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A Very Bad Morning
Part Eleven | San Francisco, Dr. Richard's lab, 2019

OOC: Previously: The Hulk Virus rages throughout the US. Quarantines are enforced, but still the virus spreads. The populace is terrified and terrorized. The military and super-organizations struggle to keep up.
Five friends went to Las Vegas to celebrate. They were attacked.
One, Shi Min, The Personator, is now forgotten by all. She stalks Las Vegas. Once, she searched out an artificial sun hovering in the desert.
One, Aisha Ghatak, Preta, became a zed, a power nullifier. She no longer remembers Shi Min. After The Civil War, she works as a mercenary. For now, she works for The Rider, João. To those with powers, she has no face and is blindingly white.
One, Anok Siddig, Praxis, became a famous superhero. She leads the WCA (West Coast Avengers). She used to date João, and she cheated on Aisha with her fiancé. On the bright side, with the help of...
Dr. Reed Richards (presumed dead), the WCA, the military, and other supergroups, are able to stay one step ahead of the Hulk virus outbreaks. Dr. Richards finds it hard to hold his form, and has hidden from the world, and from Ben Grimm, since a terrible battle 'killed' Sue and Johnny Storm.
Meanwhile, João Desforra, The Rider, leads a cult in the Bronx that spreads throughout the Northeast.
And every year, on March 7th, Ty Johnson, formerly Cloak, goes to the same corner in Koreatown. He dances in a sad ritual from sunup to sundown.

Caprice Heard stalks prey in a forest. She thinks that she could probably blend in here. You know, because she has green skin, and is surrounded by the green of the forest? Like a chameleon?

She’s not in a forest.
She’s in a supermarket.
Why did she think she was in a forest?
Well… she is in the produce section, and it is dominated by green, and those misting things keep going off, which makes this aisle really damp. And she picks up a bundle of spinach that seems to warp and throb, and the bundle of spinach growls, and in a guttural voice says, “Kind maiden, can you help us please?”
“Ok, bundle of spinach,” says Caprice. “How can I help?”
“Our heads throb in pain, and we don’t know what to do!”
“Have you tried aspirin?”
“We asked a bird-on-a-box to bring it, but she never returned!”
“I will help you, bundles of green!”
“We need to leave this place, kind maiden!”
“I will return!”


And Caprice walked up and down the aisles and had adventures.
And she ran into a cardboard cylinder filled with oatmeal, and on the cover was an old woman, curled in a ball. The old woman howled in pain.
“Can I help you, grandmother?”
“Demons torment me. Their howling dances in my head! One screams about loss constantly! Her screaming cause my ears to bleed! I turn into mush! Oh! Darling Girl! Can you do something?”
“I can try, grandmother.”
“She lives in the freezers! I can tell because her screaming is cold.”


And Caprice made it to the freezer aisle after many adventures.
“Listen here!” yelled Caprice. “I know there’s a demon that torments the old woman in aisle 11! Show yourself and stop your torment!”
And a frozen dinner shuffled to the front of the ice-smeared door. The door popped open and the frozen dinner transformed: the metal ripped and the frozen food rippled into a small demon-turtle creature, its metal tray its back. It looked like a Claymation Christmas cartoon. “I torment her not,” said the creature. “But I am in pain, young one! Is it my fault that my wailing hurts the ears of humans?”
“I suppose not, demon. And why, prey tell, do you wail?”
“I wail because my partner is gone!”
“What can I do to help, small creature?”
“Oh, precious girl! My loves have vanished, and I can’t leave the frozen foods aisle or I will die!”
“Where is your love?”
“My Honey Bear is trapped by the Horrible Gozu, child!”
“Then I will help your Honey Bear!”
“Oh child,” says the demon-turtle-frozen-food, “The Horrible Gozu will eat you unless you take precautions!”
“What do I need to do?”
“Before you search for the Horrible Gozu, find the magical Raid in Aisle 10. But it is guarded! Take the enchanted popsicles next to me and put them in your ears. For if you hear the howl of the guard, you will surely die!”
“What do I do with the Raid?”
“Spray it in your eyes, of course!”
“Ok, tiny demon.” And she takes the popsicles.
“Good luck, precious girl! Good luck!”


