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[NWoD/CofD] Finished Promethean 2e corebook. What should I read next?


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So last month I've been delving back into the World of Darkness, and decided to check out the NWoD books (saving OWoD's metaplotty mess for a special day). I finished Requiem's 2e book a while ago, but my most recent reads were Werewolf the Forsaken 2e. Promethean was a line I never picked up until now, and I found it a pleasant surprise.

I read Hunter's Mortal remains, but I'm wondering what line to pick up next. I am a big fan of Mage 1e, but I feel that 2e may be more familiar than an entirely new experience. I heard good things about Changeling 1e, but heard that 2e's themes are changed around a bit. Demon sounds cool and promising, as does Geist although the latter had some errata problems to my knowledge. I've heard mixed things about Mummy. I have absolutely no interest in Beast.

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Mage 2e was a pretty significant change (for the positive to me) from 1e (though like most of 2e, a lot of it is present it the later 1e books). It's enough of a refocusing that, like Requiem 2e and Forsaken 2e, it should be an interesting read as something familiar but still different enough to put things in a different context.

Changeling 2e is a great book, if you never read 1e most of the changes aren't going to be obvious from the basic concepts that draw people to the game. The themes didn't really change as much get reorganized and expanded. I'd certainly put it high on the list of things to check out.

Demon is indeed cool, and the open preview manuscript in the Kickstarter page is still a good link, so you can get the basics of it for free even if it's in a basic word document. So that might be a consideration if you want to look at things before buying anything.

I'd wait on Geist and Mummy. Geist 2e is a big improvement over 1e, but it isn't available yet... so might as well wait. Mummy 2e is still in process so I'd certainly wait on that too.


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The Night Horrors book for Promethean 2nd Ed is awesome. It has an updated treatment on the Zeki which is really good. I’ve had a soft-spot for the Nuclear Prometheans since first edition.

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Mage 2e is the book that made me love Mage.

Changeling 2e is very solid and probably would be the core book I would recommend if you are looking for something new.

Shunned By The Moon and The Tormented are both excellent Night Horrors books (Werewolf and Promethean, respectively) that are tons of fun to read.
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