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🎨 Creative "O.G./Next Generation" Draft!

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Eric the .5b Eric the .5b , you're up! And apologies if that doesn't sound like Director Gyrich. I will change anything and/or all of it!
I think this Gyrich would say something more like, "Sometimes, I think that family should get their own planet." The Phoenix having a very specific focus. Otherwise, I'm fine with that.

General apologies for no post; I had a big sleep hiccup over the weekend, and I went completely blank for my picks. I'll see if I can brain within the next 24 hours or so and whip something together.

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Eric the .5b Eric the .5b , change made! And NightGoblyn NightGoblyn , it's a great crew. I want to see what happens with the New Punisher! How in the hell is she going to go after the roots of crime?

EDIT: Also, Eric, I have no idea how you're tying this all together. And I want more of all of them. It's a good group.
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OOC: Previously, in the adventures of Old Man Rogers...

Steve Rogers isn't quite the superhero he used to be after he took a poison arrow from a revived Kraven the Hunter in 1989. In the present day, Mallory LeBeau was a powerless mutant who contracted the Hulk Virus, activating some sort of mutant reaction. When she broke into Avengers Tower, Cap stabilized her with the Super Soldier Serum.

Mallory has three friends, also mutants:
  • Tasha Morris, a mutant who can freeze time for everyone, which gives her space to think
  • Simon Grange, a mutant with emerging mind-reading powers
  • Jacqueline Kim, a mutant with invisibility powers
Kraven, after the fight with Cap (which also left him injured), took in a pair of orphan twins and taught them how to hunt:

Big long fiction, almost entirely wrapped up!
Spoiler: Show
Steve flicked on the light switch as he walked in through the door, and he froze. Something's not right. He scanned the floor. I didn't leave my jacket there on the couch. Someone's here. He dropped into a crouch, moving along the wall. Someone wanted me to know they were here. Reflexively, his hand flashed down to a hidden pouch inside one of his pockets. He fished out the syringe he kept in there, and injected the serum, his eyes narrowing and studying the room. Seventy-five seconds to fully activate.

He took in the layout of the room. Couch. Front closet. Wide-open back wall leading to a bar. Funnel, straight into an ambush. Steve darted across the room, moving behind the couch. The intruder is here on the premises. Had time to tip me off. How long were they here? How prepared are they for me? He mapped out the layout of the floor in his mind. The bar...the kitchen...the personal training room...Thor's spare cape closet...the shield.

Sixty-seven seconds.


Mallory stared at the blank word processor page in front of her for the twentieth time. Okay. Think. There's a starting point here somewhere. There's a starting point. Yet again, her mind wandered back to everything that had happened, so quickly. I...do I even tell mom about all of this? She rested fingers on keys, and then tabbed back over to her web browser, where a chat channel sat open with Tasha.

> Hey T
> I thought you were working on your paper

As usual, Tasha's response came almost instantaneously, with heavy polish.

> Uh....
> Right. And if I chat with you, you're just going to keep putting it off again. Come on.
> Totally unfair, why do you get so much time to think???
> I know you can do this. But you won't do it if I keep talking with you. Sorry!

Mallory grumbled, and picked up her phone. A sudden impulse struck her. Dude. Does Cap talk homework?


Steve darted into the space beyond the entry room, his legs beginning to gain bulk, energy rushing through them. He felt something skim his shoulder, and felt the pain hit him seconds later. Thrown knife. Approximate angle... He jumped up, grabbed a stainless steel mixed drink shaker emblazoned with the Stark Industries logo, and hurled it, willing his strength to pull through. The clatter registered in his hearing as he ducked back into another room, making a run for the display that held his shield.

It was missing.

Forty-nine seconds.

He ducked back into the shadows, carefully exhaling slowly, staying out of sight as the Serum continued to do its work. Steve assessed the situation, looking for options. I can delay. I have things I can use as weapons, things I can use to slow them down. I need the Serum to finish activating. He felt around, and his hand touched a cardboard box. Sliding across it, he opened it and pulled out--one of Peter's old T-shirts. Great. But...maybe. Glancing back out, he tossed the shirt, and then he reached in and grabbed another one, and tossed it. Shirt after shirt, scattering it across the floor. And then he moved, and heard the sound.