She sneaks into Aisle 10 with popsicles dangling from her ears. Her breath comes out in puffs of white. She hears something scuttling in the aisle, moving cans of cleaning supplies. She hopes her breath won’t give her away. So Caprice hides behind a display of cleaning supplies, and waits. She bumps into a pile of Mr. Clean. “Hello there,” loudly laughs the mascot, Mr. Clean.
“Shh,” says Caprice. “I’m hiding from a monster.”
“Ok,” whisper-shouts Mr. Clean. “Do you need my help?”
“Um… Sure? Can you distract her?”
“Of course,” loudly whispers Mr. Clean, and he shouts, “Lover!” And a bunch of Bounty paper towels yell out, “My love!” and flop down to the tiled floor. Random rolls of Bounty roll to careening boxes of Mr. Clean. Rolls make out with boxes. Meanwhile, something unseen and terrifying snuffles around. Caprice somehow knows that it is screaming, and that if Caprice could hear its screaming, then she would either die, or faint. But she has enchanted popsicles in her ears, and everything sounds lovely, like a pop song.

Caprice sneaks to the bug sprays. She finds a can of Raid that smells magical and sprays the Raid into her eyes and holds back a pained scream. After a few seconds, she can see again, but everything is now glowing golden.

And she sees an animated grocery cart with a blazing pan that serves as head. It scans around, looking scary and forlorn.

Caprice is no longer afraid. She stands up and takes the enchanted popsicles out of her ears and lets them fall to the floor. “Hi,” she says.
The thing’s voice is mechanical and remote. “You can see me.”
“I can.”
“I am lonely.”
“Well stop that right now! We are together. So come meet new friends of mine.”
“Ok.” And the Shopping Cart Assemblage picks up the popsicles and follows Caprice on her adventures.


They come to the cereal isle. Shopping Cart Assemblage says, “Beware. This is the realm of the betrayers.”
“What do I have to do?”
“They will trick you. Don’t let them.”
And a box of Trix walks up pretending to be a friend.
“You are no friend, rabbit,” says Caprice. “You are a trickster, and you cheat me.”
“No, I would never!”
“I know not to trust you.” But the rabbit, supplicant and genuflecting, lies a bowl of sugary goodness on the ground, and a magical leprechaun tosses marshmallows on top and dances a jig about it’s magical deliciousness. And Caprice is so, so hungry, and everything looks so good. And a cartoon vampire is sprinkling chocolate on everything, and the aisle fills with milk the thick color of pure glue, and Caprice leans back and floats. And she starts to sleep, but the shopping cart assemblage smacks into her, and hands her the enchanted popsicles. Suddenly Caprice realizes she has lost everything, her money, her phone, her cards, even her clothes—and that she is naked. So Caprice puts the popsicles in her ears and jumps on the Shopping Cart Assemblage and pushes her way past the deceitful cereal boxes promising endless sugary goodness and toy surprises.


And then she comes upon rivulets of blood leaking from the shelves and draining into a small river running down the aisle. And she hears wailing and gnashing of teeth. But the blood is tomato soup leaking from Campbell’s soup cans. But everything is sad. Rain is pouring from the sky, but it is salt and not water. Cylindrical blue packages march down the aisles. On the packages are little girls holding umbrellas, and now they are taller than Caprice, and they shield her from the rain.
“What happened?” asks Caprice.
“Our friend died,” says a little salt girl.
“Can I help?” asks Caprice.
“I don’t know. We are sad.”
“Who died?”
“Our friend Honey Bear was decommissioned by the Horrible Gozu.”
“Oh no! That is my new friend’s love!”
“Honey Bear was wonderful.”
“It was that Horrible Gozu!”
“It was,” says the little salt girls.
“Let’s go stop that evil Horrible Gozu!”
“To do that, you will need to be invisible. It is not enough to be naked.”
“The Spinaches have a Plastic Produce Bag of Forgetfulness. It will make you invisible,” says a little girl with an umbrella.
“But The Spinaches are mean,” says a can of soup.
“I have a plan,” says Caprice.


