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Northeast Wisconsin Gamers Mailing List


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NEWG_ANNOUNCE is an email "bulletin board" for Northeast Wisconsin area players for every kind of face-to-face, social gaming form, including:
  • Role-Playing Games like Dungeons & Dragons, Unknown Armies, Vampire, Star Wars and BESM.
  • Trading Card Games like Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon and INWO
  • Tabletop miniatures games ranging from historical Civil War battles to Warhammer 40k
  • Grid-and-counter wargames like Advanced Squad Leader and Ogre
  • Boardgames like Talisman, Cosmic Encounter, Kill Dr. Lucky and Scrabble
  • Traditional games like Draughts, Bridge, Chess and Go
  • LARPS (Live-Action RolePlaying games) and murder mystery parties

The purpose of the group is to promote Northeast Wisconsin gaming by providing an easy way for Northeast Wisconsin area players to find one another and organize gatherings (from individual games to club-meetings to conventions).

Anyone may join by sending a blank email to newg_announce-subscribe@yahoogroups. Once successfully subscribed (it usually takes just a few seconds for the service to respond), members may post messages by emailing them to newg_announce@yahoogroups.com. You can manage your account (setting features, unsubscribing, and so on) and access a searchable archive of all previous posts by visiting

NEWG_ANNOUNCE is a _moderated list_; your inbox will not be clogged with rambling threads or criticisms of your favorite game. This means that some posts may take several hours (or even a day) to appear on the list, so try to announce games and gatherings well in advance. Unwelcome messages are quietly filtered out by human moderation without response or explanation, but well-meaning posts that just don't fit get a form letter rejection.

If you have any further questions about Northeast Wisconsin Gamers, feel free to email me, the List Moderator, at jmb@new.rr.com - I will get back to you as soon as possible! Thanks go out to S. John Ross (http://www.io.com/~sjohn/) for both the inspiration and some of the work in getting this mailing list set up.
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