Has he lost his mind? Can he see or is he blind? Can he walk at all, or if he moves will he fall? Blaring from his pocket.

Reflexively, Steve ripped the phone from his pocket, throwing it across the room. I can't believe I haven't changed that thing in all these years.

He heard his opponent running, slipping, and crashing into him. The bulk threw him into the bar counter, and he rolled to his feet, coming face to face with the bulk of an old, familiar foe.

Twenty-five seconds.


Mallory threw her phone down, exasperated. So he doesn't want to pick up. Fine. She stopped for a moment. That's not right. He would've at least sent me something back to explain. He doesn't just leave me hanging like that. Something's not adding up.

She turned back to her computer, putting together a group chat. Herself. Tasha. Jackie. Simon. She stopped, hesitated, and thought about what she needed to say. She took a deep breath, flexed her fingers, and began.

> Hey everyone. This is kinda a long story, but I can explain later. Right now, I think Captain America needs our help, so I need you all to meet me at Avengers Tower ASAP.

And then she named the group.


Steve looked up at Kraven, wincing. "You really look the worse for wear. Though not too bad considering how I threw you into the Power Gem."

"You should've checked for the body," Kraven said. "The same mistake you made twice, now. You don't get a third chance."

Steve lashed out with a leg, hitting Kraven's shoulder. The bulky man grunted, grabbed Steve, and smashed him into the wall.

Kraven frowned. "I see you took on an apprentice. I'm about fifteen years ahead of you there. Too bad. She won't last long."

Nine seconds.

He hit Steve in the stomach, and then kneed him back into the wall. Steve darted through his legs, but Kraven lashed out backwards with his foot, sending Steve sprawling.

Four seconds.

Kraven drew a dagger from a shoulder pouch.

Two seconds.




Group chat: The Furious Four
<Simon>hey what is this
<Tasha> Wow, hello everyone. I'm really not sure what's going on, but I don't want Mallory to get into trouble, so I think we need to see what's going on.
<Jackie> Gee thanks for the clarification girl
<Jackie> I meant Mal
<Jackie> Not you
<Simon> Mal are you there

OOC: When rallying her friends to go help Cap with an unknown threat, Mallory named the group chat The Furious Four. It kinda stuck.


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"Well, near as I can figure you weren't really a mutant, but whatever Lily dosed you with to..." Peter's scientific nature struggled with the world heal, sounded a bit too magical and wishy washy for his tastes, "...help you recover awakened some sort of latent potential inside you."

"I see."

Peter was having a hard time with Carver. He'd met kids who were closed off before, but Carver was taking it to another level. He never cracked a smile, never displayed any outwards emotional at all that he could detect. He was unfailingly polite, punctual, and helpful but Peter had a deeper emotional connection with his coffee machine.

Peter waited for a moment, wondering if any more words might be forthcoming, then continued on.

"Near as we can figure you're some sort of telekinetic, very powerful but with an extremely short range. There's also some evidence that you might have some level of telepathic abilities, but that seems to be fairly... vestigal. At this stage."

"What does that mean?"

"Well, put simply you have a force field around you. Near as I can test it's on all the time, but that might change if you sleep or lose consciousness. It looks like it's permeable, uh... that you can breathe through it, otherwise you'd have asphyxiated when your powers... awoke."

Again, Peter waited. No response. He wondered why he'd let Ben talk him into this.

"Anyway, your force field is much stronger than you are, and moves with you. Certainly unconsciously at this stage, but at some point we might be able to help you learn how to manipulate it in different ways."

"Right. Thank you."


"Ben, I like the kid, but I'm not sure I'm getting through to him. It's like talking to a brick wall with polite graffiti on it."

"Are ya tellin' me that your renowned humour has failed to win him over. Who'd a thunk that you aren't as funny as you think you are."

"Ha ha. Very funny."

"So what's his... uh... thing?"

"Power? In functional terms he's extremely strong and durable. We had him lifting weights in your gym and he didn't seem to have any great difficulty, so the ceiling is certainly pretty high. He's probably not totally bullet-proof, but he'll certainly stop small arms fire. He's certainly impressive."

