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💀 Necro Nordic THQ has bought the Kingdom of Amalur IP


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Huh. That game was quite pretty. Fun combat, interesting magic. Felt like it was getting repetitive as I progressed so I never did finish it. Would be cool if they did something fun with it.


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On the other limb, I'm not sure if the setting has another big story left after that first one. Whether you set it before or after the first game, the destruction of Fate is kind of a bigger deal than just about anything else.

I suppose that the "magic comes back/gets crazy strong" premise might be able to stand on it's own.

That said, I really would like a sequel or spiritual successor of some sort. Not necessarily the same setting, but not every game series uses the same setting every game.

Sure, it's not the only action rpg to try to inject stylish action, but how many other rpgs have full character creation, loads of move sets, and a full list of spells? And crafting systems, and a potion making system, and splitting skills into combat and non combat categories so that the player can always invest in both.

I think that a future game might actually manage to have a niche as a contrast to Dark Souls-style games, actually. Soulsborne games have the player as a nigh-powerless entity that's just a moment away from death, whereas Kingdoms of Amalur had you playing as some combination of Drizzt Do'Urden, Conan the Barbarian, and Lina Inverse. Yeah, you can rely on skill and finely-tuned tactics, but you can also pull your Devil Trigger and incinerate everything with your magic staff.

Something I've learned is that what I want out of a fantasy game is being able to play as He-man. Amalur got pretty close.


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No more MMORPGs please! That’s all I ask! Beginning and end, DLC, and if you must have online look to a Neverwinter Noghts model.


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I'd be thrilled if they did the MMO they were planning- the setting always felt like it deserved more than just the one game.
Finally, we'll have a D&D-inspired theme park MMORPG with a cartoony graphic style. I bet millions of people would play a game like that.

(Forgive me, I couldn't resist.)


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Okay, an MMO set in a D&D inspired theme park actually sounds kinda interesting, although I'm not sure how it would work. Does it have that roller coaster that took kids to the D&D world, or is it just set entirely in the theme park?

I'm not really interested in MMOs, so I'd probably stay well away, even if the game was about factions of larpers trying to take over the concession stands.
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