game goes on.
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Alright- I'll try Concept C, a character who just wants to be normal and clings obsessively to his normal existence. His former life was merely a 15-year old boy, notable only for a very, very strong will (though this was very little known as he never needed to use it) and the fact that he was far more content with his life than most people. His uber-strong will, however, led to him being Empowered against his will.

Now, he fights a struggle against his own Imperator trying to live a normal life, struggling to make time both for his Imperator's demands and said normal lifestyle. Things he wants to do include pursue the ordinary girl by ordinary means he has a crush on, hang out with his deliquent friends and do delinquent things through ordinary means, hang out with his family, and go to school (the contradiction is resolved by the fact that he is only out for fun rather than long-term learning, but considers academics fun enough to do it some of the time).

For Powers, I want an original idea (and ideally one that will lead to situations that get very complicated on an intellectual level, even if not time-travel complicated), but I can't think of any so I'll go with a straight-out massive Aspect user.

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@Baffle Mint
I was not planning on running a Deceivers game. I don't even have the book. Altho I do want it.
Well, she's not really made for a Deceivers game; The idea is that she used to work for Lexiarchos Caducine, the Strategist, but the Imperator of Toys bound her to creation by turning her into a wind-up soldier.

So now she has to work for/with a Noble Familia, because they have her wind-up key, and, also, Lexiarchos Caducine wants to destroy her, because she's been turned into a tool of creation and so the only place she's safe is with the Nobilis. Worse than that, she's come to see one of her "Familia" as a real person, like, really real, so she's kind of doubting the whole Deceiver thing about the world being a lie.

So her story is about her relationship with the other Nobilis, and whether she can come to see them as a family, or weather they just stay as her jailers.

She's supposed to be one Deceiver working with the Nobilis, not really part of a team of Excrucians.


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Brad Saunders

Power of Summer Camp.

If there was one thing Brad could ever be sure of, it was that he loved summer camp. This has been true since about hour three of the 4-H Science Weekend Camp and remained true even as he stopped working camp at 24. Well, at least on any official payrolls. His love of Camp is even more his rock in the storm now.

Life as a Noble is every bit of Brad's dream come true, minus the terrible reality war. Brad spends much of the camp off season at college job fairs, preaching camp to those who will listen and handing out business cards for Camp Chickamauga, whose website always turns out to be under construction and full of links to other camp application pages. Brad, of course, spends the on season(mid-May to early September) in residence at a camp or two(sometimes more) he feels most need him. He's been toying with the idea of starting a camp for those who grow up outside of the prosaic world, but is still trying to pin down all of the housing and staffing issues, to say nothing of the treaties that would be needed. But still, the idea persist.

As a former archery councilor Brad has a group of favorite(though you can't tell them that) campers who are well trained in a deadly art, aware of Brad's new nature, and willing to help. A few notable names are (Max)Coachman, Terri Ehrinburg, Aaron Gunderman, Claire Nelson, and Louis Giraux.

Passion: Camp is necessary.(2)
Skill: Archery (2)
Skill: Story telling (1)
Skill: Good Listener (1)
Passion: All art is valid. (1)

Summer Camp reveals your true self (1).
Summer Camp forges friendships (1)
Summer Camp forces independence (1)
Summer Camp is the best fun (1)
Summer Camp inspires enthusiasm. (2)
Summer Camp upholds tradition. (1)

Aspect 1 6/6
Persona 2 6/6
Estate 2 6/6
Treasure 2 6/6

Gift: “Night Two Feeling” -Greater Creation of Despair-Simple Miracle, One Trick(“No one likes you and you'll never make friends.”), Uncommon, one person or thing

Gift: Unblemished Guise

Bond: I call my bow Piper. (1)
Bond: The Archery Disciples (2)
Affliction: All camps are my camp (2)
Affliction: I know the name and favorite activity of every camper. (1)
Bond: I can teach archery to anyone. (1)
Bond: I don't show favorites. (1)
Bond: A promise made is a promise kept. (2)
Bond: Never harm a camper in my presence. (2)
Affliction: Campers remember me (1)
Affliction: People who truly hate camp make me sick .(2)
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Okay, like I said earlier I pitched Eilonwey for a game which has been slowly, sloooooowly losing momentum and coming ever closer to petering out.

Without even getting started! Damn it!

So here's the thread that contains her entire, extensive character sheet.

It's more Eilonwey Tane than any person could ever want.

fictionfan, I don't think you need to have the Deceivers book; they mostly work like you'd expect from the core. As PCs they get only 15 CP (Hence the mediocre stats), but to make up for it they get 2-3 Second Skins. The way that's supposed to work is that the player (i.e. me) suggests who they are, but the Hollyhock God actually makes their stats.

BTW, the Strategist that turned Eilonwey against creation doesn't have to be Lexiarchos Caducine; I just chose her because I found the idea of her turning kids against their parents chilling. If you have your own Strategist you want to use, that's cool too.
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