"What about the other one?"

"Nyx. She has a name, Ben."

"Fine. Nyx, whatabout her?"

"Well... she's not like any Skrull I've seen before. Not that I've seen many. But her shapeshifting ability is off the charts. I mean, Skrulls can shapeshift but normally they have to retain their mass. Not for her, at least from what I can see."

"Hrmph." Ben's grunts, even over the phone, were sufficiently expressive to inform Peter that he still hadn't softened on the Skrull. Bad memories. "Anyways, we're almost here. Talk to you when we get back."

With practiced ease Ben maneuvered the craft, that still to his philistine eye looked like a flying bath tub between the buildings of Downtown New York.

"Is this the place?" Ben asked.

Lily, still staring intently at the oscillating pendant in her hands, nodded her assent. Ben landed the craft on the street, and and followed Lily as she weaved a meandering path through the streets.

"I thought your... whosawhatsit was meant to lead us straight to him."

"Alchemy isn't an exact science!" She barked back, sharply. She was nervous, that much was clear. It had been a while since she'd seen her brother. Ben possibly regretted not asking how long. Lily suddenly stopped in front of an unremarkable building, and walked to the entrance of a basement apartment. "He's in here."

"Coulda jus' looked him up in the phone book...." Ben muttered to himself, then chided himself as he saw Lily take several calming breaths before knocking.

The door opened sharply, as though opened by someone who'd been waiting impatiently on the other side. And the man who opened it was certainly who they were looking for. The family resemblance to Lily was obvious, but the resemblance to Diablo was striking. And would have been moreso had not the man who opened the door have a shock of unkempt hair, a scraggly beard, and dressed in what looked, and smelled, clothes scrounged from dumpsters all over Manhattan.

For a moment the siblings just stared at each other, then fell into an embrace that Ben was glad he wasn't involved in. Even from here the smell was quite powerful.

"...come in, come in. God... Lily, I thought I'd never see you again."

Miguel stepped aside, and beckoned his visitors into a low-ceilinged apartment. Adding to the feeling of claustrophobia that Ben was already feeling was the racks of glass phials, tubes, and things that Ben couldn't even guess at their purpose which packed almost every available inch of the tiny abode.

"Miguel.... what is all this?" Lily asked, looking at the assortment of equipment.

"This, dear sister, is what I have had to do to find out what our father did to us!"


"I'm not even sure that we were born, as much as we were made. Made for a specific purpose."

Ben was awkwardly squashed into an easy chair that was vastly too small, and definitely on the verge of giving up under his bulk. A cup of what Miguel had assured him was "mostly tea" was cooling, untouched, on a nearby table. Ben didn't trust the colour. Tea might be green, or brown, or red, but this "tea" definitely needed to pick a colour and stick with it.

Miguel and Lily's conversation had not been of great interest, and out of politeness had stayed, but done his best to not listen too closely to what was certainly an emotional family reunion. But at that sentence he began listening in earnest.

"What sort of purpose?"

"There's something coming, sister. Something... I don't know what. It's all in father's writings, but he's annoyingly oblique and vague about exactly what it is. Father felt like he was going to have to... get involved. In whatever was going on."

"So what are we?"

"...a failsafe should he fail."


"We're what happens to father after he dies. Or rather, our bodies are."

For a moment, silence reigned. Until Ben, unable to contain himself any longer spoke up.

"What in the sweet heck are you yammering about?"

Miguel was briefly startled, having somehow forgotten Ben's presence and missed the large orange rock formation currently in residence in his easy chair, "We're both, you and I, sister, made by Father, and from Father." He rolled up his sleeve to reveal an intricate tattoo, with vast amount of alchemical symbols encircled around a five pointed star. "Father has the twin to this, and when he dies, he will use it to take my body."

"But what about me, I don't have anything like that."

"Not on your body, dear sister, but in your mind."


"Didn't you ever wonder why only you were taught the ways of alchemy and magic, and not I? In his hubris he believes that both a body and a mind must be perfect to be his vessel. And so he crafted me, to be a perfect physical vessel. But a perfect mental vessel was more complicated, you had to be taught, and trained. Moulded mentally as he moulded me physically. Made to be perfect. Made to be..."