Caprice takes the enchanted popsicles to the Old Woman in the Oatmeal. She tells the old woman to use them until they melt.

Then Caprice goes to the Frozen Dinner Demon and gently tells him that his love is gone. She comforts the little creature who wails and wails in infinite sadness. After what seems like forever, she convinces him to leave the frozen aisle to mourn with the rest of Honey Bear’s friends. Then she sprays Frozen Dinner Demon’s eyes with Raid so he can also see the Shopping Cart Assemblage. She first warns him that it will hurt.

Then they all go to the produce section.

On the way they find a bird-on-a-box on the ground. It is carrying aspirin. Caprice takes away the aspirin and says, “Aspirin is bad for little birds. It is not good for their heart.”
And the bird-on-a-box comes to and says, “Thank you kind maiden.”

They go to the Spinach and give it aspirin. The Spinach thanks them, and Caprice says, “It is time to go, Spinach!”
“But The Horrible Gozu!”
Caprice nods, and helps all of The Spinach get into the Shopping Cart Assemblage. “But,” says the spinach, “we still have to get past the Horrible Gozu!”
“Don’t worry, Spinach, I have a plan! Do you have the Plastic Produce Bag of Forgetfulness?”
“We do,” says the Spinach. “It's over there! Just pull it off of the other bags!”

Caprice takes the Plastic Produce Bag of Forgetfulness and pulls it over her head. She sprays her face with magical Raid. And she nears the checkout counter, pushing the Shopping Cart filled Spinach. The Bird-on-a-Box flies above her.

And there is The Horrible Gozu. Part petulant teen trying to buy booze. Part angry old person trying to pay with a check. Part imperious manager. Part entitled customer. The Horrible Gozu is a rat / roach covered in feathers who walks like a human. It’s beady eyes scan the room, angry. The Bird-on-a-Box flies above The Horrible Gozu who swings long extended arms at it. “I will eat you!” it yells. “I am The Horrible Gozu!”

Caprice sneaks up behind it, but the Horrible Gozu sniffs the air and shouts, “Who goes there?”
“It is I, your conscience,” says Caprice and she plucks one of the Horrible Gozu’s feathers!
The Horrible Gozu screams and lashes out, but can’t see Caprice. “Tricked!” it screams.
And then it explodes!


But before Caprice can leave the automated doors, they all shout: “Wait! You forgot her!”
They all shout: The Bounty guy and Mr. Clean. The Frozen Dinner Demon and The Old Woman on the Oatmeal Box. The Salt Girls and The Raid Can and The Sad Cans of Soup. The Bird-on-a-Box and the mass of feathers that used to be The Horrible Gozu. The Bundles of Spinach and the Shopping Cart Assemblage.
They all shout! “Wait! You can’t forget her!”
“Who?” asks Caprice.
“She’s so sad,” they say.
“Who is so sad?” asks Caprice.
“She is so lost,” they say.
“Who is so sad and lost?” asks Caprice.
“She is so sad and so forgotten!” they yell.
“Who? Who is lost, and sad, and forgotten?”


OOC: Caprice Heard was the first identified victim of The Hulk Virus. She was friends with four other women who all went to Vegas during one fateful weekend: Shi Min, The Personator, forgotten by all; Aisha Ghatak, Preta, the zed with no-face, and Anok Siddig, Praxis, the famous superhero. And one more. Right now, Caprice is in Dr. Richards' lab and she is tripping, hard. But under an extremely controlled setting. Dr. Richards has a plan. Dr. Richards always has a plan.

OOC: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 ]
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Old Man Rocket Filler #9

Spoiler: Show

“I wanna fly one of the fighters,” 8 year-old Jean Grey said, stamping a patent leather shoe on the deck of the Kludge.

She had bounced back with the speed of the very young, and having been assured that she would get back to earth and her family she had let herself be swept up in the amazement of having traveled halfway across the galaxy… in a party dress.

