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[Nobilis] Which edition to use?


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The Little Pink Book

I personally think this was the best version of Nobilis except for all the others. Err ... How to phase that better.

Typographically the 2nd edition is a design classic the sort of book you can leave on your coffee table and show off without some one saying "oh you play DnD" with that look. The 3rd edition is also wonderful but looks too much like a chinese comics for my taste. The 1st edition looks more like a book you would have on your shelve, an actually practical size to have in your bag with you all the time (as I did used to at one point even after I had a copy of the 2nd).

The first edition the rules are much more compact even though there are lots of examples it is strangely difficult to know how the games was actually mean to work. When I read it for the first time it was like wow! this is so much better than Amber and I could kind of see how the game was intended to work but was not sure. For me that was kind of exciting and an interesting challenge. Running it I could see that some player immediately loved the freedom and some where not so sure of the basic of why etc. The nice thing about the 2nd Edition was that it was better at explaining to the players what the point of the game was and how you where meant to player it. The third edition fixes some rules and adds a lot more details but I have not run it so can't comment on play-ability.

Which to play, obviously you should go for 3rd. The 1st is not available anywhere as far as I know, the 2nd Edition is kind of impractical to print on standard paper and I would imagine the book itself can't be cheep. The 3rd edition has current support, has a pdf you can print to normal sized paper.


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My current Nobilis game (http://www.hesthegmimtheplayer.com/) utilizes 2nd edition. We chose this for several reasons:
1. Comfort and nostalgia (personal reasons)
2. Finding the domain/persona split very unnecessary
3. Not liking the loss of realm and the removal of focus on the chancel
4. The loss of grandeur and scope. As stated by others, 3rd edition has a remarkably different feel.
5. The chibi aesthetic


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There was never anything clear-cut.

I discussed the idea briefly with one publisher at one point. Rand and other friends occasionally attempt to start up a Nobilis 4th edition project in my vicinity on the theory that I will reflexively and autonomically join in and produce a Nobilis 4th edition RPG. I have been playing a surprising amount of Nobilis and thinking about its good and bad points. I have peeled most of the Chuubo's Arcs back into Nobilis-style Traits. I may test out some of the ideas I have there in a pre-Nobilis format soon, or, something else may happen instead.

Best wishes,

I know this is a bit of a necro, but I really do think that there is enough comminity support to help you launch your own Kickstarter, in a way that you won't have to rely on some other publisher. I know a lot of RPG creators that do that these days, including a few that do this as their day job, and it would mean that you don't have to risk the unfortunate issues from a publisher for a third time.


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1st Edition for collector's item.

2nd Edition is honestly a work of art. The book itself, the artwork within, the way it's written and all of it's concepts. It's gorgeous in every way. It DOES require a very good group to run.

3rd is easiest to play. The rules improve and the accessibility of it improves even more. But it loses that sublimity of the 2nd edition.
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