The conversation ground to a halt as the sounds of destruction echoed from the street into the apartment.

Rushing out the trio find a Hulk tearing itself from the wreckage of the car it was once in. Ben hurriedly calls Peter, and as soon as he picks up blurts that he needs to send Nyx and Carver to where he is.

"Ben... they're kids. They're not ready for..."

"They're gonna haveta learn on the job, Pete. We got a situation down here..."


Some time later, and the hulk now steadily shrinking back to a more human size, Ben takes stock of the carnage. The battle had been long, but the kids had held up. Miguel wasn't lying about his body being a perfect vessel, something about the tattoos on his body, that were far more extensive than just his arms, meant he was able to throw energy around like it was going out of fashion. Nyx had shapeshifted into a series of increasingly large and angry... things to try and take down the hulk until Carver had gone toe to toe with it. He was still calming down, tears in his eyes and voice hoarse from screaming. And Lily had pulled ever more colourful and destructive bottles of whatever it was out of her bag of tricks. Now she was going around offering healing and assistance to the injured, with some help from Nyx.

As the hulk, now human, coughed and began to awake Ben felt an uneasy feeling that this wasn't over, by any stretch of the imagination. He'd been living in a bubble of ignorance, trying his best to not care about the rest of the world the way he felt it didn't care about him. But there were alot of people who were gonna get hurt if he didn't do something, if they didn't do something. Ben pulled out his phone.

"Hey Pete. How much is it gonna cost to change that four on the toppa tha building? Oh, no reason."

And with our family complete, and reunited, the new Fantastic Five are here to help save the world.
[OC] Carver Smith: Gauntlet
[OC] Lily Flores: Catalyst
[OC] Nyx: Shift
[OC] Miguel Flores: Channel
and [OG] Ben Grimm: The Ever Lovin' Blue Eyed Thing.

I figure that all this took place mostly as flashback, and that the new Fantastic Five were on the scene of the first outbreak of the Hulk Virus in New York.

Subsequent pick to follow once I've made some more plans.


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Very nice!

(Does that count as a pick?)
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beachnik beachnik , I'm not sure how the Reed / Ben reunion would go; if you want to take a shot at it, that would be cool. And damn fine "the team gets together" episode!

CarpeGuitarrem CarpeGuitarrem , also a damn fine "the team gets together" episode! Interested to see how the kids handle the twins, and how you wrap up the "sick Cap" story.

HNutz HNutz is up, then Shawn_Hagen Shawn_Hagen , and Myth Myth , and then wild cards.

And neutrondecay neutrondecay and T ThePhantom , but the stories following the Doombot robot revolt and Pres. Fisk / the return of Black Widow have fans!


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Still a work in progress :

The Manhattan Exclusion Zone

It’s hard to believe this used to be home to millions of people. Once upon a time, New York City had been a thriving metropolis with Manhattan as its beating heart. Mostly, it still is - New York is the city that never sleeps, and in a lot of ways it’s more of a capital than Washington DC.

After the Inferno, after the Civil War, after more alien invasions than anybody cared to count, after whatever it was that happened to the Sanctum Sanctorum in 2010 when Dr. Strange was on the west coast fighting Cthulhu's ugly brother, the neighborhood just never recovered. Oh, Clinton was still a going concern, the President saw to that before he ran for office, and most folks didn’t even call it Hell’s Kitchen anymore. Most of the outskirts were fine, and a lot of effort had been put into recovering Central Park. But the rest of it . . . it was the most expensive ghost town in America.

Damage Inc. had made repairs, of course. But this part of the city just felt wrong now, like something terrible was about to happen at any moment. So everybody that could afford to packed up and moved. Then, the people that really couldn’t afford to packed up and moved. The only people left now were the ones that didn’t mind the wrongness and the ones that liked it.

The cops came out of nowhere. That was... unexpected. Newer technologies, like cell phones, are temperamental here. So, these guys had to be watching this hot ass corner all gotdamn day.