The group had gathered there after the fight on the dead planet.

“You can’t fly a krutackin’s fighter,” Rocket growled at her.

He was seated at his ship’s control, trying to make sense of the myriad reports coming in.

“What does ‘krutackin’ mean?” Jean asked.

“Don’t you say anything Rocket,” Ramona warned.

“Will you shove a sock in it? I’m trying to figure out how kutacked we are.”

“Why can’t I fly a fighter?” Jean demanded, returning to her earlier tack.

“You don’t know how to fly one,” Rocket said.

“In all honesty that should not be a criteria,” Miki said.

“You were a special case!” Rocket snapped.

“I wanna fly,” Jean said loudly.

“Well you don’t have your space fighter license, so you can’t.”

“To be fair, none of us have our space fighter license,” Adisa said, smiling as if he was enjoying the discussion.

“I do,” Persia said. “Second Class.”

Rocket looked at her. “You got your papers?”

She nodded. “Got them while in prison.”

“That was one soft prison,” Rocket said with a shake of his head.

“What about you?” Jean demanded.

“What?” Rocket looked at her.

“Do you have your space fighter license?”

Rocket bared his teeth.

“You gonna answer her question Rocket?” Ramona asked.

“I bit the testers nose off when he called me vermin,” Rocket said. “Not surprisingly that tends to case a certain amount of prejudice against you.”

Jean had put her hands over her nose and stepped back. “So I can fly a fighter?”

“You’re too short to fly!”

“I’m taller than you!”

“She has you there Rocket,” Persia said.

Rocket looked between Jean and Persia. “This is why they say don’t work with children or animals.”

Persia hissed.

Adisa took a step forward. A man of his size demanded a certain amount of attention. “Perhaps we should discuss what is happening, now that our new team member is feeling a little better?”

Indeed, the light conversation and the picking on Rocket had helped Jean calm down even more.

“What is happening?” Adisa asked.

Rocket turned back to his board. “Being as that I have been around Universe Destroying events before and perhaps even been part of saving said Universe more than once, it is my professional opinion that we are all going to,” he looked at Jean whose eyes had widened slightly, and then bit odd what he was going to say and finished with, “have a very bad day.”

“The big purple man,” Miki said, “He said the Empress was going to Earth.”

“Yeah, Thanos and the rest of his ilk seem to have a hard on for your planet.”

“What does Ha…” Jean started to say, but Miki knelt down and distracted her with piece of tech she had found, and saying, “Here Jean, this is a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. You can look up things on it.”

“Ooooh,” Jean said.

“So what happens when she gets to Earth?” Adisa asked.

“Well, if we can trust Thanos, and for a mad mutant Titan who wants to end much of the life in the Universe I will say he is not prone to lying, I suspect that everyone on Earth will have a very bad day.”

“So we gotta get back to Earth,” Ramona said.

“I need a towel,” Jean said.

“That’s the thing,” Rocket said as if Jean had not spoken. “The Empress’ passage has made a mess of hyperspace and caused dimensional ripples that make warp jumps a bad idea. Gonna be weeks before it clears up. And its expanding out from a cone along her passage. We’d have to get ahead of her, but we can’t do it from where we are now.”

“Can we go backwards and circle around?” Ramona asked.

“I can do it,” Jean said.

“We could try, but that sort of navigation is difficult and time consuming.”

“I can do it,” Jean said again.

“Could we make the jump anyway?” Adisa asked. “A bad idea does not mean impossible.”

Persia hissed. “The odds of ending up where you want are slim. The odds of not ending up anywhere are very good.”

“I can do it,” Jean said.

“Maybe I could find a way, if we can boost my signal I might be able to triangulate and…”

“I CAN DO IT!” Jean yelled and stomped her foot. For a moment the fires of creation burned in her eyes.

Everyone on the bridge turned to look at her.

Jean blushed. “Sorry, but I can do it. The big bird, not the one from Sesame Street, not that I watch Sesame Street anymore cause it is for babies, but the one of fire, told me I can take us all.”

The rest of the crew looked at each other.

“Rocket?” Ramona asked.

“If the kid says she can do it, well, the Phoenix Force is pretty much omnipotent.”

Miki smiled at Jean. “What do you need?”

“A towel and a fighter to fly,” she said with a triumphant smile.

Rocket groaned. “Okay, give her a crash course in flying and let’s see if we can save the Universe.”

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Thank you, CapreGuitarrem!
/blush emoji

I've been reading a lot of myths lately! They all follow a similar pattern, so... you know... steal, steal, steal! Now I just need to write the last bit.

And young lady Phoenix / Ms. Grey, Sesame Street is not just for babies. /Wags finger
Here, have a cookie.

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A Very Bad Morning Crossover!
Omake | San Francisco, Dr. Richard's lab, 2019

Spoiler: Show
A hologram of Director Gyrich almost sits in a chair in Dr. Richard’s lab. But his holo is floating a few inches off of the ground, and Gyrich’s butt hovers over the chair, and Gyrich’s back merges into the chair. And he’s too small. Director Gyrich drinks from his coffee mug. He is clearly not happy this morning.

Dr. Richards slides along his lab, sending out tendrils to work various pieces of machinery and holoscreens.

“I’m sorry the omega telepath didn’t work out,” says Director Gyrich.
“The child was difficult to work with, but using a telepath is a dead end; omega or not. But we have worked around telepathy, which was a long shot.”
“So what now?” asks Director Gyrich. “We desperately need to figure out this Hulk Virus problem, Doctor.”
“I am working on it, Director Gyrich. I have pursued another approach and line of inquiry. Unlike Dr. Doom, I was never comfortable with the arcane arts, but we are using tricks learned from Dr. Strange. The results are promising, Director Gyrich. But, unfortunately, I am calling about another matter.”

Director Gyrich sighs. “Great,” he says, sighing again. “Tell me what’s coming,” he deadpans. And he takes another sip of his coffee.

Dr. Richards continues to work in his lab while he is talking. He says, “By my calculations and projections… We might have another problem on its way.”

Director Gyrich rubs his temples and pulls out his notebook. “Ok,” he sighs. “How bad is it, Doc?” And he takes another sip of his coffee.

“Potentially an extinction event. The Summers Academy and myself have detected Phoenix activity recently.”
“No, and Phoenix might not be the threat.”
“Sometimes, I think that family should get their own planet.”
“Mmm,” responds a distracted Dr. Richards, who continues, “Director, I suspect Ül is a factor.”
“Damn it. That psycho Ül? Involved in an extinction event? Since when did he become a planetary level threat?”
“Ül is not a planetary level threat. And what is coming might be an universe level threat. But I hypothesize that Ül is a type of memetic herald, somewhat similar to The Silver Surfer. He might be a memetic manifestation of doom. Perhaps, we can not kill him because he only partially exists. It is a problem I am pursuing in relation to the threat. As of now, I do not fully understand the variables.”
“Damn it, Doc. What does Ül have to do with the extinction event?”

Dr. Richards stop and forms a few new tendrils. He is clearly confused. He was clearlly off on a tangent in his head. “Oh. Apologies. Ül is a data point. A data point in my hypotheses. He is factor in the calculations. And by my calculations, the extinction event is also deeply related to the creature Rocket Raccoon.”

Director Gyrich pinches the bridge of his nose, hard. And then rubs his temples.

“The fucking raccoon,” he grumbles. “The raccoon met with President Fisk recently.”
“And the raccoon took several humans into space.”
“Doc… spying is a federal offense. Don’t make me come after you.”
“I… I still have clearance, Director Gyrich.”
“That can be taken away. So tell me, Doc. What do we do? We’re a little overstretched right now with the Hulk Virus.”
“I understand. I took the liberty of sending out a FTL beacon. If the raccoon needs our help, it will get it.”
“You know he’s a he, Doc.”
“I’m sorry, Director Gyrich?”
“The raccoon is a he.”
"I’m sorry, Director Gyrich?”
“The raccoon. The raccoon is a he, Doctor.”
“Oh. Yes. He. Of course. If he needs our help, he will get it. I know you dislike the raccoon, Director Gyrich. And yes, the raccoon is dangerous and impetuous, but also… competent. Extremely competent with violent potentialities.”
“So what do we do, Doc?”