"Some mutha fucka musta tipped them off", Mungo thought. "Someone who owes me money. Fish, more than likely. Guess I'm going to see him next--"


Mungo took a deep breath. And vanished.

The cops opened fire.


Zion "Z" Mungo is the son of Dex Mungo, the former "Ectokid". Years ago, Dex stepped into the magical realm known only as the Ectosphere to face down the "ultimate evil". Maybe he died a hero's death. Maybe he's still trapped. But one thing is certain; Dex never returned to his family.

In the end, it didn't really matter what happened, his son Zion was just one more poor black kid growing up without his father.

Without anyone to help him make sense of his powers, Z grew up seeing and hearing the spirit world, like his father, albeit at a much earlier age.

Eventually, he learned how to make ghostly items, specializing in weapons. He could make guns that fire ethereal bullets that don't damage the body but the very soul. Bats that wreak havoc with electrical devices. Knifes that rip at a person's very essence. Etc.

Z fell into a life of drugs and violence. Living in the 'MEZ, the criminal underworld there had a supernatural flair to it. While he started off as a "mule", his abilities soon let him lead his own small gang. He became a pusher. A dealer. An enforcer.

A run in with a rival gang left their leader dead and Z in possession of his signature hood. And then both his power and his "army" grew.


OOC: Zion "Z" Mungo inherited the power of Ectokid, his father. But growing up in the "MEZ", as they called it, seeing the worlds of the living and the dead overlap, facing the struggles of a poor, fatherless household, constantly surrounded by crime, magic and violence... he broke. Bad.

Spoiler: Show
Ectokid is a comic created by Clive Barker for Marvel's Razorline imprint, that ran for nine issues from September 1993 to May 1994. Lana Wachowski took over from James Robinson after issue #3, and wrote issues #4–9 with Lilly Wachowski.

It was the start of their collaboration with Steve Skroce, who drew the comic, as well as Razorline's Assistant Editor Spencer Lamm, and contains many elements similar to the Wachowskis' later works, including the Matrix series.

The final "original" Razorline release was the one-shot Ektokid Unleashed (Oct. 1994), written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. It included a prose short story by Elaine Lee about another Razorline character, Saint Sinner.

But, perhaps a bit like it's subject matter, Razorline refused to die.

It became a home for mature tiles that focused on horror characters, set in unexplored sections of the Marvel Universe. Because of the subject matter, the powers that be wouldn't allow "all ages" characters like Spider-Man to appear, but Razorline characters could appear in the all-ages titles (a relationship much like Doctor Who and Torchwood). Of course, this proved awkward for many writers, so usage of the Razorline characters was minimal.

Working on Razorline seemed to act as a springboard into more mainstream Marvel work. Even though Grant Morrison's Skrull Kill Krew was originally intended to fall under the Razorline imprint, it was moved to the short-lived "Marvel Edge line before publication. Still, he wrote several short stories for Razorline before moving onto New X-Men. Likewise, Paul Jenkins wrote a blood-drenched Werewolf By Night series before taking on the Spectacular Spider-Man title in 2000. And so forth.

Razorline shifted into a quarterly anthology.
Many notable writers contributed, such as Garth Ennis and Mike Carey. Other writers who wrote for the series include Paul Jenkins, Warren Ellis (in what became a predecessor of sorts to his Fell series), Brian Azzarello, Neil Gaiman and Andy Diggle.

Numerous artists worked on the series as well, such as Simon Bisley, Mark Buckingham, Steve Dillon, Marcelo Frusin, Jock, David Lloyd, Leonardo Manco, and Sean Phillips. Cover artists included Dave McKean, Tim Bradstreet, Glenn Fabry and Sean Phillips.

Eventually, interest in the title began to wane. While Razorline was never officially cancelled, it was quietly folded into the main Marvel continuity and, more or less forgotten about.

Z is a young, muscular man, always wearing dark colored clothing underneath a tattered red hood (that used to belong to Parker Robbins). He has several brands and tattoos, most with a mystical significance.

In the past year, his look and mannerisms have begun to closely resemble Michael B. Jordan's.

Shawn_Hagen Shawn_Hagen is up.

I'm DEFINITELY planing on wild cards.
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