“We get prepared. With your permission, I would like to send a beacon to all supergroups.”
“Granted, of course. You stopped Galactus, Doc. And plenty of other extinction events.”
“I used the Ultimate Nullifier as a threat with Galactus. This threat, I calculate, is an ultimate nullifier.”

“Good morning to you too, Doc.”
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So far, my team of heroes is a "shield slinger" (who knows how to be a spy), someone with a high tech suit of armor, a guy carrying an Asgardian weapon, a big hulking guy and a kick ass archer/sword wielder, all brought together by a mysterious black guy.

You think that might work out? :cool:

Less than an hour and T Troy Swain is back up.


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It's funny.

I've got an idea for my last pick. But I've had more ideas for a fake publication history (like I did with Nomad and Thunderstrike) than I have actual ideas for the character.

I'm hoping that changes.

BTW, T Troy Swain is up, followed by... CarpeGuitarrem CarpeGuitarrem ? Wow.


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I've got my team and a couple of good villains, I don't think I need any more drafts. A bit of making a virtue of necessity, I suppose, but I still feel pretty good about where I am. I may do a bit more fiction, if I can make the time, but I think you can call me done with actually drafting. I'll be around for after action reports, too. I always enjoy those. Maybe wildcards?

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A Very Bad Morning
Part Twelve | Montage | 2019

OOC: Previously: The Hulk Virus rages throughout the US. Quarantines are enforced, but still the virus spreads. The populace is terrified and terrorized. The military and super-organizations struggle to keep up.

Five friends went to Las Vegas to celebrate in 2009. They were caught up in a super fight.
  • Shi Min, The Personator, has been forgotten by all since the attack in Vegas in 2009. In 2017, she followed and found an artificial sun hovering in the desert.
  • Grace Bowen-Johnson, Rhizome, was the daughter of Tandy Bowen and Ty Johnson, aka Cloak and Dagger. Grace died in the invasion of The Gibbering Creature from The Dark Realm in 2010, along with her mom. She had been a superhero for one year. She had been Caprice Heard's fiancé.
  • Aisha Ghatak, Preta, became a zed, a power nullifier. After The Civil War, she works as a mercenary. For now, she works for The Rider, João. To those with powers, she has no face and is blindingly white. Also, no one remembers her.
  • Caprice Heard, was the first identified victim of The Hulk Virus in 2019. Was engaged to Grace. Was best friends with Anok.
  • Anok Siddig, Praxis, became a famous superhero. She leads the WCA (West Coast Avengers). She used to date João, and she cheated on Caprice with her fiancé, Grace. On the bright side, with the help of...
Dr. Reed Richards (presumed dead), the WCA, the military, and other supergroups, are able to stay one step ahead of the Hulk virus outbreaks. Dr. Richards finds it hard to hold his form, and has hidden from the world, and from Ben Grimm, since a terrible battle 'killed' Sue and Johnny Storm.

Meanwhile, João Desforra, The Rider, and his hive mind, The Ghosts, leads a cult in the Bronx that spreads throughout the Northeast.

And every year, on March 7th, Ty Johnson, formerly Cloak, goes to the same corner in Koreatown. He dances in a sad ritual from sunup to sundown. He dances for his lost wife and daughter, the loves of his life.

Min, The Personator, and the Green Sun
West Covina, CA | 2019

She giggles and pushes the sun down the road. The great green sun that burns so bright! It’s so much bigger than her! And it just rolls and rolls, picking up people left and right!

She can’t even see anymore. The sun she pushes is too bright. She’s a happy Sisyphus! She remembers Sisyphus! The guy who pushes the boulder! But she wants to push the sun! And the sun is full of people! Every once in awhile, the sun will flare out and snag a person or three. The sun will flare and the flare will grab a person’s soul, bring them into the sun, and the sun will get bigger, with the person wriggling inside of the sun with all of the others. It’s like that game… That game she played… As a kid? A kid. Yes, a kid. She was a kid. Wait… The game? Yes, the game. What was it? Oh yeah. She was a little creature pushing a ball that got bigger and bigger! Cat Dancey. No. Calamari Dancing. No. Katamaci Damarcy. Yes, Katamaci Damarcy! And she’s the little creature pushing the ball, but the ball is the bright green sun, picking up people left and right, growing bigger and bigger! And the sun knows where it wants to go. Maybe the sun will pick up cars, and buildings, and continents!

And she doesn’t even need to eat or drink anymore! The sun gives her everything! Has she even slept? When was the last time she slept?

Her sun looks like one of those sparking ball things! Her sun has permanent tendrils of arcing plasma that leads to far away places. Her sun has many, many tendrils arcing away from it! She knows those tendrils end in people’s heads. And the people who are touched by the sun glow! They glow green! And when they get mad they pull power off of the sun! They get big and unstoppable and so, so, so mad! The sun loves them! The sun loves all of them.

Her sun. The sun for the world. An angry, angry world!

She’s has been in a city for awhile now. LA? No, LA suburbs. Yes. She remembers. LA sprawls and sprawls. Like her sun. Once upon the time, she lived in LA. Not that far from here.

Grace Bowen-Johnson, Min, and the Green Sun
Monterey Park, CA | 2019

Min looks into the sun. She sees a familiar face. She has seen this woman in the sun before. She has talked to her, even if she doesn’t really remember talking to this pretty woman. The woman seems to stare back, unlike the others. Yes, this woman knows her.

“You see me?”
“I do, Min.”
“My name is Min?”
“Shi Min. We were friends.”
“My name is Shi Min.”
“It is.”
“Are you… Are you dead, pretty woman?”
“I am.”
“I knew that didn’t I? But no one else in my sun is dead.”
“You’re right, MIn. Only I can talk to you ’cause only I’m fully here.”
“We’ve talked before?”
“Many times, my wonderful friend.”
“And we are friends, pretty woman?”
“We were, Min. We were all very close for a long time.”
“What’s your name, pretty woman?”
“My name was Grace. Grace Bowen-Johnson.”
“I like your name, Grace. Does it hurt to be dead, Grace?”
“No. There’s no pain. No feeling, really,” and Grace smiled; they have had this exact conversation many times.
“Does it hurt to live in the sun, Grace?”
“No. I feel no pain. Nor anger.”
“Why are you here, Grace?”
“I don’t really know, Min. I’m figuring out more with every moment. I was called back by my father. And I don’t know what’s happening. It’s hard to describe. But daddy is going to meet us both. You’re taking us to him. You’re taking us to the End of the World.”
“I am?” asks Min and she hums a little tune and shakes her ass in a dance move as goes back to pushing the massive green sun. “End of the world!” sings Min, over and over. “New friends and the end of the world,” Min attempts to rap, over and over. “New friends and the end of the world, Grace!”
“Old friends, Min. Old friends. And yes, the end of the world.”

João, The Rider, and Aisha, Preta, the zed
Henderson airspace, NV | 2019

They hit turbulence and João closes his eyes tight and grips the armrest until his hand hurts. He wishes he could just teleport, but the zed can’t teleport. Fuck. He hates flying.

He tries not to look at the zed. Fucking creepy zed. Blindingly white suit. White skin. No face. Damn creepy. Is she even looking at him? Goddamn it. What’s her name again? Why can’t he remember her goddamn name? He checks his phone and sees that memory loss is a part of her powers. Great. between the zed and smoking weed, he’s liable to end up with no memory at all.

He feels naked without his powers. He hates having the zed around. He can’t feel the heat on his head. He knows no fire burns. He can’t feel his demon. He can’t feel his followers. He feels naked. Around this creepy zed he no longer has access to his hive mind. It’s just him and his thoughts. And it sucks. He concentrates on Drake’s lyrics. He wishes he didn’t need the creepy no-face zed. But fucking Fisk. Gunning after him? Damn fat man. So what if he’s the President? Bid deal! Who cares? The real power is on the ground. With João, The Rider, and his Ghosts. João will start a new government. No. No. João will just be so big that the government will bow to him.

Yeah. That’s right. He changes the song to Meek Mill and turns it up. He leans back and tries to sleep.

Don Corleone.​
Trust me, at the top it isn't lonely.​
He thinks of Praxis. Fuck, she’s still so hot. He wishes she was one of his Ghosts. What a bitch. How could she dump him? What a jerk she was. Fuck her. How could she have dumped him!? She thinks she’s so cool.

Girl, I left your love at magic, now it's all shade.​
Still goin' bad on you anyway.​

Preach, Meek. You speaking my truth. And João tries not to look at the creepy ass zed. Ugh. Back to Las Vegas. And then LA. He hates the desert. Hates Vegas. Hates LA. Both are overrated. He wouldn’t leave his projects if he didn’t have to. He could be chillin’, playing video games, smokin’, hanging with his sexiest Ghosts. Damnit. He just wants to bask in his hive mind, chill, and stay the fuck away from this creepy zed.

But work and responsibility. Work and responsibility, João. So, Vegas.

Dr. Richards, Praxis, and Caprice Heard
Dr. Richards’ lab, Rincon Hill, San Francisco | 2019

Praxis stands there, arms crossed, petulant. “So I’m fucking cereal? I’m the Trix bunny?” she spits. “That’s how Caprice sees me?”
“This is not what we should be focusing on, Praxis,” Dr. Richards responds.
“Fuck. I get it. I live with it every day, Dr. Richards! I fucked up! I ruined our lives!—”
“—That is incorrect—” Dr. Richards attempts to interject.
“—I killed everything! Destroyed everything! But she just can’t even talk about it! Let alone, let alone working towards— I dunno— working things out! God! I ruin everything, but she can’t— she can’t— And she sees herself as a generous and fair maiden? Bullshit!”
“Anok Siddig,” interrupts Dr. Richards. “None of that is what we should be focusing on. We need to find your missing fifth friend.” She starts to speak, but he raises a tendril. “I am sorry for your pain and loss, but I can tell you from personal experience that death, betrayal, and infidelity are difficult things for anyone to process. But we can not discuss the past right now, Praxis. Because we all need to go to Koreatown. Right now.”
“Koreatown?” whispers Anok. “LA?” and a Dr. Richards head nods.
Anok Siddig, aka Praxis, freezes up with a look of horror. “Oh god. Oh god. Dr. Richards— Dr. Richards— I— I don’t know if I can go back. I— I— I haven’t been back since then—”
Dr. Richards lays a tendril, ending with a hand, on her shoulder. “I am deeply sorry, Praxis— Ms. Siddig— Anok. But we have to, Anok. It is imperative. All three of us need to go back. Now. And I need to call Ben. Before it is too late. I understand your pain, Anok. I really do. I deal with the same horrors. The same nightmares. But we have to go. We have to go back to Koreatown.”

That psycho Ül
Barstow, CA | 2019

Do they not see it? Do they not see the great green sun? Do they not see the approach of The Empress? The Fallen and Forgotten will reclaim and renew the universe! Do they not see? The new suns! The new suns to wipe out all the evils of the world! To wipe out all the evils of this reality!

Fools! They see Ül as evil! The fools! They are small minded fools! The suns are coming to burn away the real sins of the world! Ül sees it! Ül knows!

OOC: Grace Bowen-Johnson, Rhizome, was the daughter of Tandy Bowen and Ty Johnson, aka Cloak and Dagger. She died in the invasion of The Gibbering Creature from The Dark Realm in 2010, along with her mom. She had been a superhero for one year, and was a star member of the WCA. She was internationally famous, and known for her quick wit, beauty, political involvement, and dedication to helping everyone. Anok Siddig, Praxis, led her, and the rest of the WCA in the fight, and blames herself for her death. Grace was also Caprice Heard's fiancé, but they broke up after Caprice caught her and Anok in flagrante delicto, and they never spoke again.

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